Minutes of Working Group Meeting

CFHT Base Facility, Waimea

December 9, 2010




  1. Current Network Status
  2. On September 15 - Jon Chock and Simon Chan reported latency increase to the Mainland starting at around 10:00pm until around 11:30pm. According to UH-ITS, the interisland fiber link between Oahu and Maui was down around that time due to a power failure at Mililani. So Big Island traffic to the Internet would have been rerouted to the microwave should something had happened to the SX. Our cacti graphs also show an increase of traffic through the backup at that time. However, UH-ITS was not able to confirm what had happened.

    On September 16 - At 9:30am, Kanoa moved the MKOCN router at CFHT Waimea facility to a new UPS. Observatories' traffic other than CFHT's was automatically rerouted over the INET fiber. According to Kanoa, the equipment load doesn't seem to have any effect on the estimated runtime which remains at 18.5 hours with or without the equipment. With the new UPS, we can look forward to much more stable interisland and mainland connections.

    On November 5 - Miranda found a routing issue that affected connections of certain computers between HP and the Summit. The problem was solved by rebooting the backup router on the Summit.

    On November 8 - Starting at around 2:25pm, a denial of service attack to a single host on the UH network caused the Internet connection to grind to a halt. The problem was solved by applying a filter on an upstream provider's router. Internet response was back to normal around 7:30pm.

  3. News from the Users' Meeting
  4. At the Users' Meeting, David Lassner, UH Vice President for Information Technology & Chief Information Officer announced during his talk the successful outcome of several proposals that will greatly improve the observatories connections within Hawaii and to the rest of the world, both for Research and Commodity. These are the proposals that I talked about at our September 10, 2009 meeting:

    . NSF IRNC (International Research Network Connection) will continue to support the SX-TransPORT 10Gbps ring that connects the Australian Academic and Research Network with the US Research and Education networks through Oahu and the Big Island. The SX connections are restricted to Research and Education traffic.

    . NSF ARI-R2 (Academic Research Infrastructure, Recovery and Reinvestment Program) will support 2 x 10Gbps from Oahu to Pacific Wave at LA and Seattle on a new shared-use submarine fiber system. These connections will be open to both academic and commodity traffic.

    . NSF Rii C2 (EPSCOR Rii Intra Campus Cyber Connectivity will support a 10Gbps connection from Hawaii to Maui onto Oahu.

    . BTOP CCI (Broadband Technology Opportunities Program - Comprehensive Community Infrastructure) will extend fiber to every public school and library to provide 1Gbps connections and to every UH campus and center to provide 10Gbps connections on every island.

  5. Brief Updates of Various Projects
  6. VLBA - The contract between the US Naval Observatory and UH-ITS to provide GE connection to the MKOCN through Hawaiian Telcom (HT) has come through. The project will involve installing fiber through existing conduits between the VLBA and the Summit Communication Room (SCR). HT has set a due date of 3/11/2011 for the circuit.

    Hoku Ke'a, UHH 6" telescope - As reported at our last meeting, UHH has decided to use Ethernet extenders over existing phone lines while working on the more permanent fiber solution. Unfortunately, according to Jay Skivkoff of UHH, the phone lines will not work as they are. As of 12/2, he was waiting for some jacks to be installed on the SCR end.

  7. TMT communication and MKO Fiber Infrastructure
  8. Pui Hin reported on the MK Summit trip of 9/15. The purpose of the trip was to verify the existing communication infrastructure and improvements needed for the TMT. Present were Jose Teran and Paul Gillett from M3; Becky Lane, Tracy Soenksen, and two field engineers from HT; Pui Hin Rhoads, Miranda Hawarden-Ogata, and Gavin Seo from the IfA. Following are our findings:

    . HT confirmed having enough capacity to support TMT and will need to extend fiber from SMA only.

    . There are plenty of conduits in the vicinity of the newer facilities.

    . There are only two 4" conduits between CFHT and Keck. The MKOCN (individual fibers) are in one of the two conduits with no sub-ducts in two segments between CFHT and IRTF.

    There are three sub-ducts in the other conduit, one with HT fiber cable and the other one with HT copper cable. The third sub-duct is empty.

    . Some handholes have covers that are caved in and we were not able to open those.

    . From the SCR, fibers to JCMT and CSO should be heading south but we were not able to find the handholes. Existing diagrams show some spare sub-ducts but we were not able to verify.

    Even though these findings were not conclusive, it seems most likely that we do have at least one 1 1/4" sub-duct available at this time and it might also be possible to pull in additional sub-ducts without having to clear the current MKOCN fibers. To provision for TMT, as well as for the future, it would be best to install around the Summit loop multi-cell sub-ducts with pull strings. To get started, Pui Hin has asked HT to provide us with an updated diagram of the existing conduit infrastructure.

    Kanoa has spoken with his colleagues on the needs for fiber cables for scientific use and wanted to know the mean depth of the conduits. Fibers installed for scientific use are usually extremely expensive and users would like to be able to remove them when a project is done. Pui Hin thought that should be made into a policy in order to make best use of the available sub-duct space.

  9. Other Discussions
  10. Kanoa reported that UH-ITS is installing a new PerfSONAR box at CFHT and Mauna Lani. Pui Hin reported that the same has been installed in Hilo. However, they are currently not available to us. Pui Hin will follow up with Alan Whinery.

  11. Next meeting
  12. March 10, Thursday, 10:00am at the CSO Base Facility, Hilo

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