Minutes of Working Group Meeting

Gemini Base Facility, Hilo

March 8, 2007




  1. Current Network Status
  2. The only network issue that Pui Hin had to report was the Helco power outage on Feb 26 from 10:55am to 1:30pm.

    Mac Cooper reported an intermittent problem with the connection to Cambridge. He indicated that the connection would become very slow and that a traceroute showed a different path from normal.

    Pui Hin asked Mac to send her a normal traceroute and another from when the problem occurs to help her troubleshoot the problem.

  3. 10 Gb extension to MK - brief update
  4. The SX-Transport southern path, currently pass-through on the Big Island, is lit and passing test traffic between Australia and California. UH-ITS is working with procurement on getting Juniper equipment for the Mauna Lani location that will handle layer 3 traffic.

    Fiber work for the extension has been completed by Oceanic in Waimea and Hilo. Cisco switches that will go to CFHT and IfA Hilo are on order.

    UH-ITS has made progress on the negotiations with Hawaiian Telcom on the upgrade to GE for current 100mbps users from Hilo and Waimea to the summit.

  5. Gigabit switched network for the MK summit - implementation/IP numbers/logistics
  6. Cisco switches for the upgrade were ordered along with the backup equipment for the 10Gb extension backup equipment. According to the vendor, the equipment will be shipped next week.

    The logistics on how to install the gigabit switched network with the least disruption to the summit network were discussed. It was agreed that the summit switch will first be installed with HP connected to it. If everything tests ok, the observatories will schedule with Pui Hin and Miranda for connecting their gigabit switch to the summit switch on their own time schedule. Observatories were asked to send a list of their active subnets with locations (Hilo, summit or Waimea) to Miranda for routing purpose. Date and time were set for everyone to change the subnet mask of the current submit network so that the gigabit network can use the same address space. IPs for the gigabit network were distributed. Observatories were to let Pui Hin and Miranda know if they need their summit fibers to be tested.

  7. Rewiring for Hilo LAN
  8. The SX extension will offer Hilo facilities an opportunity for redundant Internet access paths, one through UH Hilo and a second one through the SX extension. This brought up the subject of the need to redo fibers for the Hilo LAN. As a reminder, the connection point for observatories fibers is currently a fiber panel in a manhole outside of the Subaru building. As a result of being outdoors in the wet Hilo climate, the fiber panel is badly rusted. Action is needed to eliminate the fiber panel.

    Pui Hin reminded everyone of the two designs that were previously considered: The first one is based on pulling fibers from each observatory building to the IfA building. The second one is based on pulling fibers from each observatory building into the manhole where the current fiber panel is located and replacing the fiber panel with a weather proof splice box. The second design will shorten the fiber lengths for the observatories and provides for future expansion by installing more fibers between the manhole and the IfA building than currently needed. The provision for future expansion is desirable as the conduits into the IfA building are getting congested. Pui Hin asked each of the Hilo observatories to review their requirements and let Miranda know if the count per previous discussions is still correct. Here are the number of fibers requested previously. CSO will continue to patch into Gemini.

    Gemini - 6MM/6SM JAC - 12MM SMA - 12MM Subaru - 8MM+4SM or 4MM+4SM depending on the cost

    New quotes will be obtained once confirmations from all the observatories are received.

  9. Next meeting
  10. Thursday, June 7, 10:00am, at Joint Astronomy Center, Hilo

    Note: this meeting has been rescheduled for June 21st.

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