Francolinus erckelii

Francolinus erckelii

Common Name:

Erckel’s Francolin

Francolinus erckelii

The Erckel's Francolin, or Francolinus erckelii, is a type of partridge in the Phasianidae family. It's native to the area around Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan, where it is now endangered. The birds prefer grassy or brushy areas, and can live anywhere from sea level up to about the elevation of the Visitor Information Station on Maunakea at the 9,200' level, however they're sometimes spotted ranging as high as the 13,796' summit of the mountain. The Erckel's Francolin is one of the many game birds which have been introduced to the Hawaiian Islands.

The birds are usually about 12 – 20 inches tall, and both the male and female have a brightly colored reddish-brown cap which makes them relatively easy to identify. It's possible to tell males from females by the fact that males are usually larger and also by looking at the spurs on their legs. Males normally have larger, sometimes double spurs, whereas females have smaller, single spurs, or are sometimes lacking spurs. Female Erckel's Francolins lay clutches of seven to twelve spotted eggs, which hatch in 21-23 days.

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