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Images and Discoveries

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Examples of recent research being done by University of Hawaii astronomers


Large Scale Structure of the Universe

Take a journey to the Virgo Cluster and learn about the structure of the local supercluster.



The Most Massive Cluster of Galaxies in the Universe

IfA astronomers combine images from Mauna Kea with data from an orbiting X-ray satellite to map out a vast concentration of Dark Matter.


Stellar Collisions

Videos of computer simulation of what happens when stars collide

Merging galaxies

Astronomers use computers to predict the outcome of collisions between galaxies, such as the production of quasars.



Adaptive optics

FLeoAstronomers at Mauna Kea have developed techniques for removing the image distortions produced by the Earth's atmosphere. By using a clever combination of optics and computers they can now obtain images that are sharper than those from the Hubble Space Telescope.


Astrophotography from Mauna Kea

Graduate student Wei-Hao Wang takes advantage of the darkness of Mauna Kea's skies to produce stunning wide-angle photographs.

Moons of Jupiter

More moons have been discovered around Jupiter in the last two years than in the previous 2000.


The Sun

View the latest images of the Sun from Mees Solar Observatory on Haleakala (weather permitting!)


Kuiper Belt Objects

The last decade has seen the discovery of hundreds of small objects orbiting the Sun beyond the planet Neptune.