MKO ComNet Working Group Meeting Minutes


October 14, 1994




  1. Network Status and Performance
    1. General Status
    2. The network is back in a counter-rotating token ring mode. There have been no reported outages, except for the couple times the 88 inch has shut down power due to lightning danger.

    3. OTDR Results
    4. Pui Hin Rhoads and Tjet Sun performed OTDR measurements on all the unused single mode fibers on Mauna Kea. Measurements have been made from both ends of the fiber, and the traces have been distributed to the facilities. Since the OTDR had a resolution of about 30m, exact pinpointing of some breaks was not possible.

      A schematic of the test setup is described in the following figure.


      The OTDR was rented from Russell Kalalau of TeleCable Systems in Kona, 325-5516.

      A summary of the OTDR Results is attached. It is recommended that facilities with more than one bad fiber have the broken fiber fixed.

  2. Router Maintenance
  3. Summary of the User's Meeting
    1. Status of Hawaiian Tel Plans (From HawTel Presentation: 1994 User's Meeting)

      Hawaiian Tel is dividing the fiber project on the Big Island into three segments.

      1. Segment 1: Pole line from Komohana to Edita Street
      2. Segment 2: Along HELCO Pole line from Kaumana to Keamuku
      3. Segment 3: Pohakuloa to Hale Pohaku
      Tentative completion dates are
      1. Segment 1: 9/95
      2. Segment 2: 12/95
      3. Segment 3: 4/95
      The following services are available in the timeframe indicated:
      1. Today: Intermittent DS3 service to MK from MHPCC, UH, and Tripler. Tjet reminded the group that T-3 will not run over existing copper wire, but over fiber. However, it is possible to provide individual facilities DS-3 service from Hale Pohaku.
      2. 4/95: Dedicated DS-3 service to MK
      3. 12/95: Dedicated DS3/OC-3/OC-12 MK facilities to Kamuela
      4. 12/95: Dedicated DS3/OC-3/OC-12 MK facilities to Oahu, Maui
      5. 2/96: Dedicated DS3/OC-3/OC-12 MK facilities to Hilo
      Estimated rates for SONET based services:
      1. Mauna Kea to Kamuela/Hilo over DS-3 Digital Microwaves: $500 installation cost and $2,700/month.
      2. Mauna Kea to Kamuela/Hilo at OC-3: $225,000 installation cost and $2,800/month.
      3. Mauna Kea to Manoa at OC-3: $1,800,000 installation cost and $3,000/month.

      Following discussion, the Working Group concluded that we should ask HawTel to implement ATM.

    2. Gemini Utility Relocation

      The committee discussed the following report, which was presented at the 1995 Mauna Kea Users' Meeting.

      In order to accommodate Gemini, the existing spur road between the UH 88" and the CFHT sublease boundary will be relocated to the east as shown in Figure 1. The power and communications ducts will be upgraded and rerouted as shown in Figure 2. Four 4-inch communications ducts will be installed from the Electrical Building to Handhole Group 16 (HHG 16) adjacent to CFHT. The intended duct assignments are:

      1. Mauna Kea Observatories Communications Network (MKOCN) fiber optics
      2. GTE Hawaiian Tel copper
      3. GTE Hawaiian Tel fiber optics (future)
      4. Empty

      New copper telephone cable and MKOCN fiber optics cables will be pulled from the Electrical Building to HHG 16, where they will be spliced to the existing cables to CFHT, IRTF, Keck and Subaru. The contractual specifications require that service interruptions be limited to two intervals no longer than six hours each for electrical power and one interval no longer than six hours per affected facility for communications. Advance notice will be given for service interruptions.

      During discussion, it was agreed that the most difficult aspect is the switchover at the Electrical Building. The contractor is required to present a detailed plan for this activity, which should be reviewed by the Working Group.

      Further upgrading of the summit power and communications distribution system will be accomplished as part of the Smithsonian Submillimeter Array (SMA) infrastructure work. The details are still being worked out, but the goal is to bring the distribution system serving "millimeter valley" up to the same standard as that described above for the summit ridge. In addition we plan to "close the loop" by extending the duct system from SMA to Subaru. This will provide both redundancy and greater flexibility in the distribution system.

    3. ATM vs SONET

      This section was provided to just remind participants that ATM is a cell switched service whereas SONET is circuit switched, which is less flexible in terms of bandwidth allocation.

  4. MKOCN WWW/Mosaic
  5. Tjet Sun announced that a MKOCN MOSAIC is available to the users. It can be reached at Reservation through Mosaic is accepted and preferred.

    There are two password within the MKOCN Mosaic pages. Please send Tjet Sun e-mail for further information.

  6. Weather Satellite Images
  7. Henry Stillmack mentioned that JAC has added satellite images to their weather service at, username weather. He will look into printing them out at HP. Other satellite images are available from UH SOEST. MKSS will look into connecting the HP front office to Ethernet to facilitate their access to the Internet servers.

  8. Next Meeting
  9. Friday January 13, 10:00am (subject to change) at JAC.

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