Minutes of Working Group Meeting

Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

January 14, 1994




  1. Network Status and Performance
  2. TS presented the current (1/11/94) configuration diagram and the table of present and proposed hardware locations. HS and AB explained that JCMT continues to have problems with bridged connections because they time out when traffic on the FDDI ring is high. They have switched to a DNX-300 router for interface to the T-1 line to Hilo, which has helped somewhat.

    TS explained that the problems were believed to arise from the modems, which will be phased out over the next several months as shown in the proposed hardware location table. The CNX-600 and Quad Ethernet Card for HP have arrived. Since the Ethernet card is in beta-test, we will continue to use the current CNX-500 until the performance of the new equipment has been checked. UKIRT will soon install their own s/m FDDI board, allowing IfA D1 to be loaned to CFHT. CFHT will order their own s/m board. A new CNX-500 (s/m) has been received and will be loaned to CSO. The CNX-500 at HP, when free will be loaned to IRTF until they can acquire their own equipment. These steps will upgrade all nodes to CNX and eliminate the modems.

  3. Optical Bypasses
  4. TS asked whether we should install an optical bypass on each router; these are available from DiCon Fiberoptics at a cost of $2600. Questions arose during discussion as to whether the bypasses would require manual adjustment to attenuation (owing to inconsistency of transceiver signal levels between FDDI boards), as is needed now with the modems. If such adjustment were necessary, it would defeat the purpose of the bypass. There was also a question of whether the bypasses were really needed since the routers are expected to be on UPS units, and a hardware failure at a single node would be accommodated with the wrap-back feature on the adjacent routers.

    The decision was to revisit the issue after the ring is reconfigured to be all s/m and we have some experience with the performance. At that time, a demo could be tested if we are still interested.

  5. Hewlett-Packard Network Analyzer
  6. This is now available. We will look into the possibility storing it in a secure location at HP. Request to use it would be sent to TS, who would inform HP (Jimmy Nojiri) of the arrangements.

    ACTION: BMc and TS to discuss with MKSS and report back.

  7. Router Maintenance
  8. Currently, some routers on the FDDI ring are not covered by a maintenance contract. It was agreed that this is not an acceptable situation. It was also agreed that we should try to expand the contract maintained by MKSS for the HP router so that it covers all the routers. This would assure maintenance for all the routers critical to the FDDI ring and could save money too. Many members felt it would be administratively simpler as well and make it easier for them to justify the expense.

    ACTION: TS to look into expanded maintenance contract with Proteon and report back in time for 1994/95 MKSS draft budget.

  9. Weather Images
  10. Available through gopher.ssec.wisc.edu either through Mosaic or plain gopher. Mosaic path is: gopher://gopher.ssec.wisc.edu/11gsdc.d/goes_images.d.

    Other weather information is available through: http://rs560.cl.msu.edu/weather.

    These images, while routinely available, are not well suited to our needs.

    ACTION: TS to find out if SOEST can provide more useful images.

  11. Future Expansion
  12. IfA is working with Hawaiian Tel on plans to install a fiber link from HP to the microwave station at Humu'ula. This will permit the bandwidth to both Hilo and Waimea to be increased to DS-3. We are waiting on HawTel to provide specifications and a schedule.

    Longer term, we expect ATM/SONET based services to replace the current combination of Ethernet, FDDI and DS1-3.

  13. Utilities Relocation
  14. The utilities on the summit ridge, including the fiber, will be relocated to accommodate the Gemini 8-Meter Telescope, which will occupy the present site of the Planetary Patrol Telescope. Gemini has been asked to provide details of the relocation proposal -- for discussion at our next meeting.

  15. Next Meeting
  16. Friday April 15, 1994, 10:00 a.m. at Keck.

    (Minutes courtesy of Bob McLaren)

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