Minutes of Working Group Meeting

IfA Manoa Facility, Honolulu

March 23, 2006




  1. Current Network Status
  2. On December 17th, the ATM switch on the Summit failed in the middle of the night. It came back to life after Dave Griep, an IRTF telescope operator recycled power for us.

    The same thing happened again on January 11, this time Mel Inouye of the 88" restarted the switch for us.

    On January 19th, we replaced the switch with the backup switch and haven't had any problem since.

    There were no other problems to report.

  3. Update of the SX TransPORT 10 Gigabit per second (Gbps) links and extension to MK
  4. UH-ITS is still working on the agreement with carriers on portions of the connection.

  5. HP dormitories network wiring - an update
  6. Pui Hin reported that the HP wiring project is proceeding smoothly and is expected to finish the day after the meeting.

    To activate the dormitory networks, equipment needs to be installed in the HP common area and at each dormitory building. Miranda and Pui Hin also wanted to take the opportunity to clean up the network rack and cabling in the common area, as well as installing a new battery in the UPS. The work at the common area will cause interruption to the wired and wireless HP LAN for up to 5 hours. Pui Hin solicited input from all present for a schedule that will be most convenient to all the observatories. All agreed on March 31st, starting at 7:30 am. If time permits, Pui Hin and Miranda will also install equipment and cabling for the dormitories. Additional time will be scheduled for the following week if needed.

    With the capacity of the new equipment, it was decided that Pui Hin and Miranda will take over the management of the wired DHCP network from Subaru. Pui Hin thanked Kiaina Schubert for Subaru's support over the past years.

    The option to set up individual VLANs for each observatory was briefly discussed but there was not much interest in such an implementation. More interest was expressed in the deployment of VTP for the extension of observatories' Summit networks to HP. This will allow observatories to preserve private subnets and administrative domains through sites that are geographically separated.

  7. Gigabit switched network for the MK Summit
  8. It was agreed at the December 05 meeting that it is time to start supporting gigabit ethernet on the Summit in addition to ATM, with the intention of phasing out ATM over the next two years. As the observatories's ATM routers get old, it will be more cost effective to replace those routers with multilayer switches. The multilayer switches will also allow us to deploy VTP as described earlier. Pui Hin has looked into equipment for the Summit and suggested a Cisco 3750 with 12 SFP interface. The cost of the switch and a stripped down backup unit is ~$25,000. Pui Hin will look into how that can be funded, through Infrastructure funds or next year's budget.

  9. LGS - more discussion
  10. As a follow up to the discussion on how to support the LGS system, Pui Hin points out that there are enough fibers for each observatory to have dual connections to the Summit communication room. However the DNS problem cannot be completely solved until we have a redundant path through the SX extention. In the meantime, using IP numbers might be best.

  11. Next meeting
  12. Thursday, June 8, 10:00 am, at SMA Hilo Facility.
Following the Network meeting, there was an impromptu System Administration session.

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