MKO ComNet Working Group Meeting Minutes

CFHT Base Facility, Waimea

December 3, 1999




  1. Current Network Status
  2. The problem caused by an unusual interaction between the summit Cisco and 88inch Proteon persisted. The FDDI interface of the summit Cisco 7206 router shuts itself down everytime the 88" CNX500 router (its FDDI neighbor) is rebooted. Cisco has so far been unable to reproduce the problem in their labs, but said they have a similar report from another customer. Since the FDDI ring will be replaced entirely in the near future, Pui Hin proposed to fix the problem temporarily by inserting another CNX500 between the 88" Proteon router and the Cisco 7206 in the summit communication room. Since no one will turn this additional router off, no interaction between the FDDI interfaces will be triggered. Thanks to JAC for the temporary use of their CNX500 router.


  3. Migration to ATM - schedule update
  4. Status of Internet Upgrade
  5. The first DS3 between Manoa and Hilo should be in place by the end of the month. GTE has been unable to proceed because of some capacity problems at UH Manoa.

    The second DS3 between Hilo and the summit will not be available for another month or more. The holdup is caused by the fact that we wanted at first to install the circuit at Gemini and later move it to the new IfA building. Since moving the installation point is not an item in the original agreement between IfA and GTE, GTE has had a problem establishing a price for the circuit.

    Because of the above delays and the fact that the IfA building is almost ready for the network installation, we have told GTE to install both DS3s directly in the new IfA building.

    Due to the humid weather conditions in Hilo, the fiber panel in the handhole in front of Subaru has started to rust. In the long run, it will be better for everyone to pull fiber directly into the IfA building. In the short term, IfA will pull fibers into the Subaru handhole. This will allow all Hilo facilities to access the DS3s.

    Assuming there are no further delays in the availability of the DS3s, Pui Hin will start working on the project in early January.

    Pui Hin showed a diagram of the Hilo landing point. Three PVCs will be set up between UH Manoa and the IfA Hilo building, UH Manoa and Gemini, and UH Manoa and the summit. The one between UH Manoa and Gemini is 10 mbps for Gemini's use only. The other two are for everyone's use and they will provide back up for each other in case of router failure in Hilo or the summit.

  6. Training Class for Cisco Routers
  7. Since everyone will probably be busy with Y2K fixes until February, Pui Hin will contact UH Hilo to see if they have a room large enough to seat 20+ people and equipment in February or March. Following are topics that everyone has expressed an interest in:

    Everyone should email Pui Hin if there are other topics he or she wants to have covered. Cisco will not be able to offer an ATM class. The price for the class has yet to be determined.


  8. Next Meeting
  9. Thursday, March 2, 2000, 10:00 a.m., at Subaru.

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