Minutes of Working Group Meeting

JAC Base Facility, Hilo

June 23, 2005




  1. Current Network Status
  2. :There were a few problems to report:

    On April 21 there was a 5 to 10 minute outage to all external sites starting around 12:15 pm. The UH-ITS router was rebooted.

    On April 26, around 3:30 pm, our fiber cables along with some power cables were severed by a military helicopter along the Saddle Road, near the 18-mile marker. As a result all communications -- including voice and data -- to HP and the summit were lost. However, all services were restored around 9:30 pm. Most of the observatories were able to salvage half a night of observing.

    On June 23, due to a faulty circuit, there were intermittent outages for the commodity network. Traffic was directed to a backup DS3 later that day. OC3 service was restored on June 24.

  3. FY 05/06 Budget
  4. Pui Hin presented the proposed FY2005/06 budget with the following comments:

    There is a small increase in the salary portion to cover the Union negotiated pay raise.

    There is a small increase for travel and HP accomodation in case we want to go ahead with HP dormitory Internet wiring.

    There is an increase in maintenance cost in anticipation of additional equipment for HP should we decide to go ahead with the Internet wiring.

    Cost of the wiring and equipment is not in the budget

    There is an increase of $445 per observatory over last year's budget.

  5. Southern Cross 10Gbs and extension to MK - brief update
  6. Due to equipment problems, the launching of the Southern Cross 10Gb between Seattle and Hawaii has been delayed. However, the faulty interface has now been replaced. The segment is expected to be activated after some final setups at the Pacific Northwest gigaPoP scheduled to be completed on June 27.

    For the upgrade of the common DS3 to 100Mbps Ethernet, UH-ITS is still pushing contract modification paperwork through purchasing. However, Pui Hin expects the order to be sent to Verizon within a week or so.

    On the extension to MK, UH-ITS is in the middle of negotiations with a vendor to provide an initial Gigabit Ethernet service from Mauna Lani to Waimea and on to Hilo. Negotiations are also ongoing for additional services at costs.

  7. Network Wiring for HP dormitories
  8. As a reminder: In May, Pui Hin has obtained a budgetary quote from Verizon for the wiring of the dormitory rooms at HP. The scope of work includes pulling a 6-strand multi-mode fiber cable from the Common Area into each dormitory building: B, C, and D, and CAT5E cables from where the fiber cable terminates in each building to the dormitory rooms. The cost per port will be about $700 including equipment; about $50k for all 72 rooms. Pui Hin has learned from Bob McLaren that the balance of the Common Shared Area infrastructure is only enough to cover about half of the cost. The other half will have to be covered by the users. On May 9, through an email to the working group, Pui Hin asked if the observatories would like to proceed with this project and suggested a possible way to share the cost -- in proportion to the current HP room allocations.

    Pui Hin has only heard from two observatories prior to the meeting and would like to hear from the rest. There was a discussion on other ways to share the cost. For example, in proportion to recent usage of the rooms. There was also a suggestion to wire up only some of the rooms but Pui Hin explained that would create problems for room assignment.

    As everyone agreed we should go ahead with wiring the dormitory rooms -- even though there were differences in opinions on how to share the costs -- Pui Hin urged everyone to bring the matters up with their directors and let her know the official position of their organization.

  9. Deep Impact Networking
  10. In support of ground-based observation of the Deep Impact event, Pui Hin is working with UH-ITS to organize a video and voice conference for the period starting July 2 through July 7. The conference will be hosted on UH-ITS' MCU and telephone bridge. Observatories with a polycom and compatible equipment will connect to the MCU and observatories with no video equipment will be able to join the conference through the telephone bridge. The MCU will support about 26 participants and the phone bridge will support another 30 participants.

    For the outreach program, Gary Fujihara is organizing a separate video conference using the iChat AV and AOL AIM videochat.

    Pui Hin invited all the observatories to join a testing session of the network on June 27 from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. During that hour, Pui Hin hopes to create conditions on the network similar to what should occur during Deep Impact on the night of July 3rd by having as many observatories as possible connected to the MCU, Gary conducting the outreach conference on the Mac, and Pui Hin and Miranda generating other traffic through the network.

  11. Next meeting
  12. September 8th Thursday, 10:00 AM at Keck, Waimea
Following the Network meeting, Jonathan Chock of the Keck Observatory chaired the second System Administration session.

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