Minutes of Working Group Meeting

Subaru Base Facility, Hilo

December 8, 2005




  1. Current Network Status
  2. On December 1st, there were problems connecting to outside of Hawaii after a software upgrade on the Hawaii border router. UH-ITS subsequently reverted to a earlier version of the software. The problem lasted about 2 hours.

    Jonathan Chock reported some issues with DNS and a new UH IE proxy server. Pui Hin needs to check with UH-ITS.

  3. Weather Kiosk at HP - Richard Chamberlin (CSO)
  4. Richard Chamberlin presented the idea of a weather information station at HP to be placed near the entrance of the common building. The weather station will allow day crews and operators easy access to information on summit conditions during poor weather periods.

    The weather station will be a single purpose computer expected to be used to browse the JAC weather site and other URLs descended from this site only. To prevent people from using this computer for other purposes, it is likely that just a mouse, no keyboard, will be provided for input.

    Since web browsing is not a computing power demanding application, Pui Hin suggested using one of the surplus Sun SPARCstations from the IfA. A decent flat panel display will be purchased by MKSS.

    Pui Hin asked the working group members to solicit suggestions and recommendations from their day crews.

  5. Update of the SX TransPORT 10 Gigabit per second (Gbps) links and extension to MK
  6. UH-ITS is still working on the agreement with carriers on the portions of the connection.

  7. Common DS3 upgrade
  8. The common DS3 between Hilo and the summit was upgraded to 100mbps in the early morning of November 1st.

  9. Replacement of ATM connections at the summit with Gigabit Ethernet
  10. The replacement of the common DS3 with a Fast Ethernet connection ended the need for ATM equipment in Hilo.

    Pui Hin suggested that we should start supporting Gigabit Ethernet on the summit in the next fiscal year and should phase out the OC3 ATM switched network in the next two years. As the observatories' ATM routers get old, it will be more cost effective to replace these routers with multilayer switches.

  11. HP dormitories network wiring
  12. A PO has been processed for the HP dormitories network wiring. Hawaiian Telcom has advised Pui Hin that the job will most likely be scheduled for Mid January to Mid February.

    Pui Hin will be proceeding with the acquisition of equipment for the network connections. Following is the equipment list: (all Cisco's)

    Catalyst 3750 with 48 10/100 + 4 SFP enchanced - common area Catalyst 2950 with 48 10/100 ports w/2 fixed 1000BASE-SX uplinks - Dorm B Catalyst 2950 with 24 10/100 ports w/2 1000Base-SX ports - Dorm C and D

    The 3750 is a multilayer switch with four GE capable ports, three of which will be used to provide connections to building B, C, and D. The fourth port will be available for the summit GE switched network when that becomes available.

    Since the 3750 is a multilayer switch, it will support VLAN and the observatories could elect to have separate subnets at HP. VTP could also be deployed between HP and observatories once the summit GE network is in place.

  13. Webserver move
  14. The MKOCN MRTG graphs have been moved to a different webserver at the IfA. Pui Hin asked the observatories to modify their firewalls to allow SNMP to the new webserver.

  15. Message from the Laser Guide Star (LGS) Working Group
  16. Kanoa Withington, as a member of the LGS Working Group, reminded us of the importance of a reliable summit network. The LGSTCS (Traffic Control System) depends on the availability of the MK summit network. The development of the LGS systems is now moving into a mode where observatories with LGS systems will not be able to observe at all without a functioning summit network and valuable observing time will be lost should the network fail.

    The MKOCN working group acknowleges the charge and will continue to work for a faster and more reliable summit network and Internet connection with the LGS in mind.

  17. Next meeting
  18. March 8th Thursday, 10:00am at IfA , Manoa Note: Due to the HP dormitories network wiring, the meeting has been rescheduled for March 23, time and place unchanged.
Following the Network meeting, there was an impromptu System Administration session.

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