Minutes of Working Group Meeting

JAC Base Facility, Hilo

September 6, 2001




  1. Current Network Status
  2. Hilo Based Network Support
  3. Miranda Hawarden-Ogata who had been working with Pui Hin for the past several months as a student helper has been officially hired at 1/2 FTE level. There will be enough grant money to cover all expenses for the position through at least June of 2002. At that time, we will re-evaluate and decide the level at which the position should be and have the expenses put on the MKOCN maintenance budget. Pui Hin asked everyone to contact Miranda first in case of problems to give Miranda a chance to gain experience.

    Miranda will email everyone her email address and pager number.

  4. Post-grant MKO Internet Access
  5. Pui Hin has a verbal commitment from David Lassner to use the OC3 microwave link between the Big Island and Oahu for MKO Internet access. However, David has not yet worked out how much he wants us to pay. There is also the complication of early termination fees for the current DS3s. We have three-year contracts which end March of 2003. Pui Hin has contacted Verizon with the following questions:

    The reasoning behind the second question is that our bandwidth usage in the last year and a half has been very low. The five minute average is around 4 Mbps, with a maximum of about 12 Mbps. The duration of the max is narrow; that means lowering the bandwith of the link will probably not affect our operations. Also, if the Hilo OC3 does come through, we could use the Verizon link as a backup if paying for lower bandwidth will satisfy our contract obligation. Two years ago, a 10 Mbps pipe was $6k a month.

    Network managers were asked to talk about their bandwidth requirements within their organizations.

    On cost sharing, the cost of the two DS3s are $11,250 for the Inter-island link, and $3,000 for the Hilo/summit link. Pui Hin suggested that the costs should be shared equally among organizations except for Gemini (and maybe CSO). Currently, Gemini has a dedicated 10 Mbps PVC and would pay 1/4 of the total cost if the same arrangement is kept. CSO seems to have a particularly low bandwidth requirement. On top of the cost of the two DS3s, we also have to pay UH Networking for Internet access. Pui Hin will try to work out some numbers with UH before the next meeting.

    Network managers were again asked to talk to their bosses about this.

    On the technical side, fibers have been pulled between UH Hilo campus and the IfA building. However the fibers are not terminated on either end. On the UHH end, fibers still need to be extended to the campus center where the microwave equipment will be terminated. UH Hilo has paid for the fibers. Bob McLaren has suggested we pay for the termination and equipment with infrastructure funds.


  6. Backup frame relay form HP to UH
  7. Pui Hin reported that the T1 frame relay has been setup as an OSPF alternate link. Testing of this link has yet to be scheduled.

  8. Next Meeting
  9. December 6, 2001, 10:00 am, at Keck

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