Minutes of Working Group Meeting

CFHT Base Facility, Waimea

March 8, 2001




  1. Current Network Status
  2. There are no problems to report.

    The serial card to support the T1 frame relay has been installed in the HP Cisco.

    We encountered more problems with the fiber connection between HP and the visitor station. SMA is getting more equipment to help us resolve the problem.

    The college of Tropical Agriculture at Komohana has been connected to the MKOCN through CSO using a pair of antennae set up at CTAHR-Komohana and the CSO Hilo facility. A Cisco catalyst 2912 switch is installed at CSO which provides connection to the Internet DS3s for both CSO and CTAHR-Komohana.


  3. PACCOM T1 and the backup serial link
  4. For many years, PACCOM has provided Internet access for the Mauna Kea Observatories and their base facilities. In the past year, Internet access for Mauna Kea has been upgraded to T3 speed through two NSF grants awarded to Gemini and the UH ITS. The PACCOM frame relay has become a backup. As of February 1st, Torben Nielsen has lost his grant which supported PACCOM and is no longer providing the T1 frame relay service. To give ourselves time to decide on what to do, Pui Hin has extended the service on a month to month basis until a decision can be made by the group on what to do. The monthly charge is about $650 for the HP end. The funds are taken out of the 2000 to 2001 budget. There is a surplus due to Don Mickey's leave of absence. The cost of the Manoa end is being picked up by UH ITS. Pui Hin has discussed this with David Lassner who agreed to pick up the PVC for the time being and will not charge the observatories until some agreement is worked out when the two NSF grants are over next March. Observatories that have been paying Torben Nielsen should stop seeing invoices after January of 2001.

    There was some discussion as to whether or not it is worthwhile to keep the frame relay as a backup. To find out how well the backup works, a decision was made to have a test before the next quarterly meeting. During this test the two DS3s that provide Internet service to the observatories will be yanked in some order to see if network traffic is automatically rerouted to the backup link. It was also pointed out that such a test will best be performed on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Pui Hin will send email to coordinate such a test.

  5. Wireless Network
  6. Pui Hin reported on the reponses to Bob McLaren's memo to the directors soliciting comments on the usage of wireless on the summit. With the exception of JAC, opinions are divided along the lines of optical and submillimeter telescopes. The optical telescope facilities do not object to a trial use of the wireless equipment, but strong opposition was voiced by submillimeter telescope facilities. JAC has indicated that they are not concerned with the trial use of the 2.4 GHz equipment, but would like to see a procedure established to deal with problems if they arise.

    Martin Houde of the of the CSO presented the viewpoint of CSO at the meeting. Subsequently, Martin sent me a summary of his presentation:

    Thomas Cooper of SMA told us that SMA is also preparing a formal response.

    Jonathan Chock indicated that equipment such as cell phones and walkie talkies are already used on the summit. He said it would be useful if the submillimeter and radio telescopes can come up with guidelines including a list of equipment that should not be used around the summit.

    SMA and CSO agreed to work on such a list.


  7. Polycom Equipment and its Usage
  8. The IfA has recently acquired several Polycom units. Pui Hin was interested to learn a few tricks from members who have been working with these conferencing units for some period of time.

    Here are a couple points of interest:

  9. NTP Server
  10. CFHT has recently acquired a Datum TymServe 2100 unit. Jim Thomas offered members the use of their new GPS based NTP server. Jonathan Chock said Keck also has a GPS based NTP server and members are welcome to use it.

  11. Next Meeting
  12. June 7, 2001, 10:00 a.m., at CSO.

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