Minutes of Working Group Meeting

Subaru Hilo Facility, Hilo

June 19, 2012




  1. Current Network Status
  2. On April 28 -- The CENIC AARNet router in LA was rebooted at 2:00pm HST to fix some issues. During the reboot, all SX traffic was rerouted via the 10G paths through Oahu. Everything was back to normal by 2:40pm, no downtime was experienced.

    On May 23 -- Starting at about 10:00am, UH-ITS started the work to insert CFHT at Waimea into the INET ring. Since both the INET and SX through CFHT had to be taken down, Hilo traffic was rerouted over the microwave. It took longer than the one-hour that was originally anticipated. However by the early afternoon, CFHT was on the INET 10Gb path. Kanoa is happy with the HP switch that he elected to use for the new 10Gb connection.

    On June 17 (a Sunday) -- Starting ~4:30pm there was an extended power outage in Waimea due to some kind of tornado-like wind storm. The 10Gb INET connection between Hilo and Mauna Lani through CFHT was down. It turned out that the new 10Gb equipment at CFHT was not yet put on the UPS. Fortunately, the old SX extension that provided the connection between Hilo and Mauna Lani through CFHT had been reconfigured to bypass CFHT on May 23 when CFHT became part of the INET. The 10Gb connection was restored later by Kanoa when he was able to get to CFHT to put the equipment on the UPS after the storm had passed.

  3. Brief Updates of the UH 10Gb Upgrade
  4. On May 23, UH-ITS successfully inserted CFHT into the INET ring. In terms of redundancy on the Big Island, we now have:

    Two links that bypass the equipment at CFHT -- the old 1GE Oceanic SX extension and a 1GE from HawaiiCC to Mauna Lani. The latter will eventually be upgraded to 10GE.

    The OC3 microwave from UH Hilo to Oahu through Lanai.

    Sometime next year, there will be the new 10Gb path over the saddle that will be extended to Hale Pohaku to provide a 10Gb path for the MK summit. Oceanic is working on getting their fiber installed using the Hawaiian Telcom poles along the Saddle Road.

    Pui Hin distributed an updated network map that includes all the latest upgrades.

  5. Plans for 10Gb and IPv6 in Hilo
  6. In April, Cisco released the first of the 4500-X family of 10Gb switches with 32 x 10 Gb SFP/SFP+ ports. The 4500-X has many advantages over the 4900M, some of which are:

    . smaller in size (1RU vs 2RU)
    . up to 800Gb backplane vs 320Gb
    . upgradable to 40Gb
    . more energy efficient (400W max)
    . ports are SFP and SFP+ interchangeable with auto detect, eliminating the need for the TwinGig Converter Modules.
    . redundant hot swappable fans and power supplies

    In view of the many advantages the 4500-X has over the 4900M and the fact that the prices are comparable, Pui Hin suggested waiting for the 16-port model scheduled to be released in the June to July time frame.

    Pui Hin is planning on supporting IPV6 with the 10Gb deployment. Observatories will have the option of whether or not to support it on their networks. Previously, UH-ITS was having problems with the large number of routes on smaller switches such as the Catalyst 3750. This problem has now been solved by using OSPF's not-so-stubby area (NSSA). A NSSA is an area that allows the import of external routes only from nearby areas. Also, as with IPv4, observatories can elect to use static routes with IPv6. Pui Hin distributed a handout with allocation of IPv6 addresses for each observatory and the recommendation from UH-ITS on how to assign them.

    Kanoa also shared with the group his experience with the 10Gb and IPv6 deployment with the group.

  7. FY 02/03 Budget
  8. There is not much change between last year's and this year's budgets. We managed to reduce the cost per observatory by ~$400 by trimming down the amount for a few items. The cost per observatory will be $6814 vs last year's $7275.

  9. Weather Display Station
  10. There was a brief discussion of the weather display station at HP.

  11. Next meeting
  12. September 13th, Thursday, 10:30am at the CFHT Waimea facility.

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