Minutes of Working Group Meeting

Keck Base Facility, Waimea

September 8, 2005




  1. Current Network Status
  2. There was only one incident to report:

    On July 18th, starting at around 9:30 am, there was an outage of major services offered by UH-ITS due to a router failure. Services included mail, web services (www.hawaii.edu), banner, MyUH Portal, DHCP, and some DNS and networking services associated with that router. Router and services were restored at approximately 4:30 p.m.

  3. Update of the SX TransPORT 10 Gigabit per second (Gbps) links and extension to MK
    1. The SX TransPORT 10 Gbps circuit between Hawaii and Seattle was successfully launched on July 7th. An initial 1 Gbps ethernet connects the University to the 10 Gbps circuit. This became our current access path to Internet2. The 1 Gbps ethernet can be upgraded to higher bandwidth as needed.

      A downside to this upgrade is that current US policies prohibit federal networks from peering with international networks such as Aarnet. Until limitations are resolved, UH is routing these packages through the commodity network with priority.

    2. Paperwork for the upgrade of the common DS3 between Hilo and the summit to Fast Ethernet is finally processed and sent to Verizon. Upgrade has been scheduled for the late September to early October time frame.

    3. On the extension of the 10 Gbps to Waimea

      There has been no further development since the June meeting. Our plans remain the same however.

  4. Funding for the HP dormitories network wiring
  5. Pui Hin has heard from almost every observatory in support of a method of costs allocation proportionate to the bedroom quota at HP.

    Instead of collecting funds from the observatories, Bob McLaren suggested using the Common Shared Area (CSA) credits - approximately $54,600 - from the new office project to pay for the wiring and equipment. Since the CSA was paid for by the users in proportion to their bedroom quota, the use of the credit for the wiring will produce the same proportionate cost allocation. The remaining credit will be refunded to the users in the same proportion.

    This funding method will be discussed at the upcoming Oversight Committee.

  6. New DNS for hawaii.edu
  7. On July 30, 2005, UH-ITS deployed a new DNS server named dns4.hawaii.edu located in the Denver area. UH-ITS hopes to improve and reduce the time required to query an offical entry. This server will also function as an offsite backup in case of network outage due to major island power failure or other problems. To take advantage of this new DNS, Pui Hin asked everyone to make the necessary changes to their firewall and DNS server configurations to allow zone transfer to the new DNS.

  8. Deep Impact Networking - a brief report
  9. Pui Hin thanked everyone for participating in the networking testing in June and reported that the video conference on an UH-ITS MCU with an audio bridge went very well for the Deep Impact event. The video conference provided a place for participants to meet anytime between July 3, 03:00 UT and July 7, 06:00 UT. During the impact, we had the highest number of participants, 18 through the MCU and another 5 through the audio bridge.

    The MCU and audio bridge are available for any meeting involving a UH facility for free and we might keep it in mind as an available resource.

  10. Cell phones on the summit - a follow up from our March meeting
  11. There was a discussion at the March meeting on cell phone usage on the summit. As a result of this discussion, Pui Hin has talked to Ron Koehler about putting signs up to remind people to keep their cell phones off above HP. Ron Koehler will bring this matter up at the Oversight Committee.

  12. Other Business
  13. Welcome to Nick Lock who has replaced Nick Johnson of the Gemini Observatory and attended the quarterly working group meeting for the first time.

    On behalf of the working group, I would also like to welcome Herb Woodruff from CFHT who also attended our quarterly meeting for the first time.

  14. Next meeting
  15. December 8th Thursday, 10:00 AM at Subaru, Hilo
Following the Network meeting, there was an impromptu System Administration session.

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