Minutes of Working Group Meeting

Gemini Base Facility, Hilo

March 21, 2002




  1. Current Network Status
  2. There were several problems to report:

    On January 19th, a DOS attack was launched from one of the observatories in the early afternoon. The observatory was taken off the ATM map immediately to preserve bandwidth for the rest of the community. It wasn't until late in the evening that observatory personnel available at the summit were able to identify the offending workstation.

    On February 2nd, some air conditioning work was scheduled at the Bilger building at UH Manoa campus where most of the UH network equipment is housed. Downtime was not scheduled because the plan was to use the backup generator, and the UH-ITS UPS will tie over the change in power source. However, the contractor took longer to tap into the backup generator than expected, and the UPS ran down at around 9:00am. Once the network went down, support personnel had to be called back to work to bring everything back up. The result was downtime between 9:00am and 11:30am, and very brief downtime around 4:30pm.

    On February 11th, a second DOS attack occurred late in the afternoon, around 6:00pm. It was caught immediately and caused a downtime of no longer than half an hour except for the observatory under attack.

    On February 28th, problems with a core router caused network outage for about two hours.

  3. Update of the microwave connection and the termination of the Interisland DS3
  4. The microwave has been operational for several months. UH Hilo and Distance Learning were switched over to the microwave in mid January. There have been no problems to report. However, there are still some holes in the support plan: support personnel needs to be hired or identified at some sites, and phone lines for modems have yet to be installed for support purposes.

    Installation of fiber between UHH and IfA Hilo has taken a long time. It wasn't until February when IfA got the go ahead to terminate the stretch of fiber between the switchgear room and the IfA building. JK Electric has been hired for the job.

    Once the termination is done, a connection will be made over fiber between UHH and IfA Hilo for connection to the microwave. OSPF can then be set up to use the microwave as the preferred path. If everything goes well, everyone should see a downtime of no more than a few minutes. Also, other than at Gemini, no change is necessary at the observatories' routers.

    Due to support issues for the microwave mentioned earlier, I have asked David Lassner to retain the Interisland DS3 service for another two months or more. Also, in the face of a fiber alternate path (details to follow), David suggested keeping the DS3 until the issues of the fiber alternate is settled.

  5. Alternate interisland route on fiber and procurement of new MKOCN router
  6. Around the second week of February, Pui Hin learned that an OC3 on a piece of Interisland fiber has become available to the UH between the Big Island and Oahu. Pui Hin contacted UH-ITS to see if the fiber can be terminated at the IfA building rather than UH Hilo. The rationale is that it is better to have equipment for the two redundant paths, one on fiber, and one on the microwave located in two completely separate buildings to safeguard against certain power outages. Also it would be easier for IfA to help out with maintenance of the equipment if the equipment is located in the IfA building. To have the fiber terminated at the IfA building will involve pulling fibers from the State Office building to the IfA building.

    Due to this new opportunity, procurement for the new router to support Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing has been delayed to get a better picture of what all needs to be purchased.

  7. Other Business
  8. Bernt Grundseth of CFHT raised concern over the 10mbps average limit in the new Internet access agreement with UH-ITS. After a brief discussion it was generally agreed that the agreement is the best we can get at this time.

  9. Next Meeting
  10. June 13, 2002, 10:00 am, at IfA Hilo

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