MKO ComNet Working Group Meeting Minutes

CSO Hilo

May 30, 1996



  1. Status of Infrastructure Upgrade
  2. Hawaiian Tel's contractor, Henkels & McCoy, has started work on installing the fiber from Humuula up to the substation at Hale Pohaku. IfA will contract out the installation of underground communications ducts from the substation up to the Mid-Level Facility.

    Smithsonian's contractor, Isemoto, has started the work on extending the power and communications loop from handhole 25 near Subaru down to handhole 31 just past CSO. There will be two roadcuts as part of this project, one near CSO in July and a later one near JCMT. The contractor expects to finish late in September.

    Clayton Yugawa will be invited to make a presentation at our next meeting on Hawaiian Tel's plans for implementing the new communications services.

  3. Recent Developments at Keck
  4. The ATM link between the summit and Waimea is operating at ~35 Mbit/s, with the limiting factor believed to be the speed of the Sun workstations at each end. The link between the summit and JPL is much slower at present (1-3 Mbit/s). This speed reduction is believed to be caused by the delay introduced by the satellite link. Sun is providing a software patch intended to fix the problem. The ATM system is being used only for testing, and the experiment will run through April 97.

    A Picturetel video conferencing system has been installed between the summit and Waimea using Keck's second T-1 line. The system, which cost $25K per end,provides 15 frame/sec video and excellent audio. The Working Group will have a chance to see the system in operation at our next meeting.

    Keck is looking into accessing the T-3 link from the Maui High Performance Computer Center (MHPCC) to New Mexico by purchasing a T-1 Frame Relay Link from their base to MHPCC.

  5. Current Network Status & FY 96/97 Budget
  6. The network is currently operating in full counter-rotating mode. There have been no recent problems.

    The FY 96/97 budget for the MKSS Communications Network cost center is essentially the same as that for FY 95/96. The two major expenditures are the maintenance contract and the salaries for the Network Manager and Assistant Manger (10% FTE each).

    The possibility of including facility routers in the group maintenance contract was discussed. Because of the diversity of equipment involved, it was decided not to pursue this.

  7. Alternative Wide-Area Links
  8. Currently the MKO uses UH (PACCOM) as its wide-area Internet link. Network Management will begin to look into possible alternatives and report back at the next meeting.

  9. Next Meeting
  10. Thursday September 5, 10:00 am at Keck.

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