Minutes of Working Group Meeting

SMA Hilo Facility

June 17, 2008




  1. Change in Membership
  2. Gareth Hunt from the VLBA has moved his area of responsibility within the NRAO and will no longer be involved with IT and network. He has been replaced by Derek Hart. All the best to Gareth in his new endeavors and we hope to see Derek over the polycom or in person sometime soon.

  3. Current Network Status
  4. There are a number of incidents to report:

    On March 18, The Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNet) Operations Center reported a problem (which lasted from 2:30 am to 4:42 am) with their router located at the Pacific Wave, Los Angeles. The outage affected the path from the Mauna Kea Summit to Internet2.

    On May 2, service between Maunalani and CFHT at Waimea was interrupted between 4:45 am and 10:13 am due to Time Warner fiber damage.

    On May 20, a Time Warner power outage caused a brief network interruption to and from the AARNet hub at Maunalani around 3:00 pm.

    On both of the last two incidents, traffic from observatories other than CFHT was automatically rerouted through Oahu and they did not experience an outage.

    Starting at 11 pm on May 24, UH-ITS performed major maintenance which lasted until 2:00 am on May 25. In spite of the multiple outages on the interisland links, microwave, and interisland fiber, there was no complete loss of connectivity at anytime; connectivity was sustained through the various alternative routes.

  5. FY 08/09 Budget
  6. In spite of the increase in the salary portion due to union negotiated pay raises, the budget total for this year is lower than last year due to the elimination of ATM equipment. As a result of the lower total cost and a sizable fund balance from last year, the per observatory share this year will be ~$7,000 versus the $7,650 last year.

  7. Gigabit switched network for the MK Summit - status
  8. On the Summit: since the last meeting, UH88 was switched to the GE network in March. CSO is tentatively scheduled for July 1. IRTF and Gemini are still pending.

    In Hilo: SMA and Subaru were switched to the GE network in March. JAC and CSO are still pending.

  9. TCP Performance Issues over long distance
  10. Since March, a lot of effort has been put into understanding performance issues over the Southern path of the SX. From Hawaii, Alan Whinery of UH-ITS and Kanoa Withington from CFHT have been persistent in testing, logging results, analysing data, and communicating with everyone else. The problems can be summed up as follow:

    1. Performance varies dramatically from under 10 Mbps to 250 Mbps with no apparent explanation.

    2. Between the Big Island and the HIA in Victoria Canada, no better than 250 Mbps has been seen through the Southern path. Over the Northern path, Pui Hin has measured over 500 Mbps.

    Toward the end of May, Alan Whinery got in touch with Matt Mathis, who wrote the performance analysing tool, NPAD. A telecon was held on May 30th to discuss these performance issues. Since NPAD gets more sensitive as the path segments get shorter, Matt Mathis suggested finding servers and clients along the path with the goal of testing progressively shorter and shorter segments in order to locate the source of excess loss.

    Later that day, Darrell Newcomb from Cenic uncovered a "smoking gun": there seems to be a big packet loss between MaunaLani and LA. Attempts at further testing were hindered by the lack of known NPAD servers. Pui Hin's observation is that better documentation of the network, including equipment along the path, names of personnel responsible for the equipment, and availability of network performance measurement servers will be necessary to get a better handle on the problems.

  11. Rewiring for Hilo LAN
  12. Pui Hin is in the process of getting additional quotes.

  13. Connection between Keck and CFHT
  14. Kanoa Withington has learned that Pacific LightNet is pulling fiber in the Waimea area. He is asking for a quote from them for a GE between CFHT and Keck.

  15. Next meeting
  16. June 12th, Thursday, 10:00am at the SMA Hilo building.

    Note: the location of this meeting has been moved to CSO in Hilo to encourage members from Hilo to attend in order to be able to make a decision on the fiber project.

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