Minutes of Working Group Meeting

Joint Astronomy Center, Hilo

June 3, 1999




  1. Current Network Status
  2. There are no problems to report. Interleaving Cisco and Proteon routers seems to help boost the signals for the FDDI ring.

  3. Network Support from July 20th to August 17th
  4. Pui Hin Rhoads will be on vacation from July 20th to August 17th. During her absence, Mr. Bayley Mah of the IfA will be the contact person for any network problems. His phone number is (808)956-8718, email address is bayley @ ifa . hawaii . edu. He will also have the beeper - (808)576-9195. Alan Whinery, chief engineer of the UH networks will be available to help Bayley if necessary. UH now has a phone number for reporting network problems on the weekend - (808)956-2393.

    Pui Hin asked that no modification to the network be made during her absence.

  5. ATM Support and Other Upgrades - Plans and Progress
  6. Pui Hin reported that CATV cables for the 100 mbps Ethernet at HP are being pulled, two cables into every office. Each organization will have two ports. Organization with two offices will have one port, usually A, active in each office.

    There was a discussion regarding whether we should do switched 10 or switched 100 Ethernet. The consensus was to start with switched 100 and back down if we see any congestion problem.

    Pui Hin passed out new IP numbers to be used with the new 100BASE-T at HP. The new numbers are allocated with firewall filtering and future subnetting in mind.

    Some of the Cisco ATM equipment has already been shipped to the IfA and is being tested at the moment. The current plan is to ship the equipment to the summit between June 15th and June 20th. The equipment will first be set up as a standalone system. Integration will occur a week or two after the new system is burnt in, around the end of June or beginning of July.

    Pui Hin also suggested using SVCs as oppose to PVCs for the summit ATM network since the ATM technology has matured since we first talked about it two years ago, and router configuration is a lot easier with SVC. PVCS can still be used for organization that has compatibility issues.

    On the Internet Access link, it turns out that a 10 mbps ATM circuit is the same price as a 6 mbps ATM circuit. Pui Hin reported that the contract has just been signed between GTE and UH. However, GTE has a 6 week lead time from the signing of the contract to circuit installation. So it is not certain at this time when we will have that in place.

  7. FY99/2000 Budget
  8. Pui Hin presented the proposed FY 99/2000 budget with the following comments:

    1. As the result of a very good maintenance contract negotiated with Cisco, there is no increase on the maintenance cost in spite of the upgrade.

    2. In many cases, organizations will see a drop in their charges. This is due to the fact that organizations are now responsible for maintenance of the Cisco routers at their locations. In the past, the maintenance of the Proteon routers was part of the MKOCN annual budget. The current system allows organizations to pick the maintenance plan most suitable for their operations. Pui Hin reminded everyone that organizations must get maintenance contracts with advance equipment replacement to be eligible to use the MKOCN hotspare units.

  9. Next Meeting
  10. Friday, September 3, 1999, 10:00 a.m., at IfA.

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