Minutes of Working Group Meeting

CFHT Base Facility, Waimea

September 13, 2012




  1. Current Network Status
  2. On July 3 -- The CENIC AARNet router in LA was rebooted around 3:30pm HST to fix some issues. During the reboot, all SX traffic was rerouted via the 10Gb paths through Oahu. Everything was back to normal by 3:50pm; no downtime was experienced.

    The College of Tropical Agriculture at Komohana (CTAHR) -- which has been connected to the MKOCN through the CSO with a pair of antennae -- has decided to pull fiber into the IfA Hilo building in the near future for better Internet connection. The fiber will be connected directly to the UH backbone bypassing the MKOCN.

  3. Plans for 10Gb and IPv6 in Hilo
  4. Release date for the Cisco C4500X-16 has been further delayed. According to Cisco, it is now targeted for August 20th.

    Pui Hin shared her recent experience with 10Gb and IPv6 deployment with the group. At Manoa, she uses a Cisco C3560X with upgrade from IP base to IP services to support OSPF. For path redundancy, the 3560X is connected to two different UH-ITS switches at 10Gbps bandwidth. For equipment redundancy, the existing primary switch/router, a Cisco C3750, was kept and connected to the same two UH-ITS switches at 1Gbps. A similar configuration is planned for the MKOCN at the IfA Hilo facility using the C4500X-16 instead of the C3560X. To make use of the MKOCN redundancy, Hilo observatory facilities will need to connect to both the C4500X-16 and the C3750 as primary and secondary default routers. For performance testing, the IfA at Manoa currently doesn't have a server with a 10Gb interface. However when three 1Gb pipes were sent simultaneously from the new IfA 10Gb network to a 10Gb server at the CFHT, 800 to 900 Mbps bandwidth was achieved for each of the three pipes. It is reasonable to believe that each of the Hilo observatories will get similar performance without upgrading any equipment once the MKOCN is upgraded to 10Gb.

    Pui Hin also reported success with implementation of IPv6 on the C3560X with routing OSPF to external sites and static to internal switches. Observatories can choose whether to have IPv6 routed or not.

  5. Weather Display Station at HP
  6. This is a follow up of the discussion on the same topics at the June 13th meeting during which the use of multiple fixed static screens to replace the current single screen station with keyboard and mouse was brought up. Kanoa showed us the setup at their control room in Waimea consisting of a cluster of eight monitors driven by a single Linux computer. Consensus among the members of the group was to go ahead with a similar system. Such a system would be robust, secure, and easy to maintain. The downside is that without the keyboard and the mouse, users will no longer be able to navigate and view content outside of what is provided. The following were identified as some of the contents to be displayed:

    . the MKWC weather screens
    . infrared satellite loops
    . views of summit webcams

    All group members were to go back and poll their users for what they need or want to see on these screens for further discussion.

  7. Next meeting
  8. December 14, Friday, 10:00am at the IfA Manoa Facility.

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