Minutes of Working Group Meeting

IfA Manoa Facility, Honolulu

December 14, 2012




  1. Current Network Status
  2. On October 15 -- Starting at around 8:00pm, the observatories were having intermittent and sporadic problems locally and to/from the Internet. At ~9:30pm, UH-ITS fixed the problems by shutting down the SX south path and rerouted all observatories traffic through Manoa. We were never able to track down the source of the problems. The problems no longer existed when UH-ITS normalized the network path the next morning. Our best guess is that someone in LA made a configuration mistake which leaked the R&E routes to the commodity peers, however routing policies prohibited the observatories network packets from traversing those networks.

    Between October 30 and November 8, there were several attempts by the AARNET to perform maintenance work on their LA router. On three of these occasions, the scheduled event was aborted due to conflicts in their scheduling. On each of these occasions, UH-ITS rerouted the observatories traffic through Oahu.

    On December 7 -- Starting at 9:00am UH-ITS worked on replacing all the older routers at the network room at Mauna Lani with the Cisco C4500X in order to clear some rack space. According to UH-ITS, the new routers are taking half of the space of the older units. They were done by 2:00pm. No downtime was experienced, with the redundant routes going through Mauna Lani, UH-ITS was able to maintain connectivities for all UH supported sites during the entire process.

  3. Report from the Users' Meeting
  4. Pui Hin went through the PowerPoint presentation she gave at the MKO Users' Committee Meeting. It is mostly a summary of the progress of the network upgrades funded by the various stimulus grants secured by UH-ITS in 2010. The presentation was subsequently distributed to members of the Working Group.

  5. Plans for 10Gb and IPv6 in Hilo
  6. The Cisco C4500X-16s were finally available for ordering toward the end of September with delivery date in November. Pui Hin has ordered two units, one for Hilo and one for the Summit, shipment was to be in December. Even though we are not expecting the 10Gb to be available on the Summit until July or August, Pui Hin plans to deploy the new switch as soon as possible due to the fact that the C4500X-16, with 5 hot-swappable fans and redundant power supplies, is a more robust piece of equipment for the Summit than the C3750s that are currently deployed.

    On the SPF+s, Pui Hin has been using a non-Cisco product for Multimode connections at ~$350 each, but she hasn't located a suitable non-Cisco product for SM connections. The Cisco LR SFP module is listed at $3,000 each.

  7. Weather Station at HP
  8. Responses from the users were diverse, some like the idea of multiple non-interactive screens and some are worried that their favorite weather related webpages will no longer be available. There is a suggestion that eight screens might be overkill as users can always view any specific screen on their own computers. Another suggestion was to have several static screens and one interactive screen.

    A major part of the meeting was then spent discussing how to fit just the contents that have been suggested by those responses on eight screens which was the number of screens we have in mind. Some of the contents, such as view from the webcams, are easy to handle. Other pages, for example, those at the MKWC website, are set up more for manually scrolling and clicking and are not easy to fit on static screens.

    It was clear that more discussion is needed.

  9. Next meeting
  10. March 14th, Thursday, 10:00am at the Gemini Hilo Facility.

    Note: This meeting has been rescheduled for Wednesday, March 20th.

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