Minutes of Working Group Meeting

Keck Base Facility, Waimea

September 13, 2007




  1. Current Network Status
  2. On July 27, UH-ITS erronously re-assigned one of Keck's subnets to a facility at Manoa causing the Keck subnet to become unreachable. Pui Hin has since worked with UH-ITS to make sure that all the observatories' subnets are in their database.

    Failure of the System and Switch board on a core UH router led to loss of connection to some Research and Commodity sites on two instances:

    August 22 - 8:17am to 8:32am
    August 24 - 10:41am to 10:49am

    The problem was resolved by replacing the board twice; the first replacement board turned out to be defective.

    On September 4, a configuration error introduced while switching the Hilo to summit connection from 100Mbps to 1Gbps resulted in brief downtime between Hilo and the summit.

  3. 10 Gb Extension to MK - brief update
  4. The Juniper router in Los Angeles is up and running, and layer 3 connection is established from Los Angeles to Mauna Lani and Sydney, Australia. Routing policies are being discussed and should be finalized in the near future. UH-ITS is planning to install Iperf and NDT servers at strategic locations to facilitate testing and TCP tuning.

    Locally, Hawaiian Telcom has agreed to offer a GE agreement to SMA at the same rate as for the other observatories subject to PUC approval.

    The shared GE from Hilo to summit was activated on August 30. OSPF was enabled and the 100Mbps link turned off on September 4.

    JAC also got their GE between their Hilo and summit facilities working on August 30.

  5. Gigabit switched network for the MK Summit -- integration schedule
  6. Logistics on how to move the observatories from the ATM network on the summit and from the 100 Mbps network in Hilo to the gigabit switched networks were again discussed. Miranda was tasked with working out a schedule for the switchover with the observatories.

    Pui Hin alerted everyone of counterfeit Cisco products, some are sold at a much reduced price, but others are sold at full Cisco prices.

  7. Rewiring for the Hilo LAN
  8. Kiaina will soon be able to let Pui Hin know the number of fibers they want to have pulled into Subaru, and that will be the last piece of information needed to proceed with getting quotes.

  9. TIP2008 Astronomy BOF
  10. UH-ITS will be hosting the "Techs in Paradise" conference again at the East West Center, January 20-25. Alan Whinery, chief engineer is also putting together an Astronomy BOF for the afternoon of January 23.

    Pui Hin is hoping that the MKO community can come up with one or two presentations to showcase how the new gigabit network connections are used to advance astronomy.

  11. NASA Ames K10 planetary rover Test
  12. Pui Hin has been approached by NASA Ames and Jim Crisafulli of the State of Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development Office on a proposal to conduct field tests of a robotic survey system on Mauna Kea.

    NASA Ames has selected a test site, known as the Moon Valley, at 11,400ft elevation, 4.5 miles by road from HP, and 1/4 mile east of the summit road. The site is approximately 1.5km from the VLBA. The field test requires 802.11G for control of the rover as well as transfer of data. Pui Hin has informed NASA Ames of the ban on wireless at the summit. However Pui Hin asked if there is any suggestion on how we might help them out. The site will need to be reachable via the existing summit road or by a short walk from the road.

    Two locations were suggested. The first one is next to HP, which would be easily reachable with no restriction on the use of wireless equipment. The second is the TMT site which is shielded from most of the observatories by the terrain.

  13. Next meeting
  14. Thursday, December 13, 10:00am, at Subaru, Hilo

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