Minutes of Working Group Meeting

CSO Base Facility, Hilo

June 7, 2001




  1. Current Network Status
  2. Wireless Network
  3. Pui Hin reported that she has received more opposition to wireless equipment on the summit. Following are the remarks from Richard Wainscoat of the UH Telescope:

    At the March meeting, CSO and SMA were asked to suggest some guidelines including a list of equipment that should not be used around the summit. However, the group recognised that there are existing guidelines in the Master Plan. It would seem silly to establish new guidelines without new information.

    Mac Cooper of SMA informed us that SMA will be conducting some tests originating from NRAO. The group is very interested in the result of this study and concluded that no change should be made to the current policy until we have new information. At which time, a report will be drafted and if appropriate, recommendation to the directors for any change.

    Pui Hin has copies of the pertinent pages of the Master Plan for anyone who needs them.

  4. Hilo Based Network Support
  5. The position was readvertised and closed on May 30th. Suitable applicants will be interviewed.

  6. PACCOM T1 and backup frame relay
  7. There was a mess regarding the PACCOM billing. Several observatories were billed even though no service was provided. The explanation from the PACCOM group was that the regular adminstrator Steve Grab who has been doing the billing is no longer with the project. The new administrator simply followed whatever was done in the past.

    Concerning the moving of the UH end of the frame relay from a T1 to a DS3, Pui Hin commented on the upside and the downside. The upside is that we will have better chance for a full T1 frame relay backup. At present, UH has a T1 frame relay and is over-subscribed. The downside is that the new DS3 will be going into the same router as the the MKO DS3. So the backup is not going to work if the problem is with the router.

    Pui Hin will reschedule the testing of the backup link, originally scheduled for June 5th, as soon as the link is moved and the OSPF connection tested.

  8. FY 01/02 Budget
  9. Pui Hin presented the proposed FY2001/02 budget with the following comments:

  10. Other Business:
  11. Welcome to Jim Kennedy of Gemini who attended the quarterly network meeting for the first time.

  12. Next Meeting
  13. September 6, 2001, 10:00 a.m., at JAC

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