Minutes of Working Group Meeting

Gemini Base Facility, Hilo

March 20, 2013




  1. Current Network Status
  2. On January 29 -- At ~13:00, due to Oceanic fiber damage near to Makapuu, all Maui and Big Island traffic to, from and through Oahu was rerouted over the microwave resulted in a very congested condition. The SX South connection was not affected. Later in the day Oceanic provided a temporary fix with patched fibers. The permanent fix was performed between midnight and 5am on February 1. Interisland fiber transport took momentary hits during this period -- Maui and the Big Island traffic to, from and through Oahu would reroute over the microwave as the fiber was spliced.

  3. Update on Network Upgrades in Hilo and on the Summit
  4. Unfortunately, the Cisco Catalyst 4500x switches were not shipped until mid-February due to some mix-up with our purchasing process. Pui Hin is now hoping to have one installed on the summit in a few weeks, after a second 20 amp outlet is installed, that will provide redundant outlets and circuits for the equipment on the summit.

    We are also installing a second 20 amp outlet on a separate circuit at HP in anticipation of the LuxN wavebox and the dual Catalyst 4500x switches that UH-ITS will install in support of the new 10Gb connection to the summit. We are currently expecting the Oceanic fiber to get to HP in mid-May. UH-ITS will be providing a second rack to be installed in the same room as the current network rack to house the new equipment.

  5. Electrical Bill and Budget Shortfall
  6. On August 6, 2012, the humidifiers located in the lunchroom in the supply ductwork for the Network and Telephone rooms were repaired and return to operation. Since then, monthly electricity usage increased significantly. No one was sure how long the humidifiers had been inoperative, but based on water usage, they have been down since early 2011. The total electricity bill for this fiscal year is projected to exceed the budgeted amount by ~$10k. This amount, less whatever savings are found in other budget items, will need to be made up in next year's budget. Stewart Hunter will be briefing the Oversight Committee at their next meeting.

  7. Weather Display Station at HP
  8. Additional suggestions received since the December meeting were considered. Particular attention was paid to the concerns that a system of non-interactive screens might not be able to provide all the web pages that the users have access to currently, and that such a system will require development and maintenance work.

    With the exception of Hiroshige Yoshida from CSO, all present were in favor of the non-interactive multi-screen system for the stability and robustness. Hiroshige's reservations were due to fiscal rather than technical concerns. It was decided that the purpose of the weather display station at HP is to provide quick and convenient check of weather conditions for safety concerns. Observers should use their own laptops or computers provided by their host observatories for more in-depth study of weather and atmospheric conditions. Development and maintenance effort will be minimized by using displays and services already developed and served by the observatories on their home systems. The new HP non-interactive system will consist of links and downloads to and from the observatories systems. Examples of how the system might work were discussed in detail. More discussion will be needed.

  9. Other Business
  10. Pui Hin reminded everyone that the UH IP address space should be used only for the "hawaii.edu" domain.

  11. Next meeting
  12. June 13th, Thursday, 10:00am at the SMA Hilo Facility.

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