Malalo o Ka Po Lani

On the fourth Saturday of the month, the VIS hosts Malalo o ka Po Lani, a special presentation covering cultural components that surround Mauna O Wakea. The presentation begins at 6:00 PM and is followed by the regular evening stargazing program.

Each month features a different speaker from the community who will speak about Mauna O Wakea from a cultural perspective.


Upcoming Presentations



July 28 – Pele, Poliʻahu, and other Forces of Nature

Oli, hula, and moʻolelo of the deities of Hawaiʻi show a deep understanding of the forces which created our islands, and which continue to be seen today. More than "Just-So Stories," the Hawaiian chants, dances, and tales encode history, culture, and lessons for living.


August 25 – ʻŌhiʻa Love

Chant, hula, and storytelling take the visitor into the world of the sweethearts 'Ōhiʻa and Lehua to learn about this key tree of the Native Hawaiian forest, and explore ways we can protect and nurture the forest in this time of environmental change. On August 26, ʻImiloa hosts the ʻŌhiʻa Love Fest where you can learn more. 


September 22 – He Ali'i Ka 'Āina; He Kauwā ke Kanaka


Explore Kaʻohe, the central ahupuaʻa of Hawaiʻi Island, and learn about the traditional philosophy of Hawaiian land use and management: The Land is Chief; Man is its Servant




October 27 – Spooky Stories of Mauna Kea

Join us for the 16th annual October presentation of spooky stories, terrifying tales, and mysterious moʻolelo! Presenters share ancient, traditional, and modern spooky stories which take place on the slopes of Maunakea.



November 24 – Makahiki: The Hawaiian New Year

Makahiki, the Hawaiian New Year, begins December 7 this year. Learn how the start of the Makahiki is determined, and how it has been celebrated and continues to be celebrated in the Hawaiian Islands.  

December 22 – Ho`oilo: Stories of the Winter Stars

Stories of the stars, constellations, and other astronomical phenomena as seen from Hawai`i in the wintertime.

January 26 – In the Word is Life

 An exploration of the importance of preserving language to preserve culture. The talk will include an overview of Hawaiian etymology, and how words shape our thoughts.

February 23 – The Art and Culture of Featherwork

Garments of feathers showed status and implied connection to the gods. The history and culture of feather work in the Pacific Basin and Rim, and where the art is headed today.


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