MKO ComNet Working Group Meeting Minutes

Subaru Base Facility, Hilo

September 4, 1998




  1. Current Network Status
  2. There have been no problems to report. Gemini was connected to the FDDI ring on June 4th.

    During the past few months, there were two separate incidents when Pui Hin Rhoads and Don Mickey had difficulty getting into summit facilities to performed scheduled network maintenance and repair work. Pui Hin requested representatives of each organization to coordinate with their summit staff to ensure access to the dome when they receive email announcements of maintenance and repair work.

  3. FY 98/99 budget
  4. The 98/99 budget has been revised to add an item for electricity and to take the JCMT router off maintenance. JAC is routing all their traffic through UKIRT.

  5. Status of Infrastructure Upgrade
  6. On July 27th, HawTel moved their equipment to their permanent location in the old generator building. Downtime was minimal.

    On August 27th, all voice and data services were moved from the summit microwave to the fibers. A temporary cable is used currently to connect the channel banks at the UH 88" and HawTel equipment. The channel banks will be relocated to HawTel equipment room by June 30th, 1999.

  7. Emergency Backup System
  8. The existing microwave cannot be used for emergency backup for the following reasons:

    Following is GTE Hawaiian Tel's plan of action should we have an equipment or fiber cable outage.

    1. Equipment Failure
    2. The primary voice facilities for the IfA will be serviced off a Futjisu FLM600. The FLM600 has built in a 1+1 standby path protection. If there is a failure on an optical card or a problem with the working fiber strand, it will automatically switch to the standby optical card connected to the protection fiber and all services will be rerouted.

    3. Fiber Cable Outage

  9. Update of the UH vBNS Proposal and Network Charges
  10. David Lassner has decided to put a 6Mbps link between HP and UH Manoa in the NSF proposal. The link will carry both research and commercial traffics.

    Per organization network charge will remain at $500 a month. The level of support for commercial traffic will be at the T1 level. A higher charge may be assessed for higher bandwidth.

  11. Further Discussion on ATM Support and other Upgrades
  12. Pui Hin pointed out that if the vBNS proposal gets funded, a new router will be needed to support the 6 Mbps link. A new router will give us the opportunity to support Fast Ethernet at HP. CATV cables will be pulled to support Fast Ethernet. Pui Hin will contact Ron Koehler to find out about office assignments to new facilties.

    To get the upgrade of FDDI to ATM moving, Bob McLaren has suggested that we pay for the the backup equipment with Infrastructure funds. This will cut down the recurrent cost for the early ATM network participants. Pui Hin will send email to all the representatives for their commitment to the project.

    Cisco has agreed to give us a 30% education discount on all equipment plus about $33.5k trade-in value for four Proteon 4200 routers. All facilities should be able to obtain similar deals.

  13. Next Meeting
  14. Thursday, December 3, 1998, 10:00 a.m., at Gemini Hilo office.

  15. Other Items
  16. Ryusake Ogasawara informed us that the University Park Local Network fibers are ready for testing. Security and liability considerations still need to be addressed.

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