Minutes of Working Group Meeting

Keck Base Facility, Waimea

December 8, 2011



Pui Hin invited to the meeting all the system administrators from the observatories who participated in the facilities tours hosted by Keck and CFHT. Thank you to Jonathan Chock and Kanoa Withington for their hospitality. The tours were interesting.


  1. Current Network Status
  2. On October 29, around 8:00am -- The LuxN at UH Hilo went down due to a failure of the supporting UPS. Hilo was cut off from the INET, but the SX South was up. Interisland and Commodity traffic was rerouted over the OC3 microwave.

    On November 2 -- Mac Cooper reported that they were having problems accessing gmail from the Summit. The problem had been intermittent for several months but access had became totally unavailable in the last two weeks. According to UH-ITS, the path to gmail.com was changed to prefer the Pacific NorthWest GigaPOP (PNWGP) when the Time Warner path was saturated before its upgrade. Although the problem with the PNWGP can be fixed, it was easier to simply move the commodity traffic back on the Time Warner path.

    Mac Cooper and Simon Chan also reported that routing paths between Cambridge and Hilo and Chile and Hilo are asymmetric, resulting in some problems for SMA periodically. Pui Hin asked Mac Cooper to send her some traceroutes for UH-ITS to use to investigate the problem.

    On November 28 and 29 -- Due to maintenance at UH Hilo and to UH-ITS 10Gb upgrade work on the Big Island, network traffic from Hilo to Oahu and to the Internet was rerouted via the microwave between 8:30am and 10:00am on November 28, and between 8:30am and noon on November 29. The SX South was not affected.

    On December 1, around 10:30am -- A break in the trunk fiber at the Honokaa Hospital, a site that houses INET optical amplifier, resulted in INET outage in the Hilo area until 3:00pm in the afternoon. Traffic from Hilo to Oahu and to the Internet was rerouted via the microwave. The SX South was not affected.

    Kanoa reported that CFHT is still having FTP access problems from outside of Hawaii. Pui Hin will follow up with UH-ITS.

  3. Brief Updates of UH 10Gb Upgrade
  4. Both of the two 10GE to the Mainland are now online. They are currently carrying only R&E traffic, but my understanding is that they will be able to carry commodity traffic at a later time. Meanwhile upgrade of the SX South to 10Gb has been delayed. We don't currently have a schedule on when that will happen.

    For the interisland upgrades: we are close to having a direct 10Gb link between the Big Island and Oahu, while the connection between Maui and Oahu will not be available until early next year.

    The following lists of tasks performed on November 28 and 29 give you an idea of the work involved in the 10Gb upgrade

    On November 28:
    . Install a second channel at the North Hawaii Education and Research Center facing Mauna Lani for future activation.
    . Install a LuxN box at CFHT, but it will not be in service until INET fiber is extended to the facility.
    . Install a new router at UH West Hawaii.

    On November 29:
    . Upgrade of the two 1Gb connections to 10Gb connections between the IfA Hilo Building and UH-Hilo and between the IfA Hilo Building and Hawaii CC.

  5. Report from the MKO Users' Meeting
  6. Pui Hin went through the PowerPoint presentation she gave at the MKO Users' Committee Meeting. It consists of summaries of issues that were discussed during the working Group meetings through the year. The PowerPoint file was subsequently distributed to the members of the Working Group.

  7. Copyright Violations at HP
  8. Unfortunately -- even though the number of incidents has decreased since we started blocking the offending computers -- we continue to see some unauthorized downloading and sharing of copyrighted material at HP. At the IfA, Pui Hin has implemented protocol filtering for its open wireless network for guests with great success, and would like to do the same at HP if the problem persists. Although a vote was not taken, Kanoa Withington was the only member who indicated that he was not in favor of the measure. Pui Hin commented that this is not something we want to see and we hope we don't have to. Members of the Working Group will remind their users that unauthorized downloading and sharing of copyrighted material is not allowed on the UH networks.

  9. Next meeting
  10. March 8th, Thursday, 10:00am at the Subaru Hilo Building.

    Note: This meeting has been moved to the IfA Hilo Building since Kiaina will be on travel on March 8th.

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