MKO ComNet Working Group Meeting Minutes

Institute for Astronomy, Manoa

September 3, 1999




  1. Current Network Status
  2. ATM support was added to the MKOCN on June 30th and on the next day, the 10 mbps Ethernet at HP was upgraded to 100BASE-TX. The transition to 100BASE-TX was originally planned to happen over a few months. However, the 10BASE2 repeater stopped working after we turned it off for re-positioning in the rack. Fortunately, there were enough patch cables to put everyone back online on the 100BASE-TX network.

    On July 12th, CFHT and Gemini became the first participants of the ATM network, followed by SMA on the next day.

    CFHT encountered some problems during the upgrade which is noted here for everyone's benefit. IOS version 12.0 requires at least 64 mbytes of memory. After activating the ATM connection to the MKOCN summit switch, a lost in bandwidth was observed on the DS3 between CFHT's summit and Waimea routers. HawTel maintenance suspects the problem to be related to IOS version 11.1.

    A strange interaction has been observed between the Cisco and Proteon FDDI interface. The FDDI interface of the summit Cisco 7206 router shuts itself down everytime the 88" CNX500 router (its FDDI neighbor) is rebooted. The 88" CNX500 router and FDDI card have been replaced.

    Pui Hin reported that three CNX500s had to be replaced in the past three months. So it seems like it is a good time to get rid of this old equipment.


  3. Migration to ATM - current schedule
  4. Pui Hin asked everyone about their plans and schedules for upgrading to ATM:

  5. Internet Link - Plans and Issues
  6. Pui Hin presented viewgraphs of the current and future network connections and gave a summary of the latest Internet upgrade plan. (The decision to move the landing point of the Internet Link was made through consensus from all the MKOCN Working Group members):

    Funding after the grant period is not certain at this point. Some cost sharing arrangement might need to be worked out among the observatories.

    Current MKO Network Connections:

    Future MKO Network Connections:


  7. Vendor Participation
  8. The question was raised on whether we should have vendor presentation during the MKOCN quarterly meetings. The consensus was not to have it during the meeting, but it would be reasonable to have them on the same day after the meeting, so that whoever is interested can stay on.

  9. Next Meeting
  10. Friday, December 3, 1999, 10:00 a.m., at CFHT.

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