MKO ComNet Working Group Meeting Minutes

Subaru/Mitsubishi International Corporation

July 15, 1994




  1. Network Status and Performance
  2. The network is back in a counter-rotating token ring mode. The ring was operating in a wrapped mode for a couple of months, during which IRTF respliced their fiber as part of their renovation. The splicing was done by a local contractor in Kona, who did a good job once all our requirements have been explained to them.

    Additional Ethernets can now be added to the CNX-600 at HP -- contact Tjet Sun if interested. There are three ethernet subnets available.

  3. Router Maintenance
  4. The maintenance contract for all the Proteon routers on the FDDI ring is in place. The joint maintenance contract extends from July 1, 1994 to June 30, 1995. In addition to basic maintenance, there is one hot spare for each one of the components on maintenance. As of this moment, we have not received the CNX600, the quad ethernet, and the quad serial hot spares. Proteon is aware of this matter. A schedule of the costs is attached.

  5. MKOCN Info on MOSAIC
  6. Tjet Sun announced that a MKOCN MOSAIC is available to the users. It can be reached at Reservation through Mosaic is accepted and preferred.

    There are two password within the MKOCN Mosaic pages. Please send Tjet Sun e-mail for further information.

  7. Next Maintenance Trip
  8. The next scheduled maintenance trip for MKO ComNet will be later this summer. During this trip, we will replace the jumpers at the main distribution panel to make it more manageable. In addition we will test fibers which appear to be broken or have a high loss. We have identified fibers to CFHT, CSO, and IRTF which are currently unusable. In order to perform the testing we will attempt to rent an OTDR from sources yet to be identified. The preliminary cost estimates from Exsell are: $365/week, $660/2 weeks, $1200/month. Another option is GE rental.

    There should be no extended downtime during this maintenance trip to any of the telescopes.

  9. Network Expansion
  10. IfA is working with Hawaiian Tel to improve the bandwidth off the mountain. Progress has been made. A more comprehensive overview of immediate and future plans will be presented at the annual Mauna Kea Users' Committee meeting, to be held at the Royal Waikoloan, Sept. 22-23.

  11. Next Meeting
  12. Friday October 14, 10:00 am at CFHT.

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