Minutes of Working Group Meeting

IfA Manoa Facility

December 4, 2008




  1. Current Network Status
  2. Kanoa reported on four independent observations of extraordinarily slow Internet traffic (comodity network) on the night of November 26th. DSL connection from one of the user's home to the summit was completely unusable. Apparently some users at Gemini and SMA were having the same experience. Pui Hin worked with UH-ITS but they were not able to find anything in their logs. With no further information from CFHT, Gemini, SMA and other telescopes, UH-ITS was not able to make further diagnoses.

    Pui Hin reminded everyone to use the UH-ITS after hour support center - (808)956-2393. The operators on duty will at least be able to run some standard tests while the problem is occuring.

  3. Hawaiian Telcom
  4. Pui Hin chatted with Garret Yoshimi, director of Telecom, UH, on HawTel's Chapter 11 filing. Garret expects our contracts to be safe and that HawTel will come out ok.

  5. TCP Performance Issues over long distance and IPv6
  6. There is nothing new to report. In order to make progress, Pui Hin urged everyone to report problems with specific source and destination addresses. Login accounts can be provided on our measurement servers to observatories and their collaborators when needed. To date, measurement servers have been installed at the IfA Hilo facility, Mauna Kea summit communication room, CFHT Waimea, and the UH-ITS telcom room at Maunalani.

    The switch for IPv6 has been delivered. Pui Hin is working with UH-ITS to obtain v6 addresses. She plans to first test it at Manoa before setting up the switch in Hilo.

  7. Rewiring for Hilo LAN - still waiting for specifications from all but one of the Hilo facilities.
  8. Pui Hin continues to finalize fiber requirements of the Hilo facilities in order to proceed with the rewiring project.

  9. Report from the MKO Users' Committee Meeting
  10. Pui Hin showed some of the slides from her presentation at the 2008 MKO Users' Meeting.

    In this year's presentation, Pui Hin reported on:

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