Minutes of Working Group Meeting

Keck Waimea Facility

December 10, 2009



Pui Hin welcomed Peter Gray from the TMT project. He attended the meeting as an observer via video.


  1. Current Network Status
  2. T1 Backup - This is a follow up to a question raised by Kanoa at the last meeting: During the power failure of June 25, Kanoa noticed extensive packet loss on the T1 backup. Repeatedly running large numbers of ping tests and with large datagram sizes, Pui Hin did not see any errors and has concluded that the packet loss Kanoa saw was due to the overloading of the T1 when all other routes were down.

    DHCP at HP - In August, Ruisheng alerted Pui Hin to a problem with DHCP at HP. On investigation, a Netgear NAT box was found connected in an office dispensing private IP addresses on the HP public subnet. The problem was solved by enabling "dhcp snooping" on the MKOCN switch to ensure that only authorized DHCP servers are accessible on the network.

    On September 27, there was a planned power outage at the Hilo State Office building between 8:30am to 4:30pm for electrical repairs, this affects all the LuxN equipment which supports the Interisland GigE fiber circuits. All of the observatories' traffic were rerouted through the microwave. No congestion issues were observed during the day probably because it was a Sunday.

    On October 26, the Kalanimoku building on Oahu had a power failure between 12:30pm and 1:00pm which took down the interisland GE links. Traffic was rerouted through the microwave.

    On November 20, Oceanic needed to reroute the fibers feeding UH West Hawaii to underground conduits. Apparently UH and Oceanic got permission from the owner of a property to have some fibers running through his backyard some years ago. The property was soon to go on the market and the owner wanted the fibers out. Fortunately, Oceanic was prepared for this to come up. To avoid extensive downtime, UH-ITS flew someone over to patch the connections through some temporary fibers provided by Oceanic. The fiber work started around 9:30am and was completed at 1:30pm. Most of the observatories observed a 5 to 10 minutes loss of connectivities to the Internet at the beginning of the period.

    On November 30, Bob Kibrick from the Lick Observatory noticed a significant network degradation from the Keck Observatory between 13:30pm and 14:10pm. On investigation, Pui Hin saw a complete drop of traffic to zero between CFHT and Mauna Lani at that time. It turned out to be a Major unplanned outage of the Southern Cross. The network segment affected was between Mauna Lani and Morro Bay near LA.

    The fact that observatory community did not see any interruption is because of the availability of all the alternate routes which proved to work very well in this case.

  3. Unfinished and New Projects:
  4. Next meeting
  5. March 11th, Thursday, 10:00am at the Subaru Hilo building.

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