MKO ComNet Working Group Meeting Minutes

W. M. Keck Observatory

April 15, 1994




  1. Network Status and Performance
  2. The network has been problem-free since the switch to single-mode interfaces and CNX routers at all nodes on the FDDI ring. Additional Ethernets can now be added to the CNX-600 at HP--contact Tjet Sun if interested.

  3. Hewlett-Packard Network Analyzer
  4. The draft loan policy was approved as presented. A familiarization session with the analyzer took place following the meeting. Keck has the unit on loan for the next two weeks. CFHT has reserved it for the folowing two weeks.

  5. Router Maintenance
  6. The Working Group gave its strong endorsement to the proposal to have all routers on the FDDI ring covered by a single maintenance contract which will be administered through the MKSS Network cost center. A schedule of the costs is attached.

    ACTION: BMc to forward this information to MKSS for inclusion in FY 94/95 draft budget.

  7. Optical Bypasses
  8. Following further discussion of the cost/benefit, it was decided that optical bypasses are not needed at this time. Item closed.

  9. Utilities Relocation
  10. The various options for rerouting and upgrading the communications infrastructure in conjunction with the Gemini and Smithsonian Submillimeter Array (SMA)Projects were discussed. GTE Hawaiian Telephone has stated it should be possible to splice new cable to existing fibers at Handhole 16 reliably and with no interruption in service (new fibers checked before ones in use are interrupted). The Working Group agreed with this approach, if it can be achieved as described. The Working Group also agreed that we should use this opportunity to accommodate and to prepare for upgrades to the communications infrastructure. Specifically mentioned was the provision by common carriers (e.g. HawTel) of fiber-based services directly to the facilities. Since the electrical power loop will be upgraded from the batch plant area over to JCMT and then extended to SMA and Subaru (closing the loop), it appears that this path offers the best prospect for providing upgraded communications to CSO, JCMT, SMA, Subaru, Keck, and eventually IRTF. The alternative of trying to work with the already congested two-conduit run from CFHT to Keck appears less promising based on current information.

    ACTION: BMc to continue exploring this issue with Gemini and SMA.

    It came up during this discussion that one or more of the dark fibers to Keck are faulty.

    ACTION: JC and TS to investigate

  11. MKOCN Info on MOSAIC
  12. Tjet Sun suggested using MOSAIC to distribute information about the network, e.g. the troubleshooting guide and analyzer sign up.


  13. Next Meeting
  14. Friday July 15, 9:30 am at Subaru Office (in Hilo Hotel).

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