This is not a complete list of FAQ, just a list of questions that have been frequently asked to me! (Updated July 11, 1997)

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What should I do to see the comet

Well, at this point, unless you have access to a telescope, it is too late for this time...

How fast is the comet moving?


When it was at its closest point to the Sum, Comet Hale-Bopp was moving at 156000km/h (almost 100 000mph) with respect to the Solar System.

To give you a reference, the Earth is moving at 107 000 km/h (67 000 mph = 2*Pi* 1AU /year, 1AU is the radius of the orbit, about 150x10^6 km).

Other comets are moving even faster: if a body approaches closer to the Sun, the additional gravitational pull will give it a larger speed. For instance, comet Hyakutake (remember? the one that passed very close to the Earth last year) was moving at 282 000km/h (175 000mph) at perihelion.

Is it possible to buy the pictures posted on IfA website?

No... We are not equipped for printing and selling nice hardcopies of our images.

Feel free to download our images for your personal enjoyment, or for use in your class-room/planetarium/educational program, but you will have to print them yourself. If you want to use some pictures for other purposes (book, newspaper, T-shirt, whatever), please contact us (all the images are copyrighted).

I wrote you an email about XYZ and you did not reply.

Sorry... Right now, I receive MANY emails; I try to reply to all of them, but it is quite possible that I miss a few of them. Try again, and be patient, I will eventually reply.

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