Minutes of Working Group Meeting

CSO Hilo Facility

September 18, 2008




  1. Current Network Status
  2. There have been no problems to report. Pui Hin distributed a network diagram showing the latest system-wide upgrades recently completed by UH-ITS. UH is now connected to AARnet in Seattle and Australia at full 10gbps (gigabit per second) bandwidth. The original SX GE activated in the summer of 2005 and the old OC3 to Seattle are now backups. These together with the gigabit SX Southern Path extension to the MK observatories through Waimea and Hilo provide us with ample redundancies.

  3. TCP Performance Issues over long distance
  4. Unfortunately, not much has changed since the last meeting when Pui Hin reported some momentum gain with the help of Matt Mathis of the Pittsburgh Supercomputing center and Alan Whinery of UH-ITS. With Alan Whinery away on vacation, the lack of documentation and performance measurement servers continued to curb our efforts in understanding problems and performance degradations. As an example: Poor performance to Canada persisted throughout June and the first part of July, but on July 11th, there was substantial improvement, from 30mbps or worse to 100mbps or better without any changes to the network that we know of.

    At a BOF session at the Joint Techs Conference held on July 21st at the University of Nebraska, Alan Whinery of UH-ITS pointed out how difficult a problem it is to understand TCP/IP high performance networks over long distances. He also pointed out how inadequate our current testing infrastructure is. Toward this end -- through ours and Alan's efforts -- we now have measurement servers on the Summit, at the IfA Hilo building, the IfA Manoa facilities, the CFHT Waimea facility, and the Mauna Lani network equipment room.

  5. Gigabit switched network for the MK Summit -- status
  6. On the Summit: since the last meeting, both CSO and Gemini have switched to the GE network. IRTF is the only one pending. In Hilo: CSO and JAC are still on the FE network. SMA is having some problems with their fiber and is currently using their Summit connection for Internet access.

  7. Copyright Infringement at HP
  8. Pui Hin has been warned by UH-ITS on several occasions about copyright infringement activities at HP, mostly unauthorized downloading and distribution of movies and TV shows. It is UH's policy to block infringing computers from accessing the UH network. It is also UH's policy to investigate any copyright violation allegations. Pui Hin asked for suggestions on how to comply with UH's request for our cooperation. Users for the wired network are generally traceable. On the wireless network, we will either have to require registration of MAC addresses or to block ports used by the most common P2P software. The latter is not very effective because much of this software allows usage of any port.

    It was decided that we will start with putting warning signs at HP to alert visitors to UH's policy on copyright infringement. Also each observatory will inform their observers of the policy.

  9. Rewiring for Hilo LAN -- decisions need to be made on the type of fiber and the number of strands to install before we can proceed.
  10. Pui Hin, worrying about connectivities within the University Park due to fiber problems observed recently and in the past, urges all the Hilo facilities to work on getting the rewiring done. Uncertainties over next year's budget for a couple of facilities also suggest having the job done as soon as possible.

    In order to proceed, Pui Hin asked each observatory to send her information on what they want from the vendor, including the type of fibers, number of strands, connectors at their end of the fiber; and anything else they might need from the vendor such as fiber panel, inner-duct etc. Facilities can elect to make changes to their specifications during the vendors' site visits, but they will need to be careful to communcate the same requests to all the vendors in order to obtain three comparable quotes as required by UH procurement procedures.

    Following are points that were brought up during our discussions of the budgetary quotes:

    Do we want the fiber to be able to support 10 gigabit bandwidth and beyond?

    Standard 50um MMF will support 10Gig up to 300M -- with the exception of Gemini, all the facilities are within the limit.

    Premium 50um MMF (aka: LOMMF) will support up to 550M -- cost is a little higher than SMF.

  11. Next meeting
  12. December 4th, Thursday, 10:00am at the IfA Manoa facility.

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