Minutes of Working Group Meeting

Joint Astronomy Center, Hilo

June 1, 2000




  1. Current Network Status
  2. Pui Hin reported that the Cisco routers in Hilo and at the summit are running OSPF. The T1 Frame Relay, intended for backup, remains on the Proteon. Some problems were encountered integrating the Proteon to the OSPF network. Pui Hin suggested that we acquire a Cisco serial card and use the Cisco router at HP for the Frame Relay backup. All were in favor.

    The DS3s went down sometime during the night of April 7th and was not recovered until the morning of the 8th. The problem was caused by malfunctioning of the air conditioning in the new IfA building. At that time, the only air conditioning available was a stand-alone unit inside the computer room where the DS3 equipment is located. Since then, the building air conditioning has been turned on as well as the stand-alone backup unit. Also, Don Mickey has written some software to monitor the temperature at the various sites. We anticipate that the problem will not reoccur.

    Traffic on the DS3s can be viewed at URL:


  3. Hilo Local Area Network
  4. Pui Hin reported the fibers between the IfA Hilo building and the hand-hole in front of Subaru has been tested. Pui Hin has media converters for everyone. Tod Fujioka has some ST-ST jumpers if anyone needs a pair.

  5. Migration to ATM - schedule update
  6. The facilities still on FDDI are Keck, 88" and IRTF. Keck is ready for the switchover at any time. Equipment for the 88" and IRTF has been received. Switchover should occur in the near future.

  7. Hilo Based Network Support
  8. There were only two applications. One of the applicants is very qualified but wanted more money than we can afford. The other applicant is not qualified. The position will be re-opened as soon as possible.

  9. FY 00/01 Budget
  10. Pui Hin presented the proposed FY 2000/01 budget. In some cases, organizations will see a drop in their charges. This is due to the fact that organizations are now responsible for maintenance of the Cisco routers at their locations. In the past, maintenance of the Proteon routers was included as part of the MKOCN annual budget. Pui Hin reminded everyone that organizations must buy maintenance contracts with advance equipment replacement to be eligible to use the MKOCN hotspare units.

  11. Cisco Seminar Evaluation
  12. Everyone agrees that the seminar was good and useful for the participants who have little experience with networking in general. The class lacks details for the network managers who are already familiar with most networking concepts and were looking for details on Cisco specifics.

  13. Igrid2000 Demonstration
  14. Pui Hin reported that the schedule of the demos expected to be from July 18th to the 20th is not yet firm. Ryusuke Ogasawara of Subaru volunteered to follow up on the schedule and let everyone know. Rather than restricting bandwidth usage to 10 Mbps, Pui Hin suggests that the sponsors move the limit up to around 20 Mbps since normal usage on the DS3 since installation has not exceeded 10 Mbps.

  15. Next Meeting
  16. September 7, 2000, 10:00 a.m., at Gemini.

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