Minutes of Working Group Meeting

Subaru Base Facility, Hilo

March 9, 2000





  1. Current Network Status
  2. The Frame Relay between HP and UH Manoa went down on January 25th. The problem was traced to a faulty patch cable at GTE. Prior to that incident, there have been short periods of downtime that we could not account for. The patch cable must have deteriorated over time.

  3. Migration to ATM - schedule update
  4. Status of the DS3s: Manoa to Hilo, Hilo to Summit
  5. Testing for the first DS3 - between UH Manoa and Hilo is on going. Once it's tested ok, two PVCs will be built. The first one connects UH Manoa and the IfA Hilo building. The second one goes from UH Manoa to the Gemini Hilo office. The latter is a 10 mbps dedicated link for Gemini.

    Contract for the the second DS3 from Hilo to the Summit has been signed. Delivery date is expected to be end of March.

    Equipment, including two LightStream 1010s, one 7206VXR, two 2940 Fast Ethernet switches, and media convertors are all installed.

    Twenty-four strands of fibers have been pulled between the IfA building and the hand-hole in front of Subaru. Facilities that want to be connected to the Hilo router need to get a pair of jumpers for connection in the hand-hole.

    Pui Hin showed a diagram of the Hilo landing point and discussed implementation details. One IP subnet has been identified to be used for new addition to the MKOCN. The subnet will be used for the Hilo Ethernet as well as the PVCs between UH Manoa and Hilo, and UH Manoa and the Summit.

    The PVCs need to be treated as point-to-point, each on a separate subnet. Pui Hin passed out IP numbers for the Hilo Ethernet connections.

  6. INET 2000 Demo
  7. The 10th Annual Internet Society Conference will be held in Yokohama, Japan, July 18-21, 2000. A consortium of the University of Indiana, University of Tokyo, and Keio niversity, is organizing iGrid 2000 - a research demonstration of technological innovations and application advancements requiring high-speed networks. This will include a demonstration from the Subaru Observatory and any other observatories that might be interested. The demonstration will be held on July 19-21 in Japan, which will correspond to July 18-20 in Honolulu. The iGrid group is asking for the collaboration and support of the Mauna Kea Observatory community. Pui Hin has recommended that the demonstration stay within 10 mbps bandwidth usage, in which case the impact on our normal network traffic should be minimal. Pui Hin will forward a letter from the iGrid group to everyone on the "mkonet" email list. Concerns and comments should be sent to Pui Hin. Any observatory interested in participating in the demo should contact Prof. Hiroshi Esaki ( hiroshi @ wide . ad . jp). A test will be conducted at the end of May or early July. An announcement will be made when the date is set.

  8. Other Discussions
  9. JAC and Subaru have implemented DHCP separately at HP. Due to the fact that all facilities are on the same subnet, they are unable to control what IP addresses the server will assign. As a result, sometimes JAC gets Subaru's IP addresses and Subaru gets JAC's IP addresses. Henry Stilmack suggested that JAC and Subaru should cooperate and share their IP addresses. Pui Hin said that as part of the contract between Gemini and UH, a half-time Hilo based network support person will be hired once the two DS3s are in place. With the extra help, more support and services can be offerred. The maintenance of a common DHCP server would be a good example.

  10. Next Meeting
  11. Thursday, June 1, 2000, 10:00 a.m., at JAC.

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