Minutes of Working Group Meeting

CSO Base Facility, Hilo

March 10, 2011




  1. Current Network Status
  2. On January 20 - Jon chock reported slow access to the commodity network. UH-ITS could not find any specific problems that could be the cause. Pui Hin concluded that a slowness is a result of general insufficient bandwidth. Since then, Pui Hin has learned that the commodity link will be upgraded to 1.5Gbps at the end of summer.

    On March 7 - due to Oceanic fiber break at Kapehu, between Waimea and Hilo, starting at around 7:50 pm, we lost both the Oceanic GE between Hilo and CFHT in Waimea as well as the INET connections. All traffic from Hilo and the Summit was rerouted through the microwave. Significant increase in latency was observed.

    The GE between CFHT and Hilo was restored a little after 5:00 am and the INET connections around 6:00 am on March 8.

    Pui Hin observed that all our current connections to the Internet and Internet2 are over Oceanic fibers and suggested to consider making use of our Hawaiian Telcom GE contract to provide a backup link to CFHT that will be on Hawaiian Telcom fiber. Cost will be shared among the observatories and we will restrict use of the link to observatories traffic only. Once fiber between Hilo and HP is installed, the link could be used to back up all of Hilo if UH-ITS wants to do so and would pick up the bill.

  3. Brief Updates of Various Projects
  4. VLBA - Schedule has slipped for the VLBA GE service with an original in-service date of 3/11/2011. Hawaiian Telcom has yet to submit a construction plan to OMKM for approval.

    MK Summit conduit improvement - We haven't yet heard from Hawaiian Telcom on the updated diagram of the current availability of ducts and subducts.

    Hoku Ke'a - The UHH 36" telescope was successfully connected to the MKOCN through existing phone wires on 2/8. This is a temporary connection. There are plans to pull a new fiber cable between the telescope and the Summit Communication Room.

  5. NASA Edge and NASA Analogs
  6. Michael Downs from the NASA Kennedy Space Center has contacted us in regard to the NASA Edge live webcast of the June 2012 Transit of Venus and the NASA Analogs Program use of an of an area near to VLBA, known as the Apollo Valley, to conduct field studies for future space explorations.

    Three sites were identified as possible for the Transit of Venus webcast: at the Visitor Center, outside of the Summit Communications Room, and at the dormitories at HP. It should be simple to arrange for a Ethernet connection at anyone of these locations.

    For the NASA Analogs, the ISRU (in-situ resource utilization) project, with support from PISCES (Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems) is looking for a more permanent network solution than the satellite links that were used in the past. In particular, they are interested in wireless connection in conjunction with high speed Internet access through the VLBA and would like to run some tests for the purpose. Pui Hin has informed Michael that the use of wireless is prohibited within the Mauna Kea Science Reserve, and permission must be obtained from the OMKM Management for any testing project.

    Several of the working group members are interested in a copy of the document that covers the Mauna Kea wireless policy. Pui Hin will get them copies.

  7. UH-ITS PerfSONAR at MKOCN Locations
  8. Pui Hin reported that the new PerfSONAR box in Hilo is now operational and shared the IP address. The reason it wasn't working before was due to a broken SFP which has now been replaced. The new performance server is a big improvement over the old Iperf server which required a login to start the service. The NDT package with the command line (web100clt) and the Web based (java applet) client is particularly easy to use. Pui Hin recent tests show transfer rates between the Summit and Hilo to be better than 900Mbps, between the Summit and Oahu, and between Hilo and Oahu to be better than 600Mbps.

    Kanoa will be working with UH-ITS on the installation at CFHT. Installation at Mauna Lani has not been scheduled.

    As a related matter, Mac Cooper said that SMA is working on moving the PerfSONAR box at Cambridge to a publicly accessible location.

  9. Other Discussions
  10. To follow up on a question from Kanoa, Pui Hin found out from Hawaiian Telcom that the depth of 2" to 4" conduits from HP to the Summit are between 18" and 24" below grade.

    There are reports that the Road-Condition mailing list is being heavily spammed and IRTF users are not receiving notifications. Pui Hin will look into it.

    Simon Chan reported that a security review has found that the network rack at HP is not secured because the back door is left open. Pui Hin explained that the door cannot be closed because of the fiber cabling and will talk to Stewart Hunter about locking the door of the network room.

    The weather system at HP is very old and frequently crashes. Pui Hin will look into upgrading the system.

  11. Next meeting
  12. June 9, Thursday, 10:00am at the Gemini Base Facility, Hilo.

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