Minutes of Working Group Meeting

JAC Hilo Facility

September 10, 2009




  1. Current Network Status
  2. There are a number of incidents to report:

    On June 25, there was a power outage on Mauna Kea from 8:32am to 10:30am that affected both the Summit and HP. The UPS at neither site held up to our expectations. The switches and routers at the Summit went down at 9:26am and the ones at HP went down at 10:30am. To quote from Kanoa, "Since most of us have generator power during extended power failures it would be really good to have long-run backup power for the routers along the path to the Summit. Having a network connection during a power failure is a good safety and communications tool." To this effect, Miranda is working on the procurement of new UPSs with extensions that will support over 12 hours of runtime.

    Also for better monitoring of the network, the MKOCN MRTG webpage that had become largely defunct after the various network upgrades was revived using the Cacti software. In addition, Nagios has been installed and configured with alarms for selected events.

    On August 16, Ruisheng reported a problem with the wired DHCP at HP. Pui Hin was not able to diagnose the problem remotely. Miranda will work on it the next time she goes up.

    On September 2, UH-ITS made another attempt at the installation of the additional Juniper at the Hilo IfA building. With the router pre- configured, it was supposed to be an easy installation. However, there were a couple of minor errors with the pre-configuration which, under pressure of the moment, were not diagnosed. Further the procedure dragged on long after the alloted time. UH-ITS apologized for their failure to observe the maintenance window and the inconvenience to the users.

    The problems with the configuration have since been corrected. Pui Hin will work with UH-ITS to reschedule the installation, this time with a good rollback plan.

  3. UH-ITS initiatives
  4. As mentioned at the March meeting, UH is looking into the possibility of pulling fibers between the IfA Hilo facility and HP as part of an economic stimulus initiative for Science and Technology. Using the existing infrastructure, we will need to pay Hawaiian Telcom another large sum of money for an upgrade to higher bandwidth. (In 2007, UH-ITS paid ~$400k for the upgrade to gigabit ethernet.)

    In addition, the following proposals are also pending:

  5. Brief and final update of the Hilo Rewiring Projects.
  6. All rewiring work was completed in early August. The Project was accepted after an User Acceptance Walkthrough on August 19. Participants of the walkthrough included Pui Hin, Miranda, David Tanaka, a wiring expert from UH-ITS, and network personnel from observatories participating in the project. Vendor and subcontractor were represented by Becky Lance of Hawaiian Telcom and Mark Lucas of Maxwell Communications.

    Pui Hin asked the Hilo observatories' network staff to contact Miranda to schedule the migration to the new fiber cable system.

  7. Next meeting
  8. December 10th, Thursday, 10:30am at the Keck Waimea building.

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