Military Group Visits

Military groups require special permission and must follow specific rules.

If you are a military group, planning a visit to Mauna Kea, you must first contact:

Robert C. Misajon
Plans and Operations Officer, USAG-PTA


  1. All vehicles used should be clean.  Any mud or dirt must be removed from the tires and undercarriage to prevent the introduction of alien species.
  2. Vehicles must not be driven off the roadway.
  3. All roads above Hale Pohaku have a 25 mph speed limit, including the paved portions.
  4. All personnel must stay on existing roads and trails.
  5. All personnel must wear reflective gear/clothing that can be clearly seen by vehicles approaching from the front and rear.
  6. Due to afternoon traffic and road conditions all military group hikers must have completed hiking and be at the Visitor Information Station (or below) by 1530 (3:30 p.m.)
  7. The area to the West of the Summit Access Road is designated as the Mauna Kea Ice Age Natural Area Reserve and is off limits without a permit from the State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources.
  8. There are restrooms at the Visitor Information Station (9,300 ft) and port-a-potties at the summit.  Groups hiking to the summit must not leave any waste of any type on the mountain. 
  9. No fires are allowed, including cooking and heating devices.
  10. High winds can occur suddenly and without warning.  All loose items and trash must be stored in closed containers.
  11. Some telescopes operate during the day.  Cellular telephones and radio signals can interfere with these sensitive instruments.  Radio signals and cellular phones should be used only for emergencies.
  12. Vehicles and personnel must watch for observatory and public vehicles.  Access up and down the road must not be obstructed by the operation.
  13. All rocks, plants, and artifacts must be left undisturbed.
  14. During the winter months, the road is frequently closed to the public because of ice or snow on the pavement.  Military groups will not be allowed access unless it is also open to the public.  The status of road closures can be obtained by calling 935-6268.
  15. A written statement from the group’s authorized representative indicating how they plan to address the conditions described above is required before permission is granted.

Please print, sign and return this page, and also complete the Special Request Form Online

I have read the above and will abide by the conditions:



Name (printed or typed) & Title



Signature & Date


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