The Universe Tonight

On the first Saturday of each month, the Visitor Information Station (VIS) hosts The Universe Tonight, a special presentation on the current research and discoveries occurring on Maunakea. The presentation begins at 6:00 PM and is followed by the regular evening stargazing program at the VIS.

The Universe Tonight typically features an astronomer from one of the observatories on Maunakea giving a presentation on recent observations and discoveries from their telescope. Observatories are on a rotating schedule.


Upcoming Presentations

July 1, 2017 @ the VIS Presentation Room, 6:00 p.m.

Bob McLaren presents:

The Development of Modern Astronomy on Maunakea

The summit area of Maunakea is widely regarded as the world's best location overall for ground-based astronomy.  This talk will trace the history of observatory development on Maunakea beginning with the discovery of the mountain's unique characteristics in 1964 and continuing through: the early University of Hawaii telescopes, the international 4-meter class telescopes of the 1970's; the advent of the submillimeter observatories in the mid-1980's; and the  10-meter class telescopes of the 1990's.  We will conclude with a look to the future and in particular the prospect of the Thirty Meter Telescope. - Employment, internships and volunteer opportunities on Mauna Kea

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