MKO ComNet Working Group Meeting Minutes

GTE Hawaiian Tel

October 27, 1995


GTE Representatives:


  1. Future Communication Infrastructure
  2. GTE Hawaiian Tel presented a comprehensive overview of the project and possible applications which could be supported.

    Project Overview

    The project summary was similar to the presentation on power and communication infrastructure at the 1995 Mauna Kea User's Committee Meeting. For more information refer to the handouts distributed at the meeting.

    The implementation of the fiber infrastructure is well under way. The following table summarizes the current status of critical milestones.

    Engineering and Network DesignCompleted
    Project Definition/ContractCompleted
    Environmental PermitsIn Progress
    Regulatory ApprovalsIn Progress
    Material OrdersIn Progress
    Construction StartDec. 1995
    In ServiceQ4 96 - Q1 97

    GTE Hawaiian Tel is now proceeding to Phase II of the project, which includes customer needs assessment and service deployment.

    Application Briefing Overview

    GTE presented an overview of implementing ATM applications using various third-party ATM based equipment. They also provided an example of special assembly ATM rate design. For more detailed discussion, refer to the handouts, which all attendees have received.

  3. Proteon Offer
  4. Proteon has offered a free training session for its new software release if there is enough interest in the community. The class would last approximately three days and would focus on Release 16.x of the Proteon software. Interested people are asked to send Tjet Sun an email message indicating their interest level and a preferred time frame. Proteon has suggested a December 1995 / January 1996 timeframe. CFHT has kindly offered their facilities for this training.

  5. Next Meeting
  6. Friday January 12, 1996, 10:00am at IfA (subject to change).

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