Minutes of Working Group Meeting

CSO Hilo Facility

December 14, 2006



  1. Current Network Status
  2. Due to the extensive power outage following the Earthquake on September 15th, the connection to Manoa was down all day, and was restored sometime during the night. There were no other problems to report.

  3. Update of the SX TransPORT 10 Gigabit per second (Gbps) links and extension to MK
  4. Fiber work for the extension has mostly been completed in Waimea and in Hilo. On the equipment side, wave equipment has been installed at Mauna Lani and will be activated in the near future. At a meeting Pui Hin had with UH-ITS in November, the selection of layer3 equipment was finalized. UH-ITS will pay for a Juniper router to be installed at Mauna Lani for BGP routing and two Cisco 3750G-12S-E switches to be installed at Waimea and Hilo. The MKOCN will pay for backup equipment at Waimea and Hilo.

    Connection details were discussed. Pui Hin suggested installation of a B1 line at CFHT to support a modem for emergency access to the 3750G. In Hilo, Pui Hin suggested keeping the existing 7206VXR-G1 router to provide redundant paths to the Internet. However, fiber connecting the Hilo facilities will need to be redone in order for all the facilities to be able to take advantage of the redundant paths.

    UH-ITS is continuing with the negotiations with Hawaiian Telcom regarding reducing the cost of the connection to the Summit by paying an upfront amount of money.

  5. Gigabit switched network for the MK Summit
  6. Pui Hin will go ahead with the purchase of equipment for the Summit Gigabit switched network now that the decision has been made regarding the SX extension.

  7. Next meeting
  8. March 8th, Thursday, 10:00am at the Gemini Hilo building.

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