Minutes of Working Group Meeting

Keck Base Facility, Waimea

December 13, 2007




  1. Current Network Status
  2. There are a number of incidents due to routing issues to report:

    On September 20 peering changes at the Pacific North West GigaPOP (PNWGP) in Seattle caused an outage of the commodity Internet that lasted from 8:15am until 8:25am.

    On October 12, while Pui Hin and Miranda were working in the Summit Communication Room (SCR) with CFH, Keck, and JAC on their GE connections, one of the two UPSs in the room died. While trying to re-balance the power usage between the other UPS and a new one on loan from Keck, the ATM router was inadvertently rebooted twice between 4:00pm and 5:00pm causing loss of connection to HP and all Summit and Waimea facilitites.

    On October 29 UH-ITS started to advertise observatories subnets to the SX networks so that observatory traffic would not only be going through the SX southern path on the outward bound, but will also return through the SX southern path. A number of routing issues arose and it took over a week to resolve them.

    On October 29 observatories experienced problems getting to Microsoft related and NASA and ST sites.

    On October 30 advertising was stopped to allow observatories to reach Microsoft related, NASA, and ST sites.

    On October 31 routing issues were believed to have been resolved; advertisment of observatory subnets to the SX resumed. According to UH-ITS, the problems with routes to Microsoft sites, as well as NASA and ST sites were caused by the fact that traffic not accepted by the SX at the PNWGP was not routed correctly to the commodity network. UH-ITS resolved the problem by advertising specific /24 subnets rather than in bigger blocks. Note that NASA and ST would not peer with SX as it is a foreign network. As such, traffic to these sites has to be currently routed through the commodity networks.

    From November 1 through 8 observatories continued to have problems with some Microsoft, NASA and ST sites.

    On November 8 UH-ITS working with PNWGP figured out that some of the specific /24 routes advertised were not accepted by Arcnet's routing policy. Problems were fixed when Arcnet's routing policy was modified to accept the /24 routes.

    On November 13 SMA experienced routing problem to Taiwan. UH-ITS implemented a temporary static fix that needs to be revisited at a later time.

    For about 10 days, starting at the end of November, CFHT was seeing poor network performance between Waimea and the Summit. The problem eventually went away by itself while Pui Hin and Kanoa were running various tests to determine the cause. Pui Hin noticed software upgrades on the Arcnet routers during the period and the problem seems to have gone away after the last upgrade.

    As expected, we are also seeing TCP performance issues over long distance.

  3. 10 Gb Extension to MK - brief update
  4. Between August and November, the shared Hawaiian Telcom GE between Hilo and SCR, the JAC private GE between their Summit and Hilo facilities, the Gemini private GE between their Summit and Hilo facilities, and the Keck private GE between their Summit and Waimea facilities were all activated.

    We are still waiting to hear from Hawaiian Telcom regarding when SMA's private GE will become available. As a reminder, Hawaiian Telcom has agreed to offer a GE agreement to SMA at the same rate as with the other observatories, subject to PUC approval.

  5. Gigabit switched network for the MK Summit -- brief update
  6. On the Summit, CFHT, JAC, Keck, and Subaru are completely switched to the GE network. SMA has their hardware connected and needs a routing change. Gemini needs a SM fiber interface to complete the switch. CSO, IRTF and UH88 still need to be scheduled.

    In Waimea, CFHT is connected to the UH-ITS GE router and has been using the shared GEs for connection between their Summit and base facilities.

    In Hilo, Gemini and IfA are on the GE network. Yet to be scheduled are the rest of the Hilo facilities including CSO, JAC, SMA, and Subaru.

  7. Rewiring for the Hilo LAN
  8. Pui Hin is waiting for a requote from Hawaiian Telcom. Pui Hin also wants to request quotes from other vendors and asks observatories to provide her with the approximate distances between their computer rooms and the Subaru hand-hole.

  9. NASA AMES K10 planetary rover Test - brief update
  10. The Moon Valley site -- approximately 1.5km from the VLBA -- was not acceptable for VLBA. The HP site and the TMT site were deemed unsuitable because of the vegetation at the former and rugged terrain at the latter. The project is looking to use a site on Mauna Loa for testing.

  11. TIP2008 Astronomy BOF
  12. The BOF is scheduled for the afternoon of January 23; room and exact hour to be announced. Thomas Cooper from SMA and Kanoa Withington from CFHT will be giving presentations. Pui Hin is also working with Keck and Gemini on a MK visit for TIP participants.

    Pui Hin invited everyone to participate in the BOF and suggested a get-together at Manoa before or after the BOF.

  13. Next meeting
  14. March 13th, Thursday, 10:00am at the IfA Hilo building.

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