The Universe Tonight

May 2, 2009 6:00pm
UHH Astronomy & Physics Department, Josh Williams

The Search for Life Beyond Earth

 By Josh Williams, UHH Astronomy & Physics Dept.


More and more these days there are observations being made in various fields of research that are leading scientists to believe that life may very well exist in other regions of our universe. The most current of which is extrasolar planets, or in other words, planets being found orbiting other stars. This talk goes over these observations as well as others, and explains why we no longer think we are the center of the biological universe.

Speaker Biography 

Josh Williams is a recent graduate of the University of Hawaii at Hilo, having obtained his Bachelors degree in Astronomy with minors in Physics and Mathematics. He is currently an Interpretive Guide at the Visitor Information Station and aspires to continue his education in Graduate School in his home state of California studying the budding field of Astrobiology.

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