MKO ComNet Working Group Meeting Minutes


February 16, 1996



  1. Status of Infrastructure Upgrade
  2. Bob McLaren reviewed the agreement that the IfA signed with GTE Hawaiian Tel in August 1995 for long-term network services from Mauna Kea to Hilo and Waimea.


    HP to Humuula Section
    During past 6 months IfA has tried to complete the permitting process for the Humuula-HP fiber run. The process included:
    1. Environmental Review
    2. Federal Endangered Species Act Review (informal)
    3. Permission from the Army because part of the fiber run will pass through the Pohakuloa Training Area.
    4. Historic Preservation Review
    5. Conservation District Approval
    We are currently at the last step and hope to receive approval from the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) soon.

    The IfA is responsible for the construction of the conduits running from HP to the HELCO sub-station. Wallace Oki has completed the plans for the 2,500 ft run and we expect the bidding process to be completed in Q2/96 with anticipated construction by Q3/96.

    Cross Saddle Section
    DLNR has determined that a new Conservation District Use Permit is required for this portion of the project. This will result in several months delay because a public hearing will probably be required. GTE Hawaiian Tel is responsible for this portion of the project.
    SMA Section
    The Smithsonian conduit work comprises extension of the common ducts from HH 25 to HH 31. The bids came in slightly under budget, allowing us to proceed with the full scope of the upgrade. The physical construction by Isemoto will begin in April 1996 with expected completion during Q2/3 of 1996.

    Once the new conduits are in place, and new fibers for MKONet and GTE have been installed, it is the intention to release the old conduits between HH 27 and HH 31 for inter-facility use, e.g. interferometry. The fiber pull on the summit is most likely determined by HawTel's schedule.

    Summit Communications Room Renovation
    Preliminary plans have been drawn up for the renovation of the summit communications room. The next step is to hire an architect to finalize the plans and prepare bid documents.
    1. What is the bandwidth capacity to Waimea and when is it available?
      Upon completion of the HP to Humuula Section, a total of 1 DS-3 circuit will be available from the Mauna Kea to Waimea. This is limited by the availability of bandwidth from Humuula to Waimea. Similar capacity exists between Humuula to Hilo. Once the cross island fiber has been installed, there will be 11.5 OC-1 circuits going to either location.
    2. What are GTE plans for fiber distribution at Hilo University Park?
      We will look into this question.

  3. JPL/Keck ATM Experiment
  4. JPL in conjunction with Keck are conducting an experimental ATM link connecting the Keck Observatory, Keck base facility in Waimea, and JPL by means of fiber, microwave, and satellite technology. Most of the sections have been tested, however, there appears to be some problem at the UNI (user network interface). GTE and Newbridge are trying to solve the problem.

  5. Internat Access
  6. Keck voiced some interests in combining funds to get a observatory link to the Internet. (Local T1 access to commercial ISP is about $2,500/mo + FR charges of about $650/mo).

  7. Next Meeting
  8. Thursday, May 30, 1996, 10:00am at CSO (subject to change).

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