MKO ComNet Working Group Meeting Minutes

Keck Base Facility, Waimea

December 4, 1997




  1. Current Network Status
  2. The FDDI ring was found to be wrapping between Keck and CFHT about two months ago. The problem was traced to a faulty FDDI cable at Keck. Jonathan Chock of Keck was asked to replace the cable. Since the fiber distribution panel and the router are very far apart at Keck, we were not able to let them borrow one of ours.

    On the morning of Nov 18th, we lost the connection between HP and UH Manoa campus due to a faulty serial card. The card was replaced on the same day.

    On the same morning, Subaru was connected to the FDDI ring. In spite of the wrapping between Keck and CFHT, we managed to complete the job without interruption of service by putting Subaru between Keck and CFHT. As a result, the wrapping is now occurring between Keck and Subaru.

  3. Status of Infrastructure Upgrade
  4. The MKOCN fibers for Subaru was handed over to us by HawTel on Nov 17th. Installation of the MKOCN fibers for Gemini, SMA, and the HawTel DS3 fibers for Subaru and Gemini are expected to begin on December 22, and to be completed before the end of the year.

    Construction for the renovation of the old generator room will start in January. While construction will not be completed for a few months, details have been worked out with HawTel to support Subaru's OC-12 in an area in the old generator room that is not affected by the renovation.

  5. Allocation of DS-3 Circuits
  6. The Mauna Kea Directors have agreed to the following policy for the allocation of the DS-3 circuits:

    Reserve five of the nine DS-3's currently unallocated -- one each for Gemini, JAC, SMA and IfA/IRTF, plus one for contingency. The remaining four unallocated DS-3's may be sold to organizations which wish to buy a second DS-3.

  7. Contact Persons in case of Network Emergencies
  8. Hilton Lewis of Keck suggested to form a subgroup comprised of one contact person from each observatory with experties to handle network emergencies such as attacks by hackers or viruses. Here are their names and phone numbers:

    Since everyone is in the mkonet mailing list, we decided to use that to exchange email for the time being.

  9. Alternate Internet Access
  10. As far as performance is concerned, samples of traffic on the Big Island T1 line and the mainland link indicate that (1) the traffic patterns are complementary in that the T1 line has its heaviest traffic during the night, and (2) though the T1 is fully saturated for up to an hour at a time during large file transfers, the total traffic being carried doesn't scream for increased bandwidth. Also David Lassner, the director of UH Information and Technology Services has indicated to Pui Hin that procurement is underway to add two or three additional T1 to the existing 4xT1 mainland link.

    As far as reliability is concerned, UH is looking into completely separate link to the mainland for redundancy, and acquiring hot spares for the main router. Also, what might help is a low-speed, on-demand backup circuit to cover those instances when the connection to the mainland is down due to reasons such as: the T1 is down, the Sprint T2 is down, or equipment failure at UH campus. Pui Hin is investigating possibilities.

    Daily and Hourly traffic graphs for the mainland link and the T1 between HP and UH can be viewed at the following URLs:

  11. Further Discussion on ATM Support on the Summit
  12. Cost remains the issue for adding ATM support on the summit. However, Keck and CFHT are currently paying a $5k to $6k annual fee per router for hardware maintenance through HawTel. doing it ourself might not cost more. Further, CFHT and Keck will donate their old Proteon equipment for use as hot spares for the FDDI network. This might help cut down the overall costs. Pui Hin will make further analysis.

    Even though there is currently no performance requirement for ATM between the summit and HP, ATM remains attractive for its switched architecture. Other than the central switch, equipment failure at one site does not affect other sites. This will make trouble shooting a lot easier than FDDI.

  13. Next Meeting
  14. Friday, March 6, 1998, 10:00 a.m., at IfA.

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