Minutes of Working Group Meeting

SMA Base Facility, Hilo

June 13, 2013




  1. Current Network Status
  2. There have been no problems to report other than some unexpected outcomes associated with the upgrade on the Summit.

    After the installation of the C4500 10Gb switch on May 23rd, Kanoa started to have problems with their NFS mounts between the Summit and Waimea. NFS clients would hang on any activity with a reasonable amount of I/O. After much investigating, Kanoa concluded that the problem was limited to mounts using UDP. Mounts using TCP did not exhibit the problem. Kanoa has since switched all their systems to use TCP instead of UDP.

    A separate problem came to light during the investigation of the NFS problem. A 2% packet loss was detected with ping towards CFHT Waimea. It was determined that the loss occurred at an interface facing CFHT on a UH-ITS router. The problem was solved by cleaning the connectors on the two ends and reseating the fiber jumper.

  3. Update on Network Upgrades in Hilo and on the Summit
  4. Pui Hin gave an account of the upgrade of the MKOCN on the Summit on May 23rd with diagrams to show the changes that have been made and plans for a later phrase of the upgrade. Following are some noteworthy items in the design:

    . To eliminate the need for the observatories to make changes, the observatory VLAN configuration on the 3750G-12S (old MKOCN gateway) was copied to the new c4500, so that moving the observatories' SFPs and fiber jumpers from the 3750G-12S to the c4500 was all it took to bring the observatory connections up.

    . To provide redundancy, the 3750G-12S will be reconfigured with a new backup VLAN. Each observatory will have the option of configuring two separate paths to the Internet.

    . The configuration is also designed to eliminate the need for further downtime during the integration of the UH-ITS 10Gb links. If all goes well, the two new 10Gb links will be tested and become available as additional Internet paths in addition to the existing shared HawTel 1GE that connects the Summit Communication Room (SCR) and the Network Hub at the IfA Hilo building.

    . We are keeping the 7206 mainly for modem access for now, this might prove unnecessary in the long-run, particularly when the 10Gb link to Mauna Lani along the Saddle Road is completed.

    For Hilo:

    . The same technique will be used to eliminate the need for the observatories to make changes.

    . VLAN configuration, observatories' SFPs, and jumpers will again be moved from the 3750G-12S (old gateway) to the c4500.

    . Again, the 3750G-12s will be reconfigured with a new backup VLAN to give the observatories the option of a second path to the Internet.

    . The additional 3750G, added a few years ago, to host the HawTel GE connection from the Summit will be eliminated. The HawTel GE will be connected directly to the new c4500. The 3750G was installed at the time when a flaky Juniper, that required frequent reboot and other fixes, was our main gateway to the UH networks. The 3750G provided some redundancy, especially for CFHT in Waimea. The Juniper has since been upgraded, and CFHT is now connected to the UH networks with several alternate paths out of Waimea. The c4500 with dual power supply is a more robust host for the shared GE link from the Summit than the 3750G. The UH-ITS 10Gbs to HP when launched, will provide us with redundant shared paths to the Summit.

    . On SFPs, for complete compatibility and robustness, Pui Hin has purchased two of the Cisco 10GBASE-LR SFP Modules (SFP-10G-LR) for the shared 10Gb connections from the Summit to the UH-ITS switches at HP. Pui Hin will look into and report back on more economical third party solutions for individual observatory connections at the Summit.

  5. FY 2013-14 Budget
  6. For the first time in the many years: there's quite a significant change in next year's budget. Cost per share for next year will be $9,969 versus $6,814 for last year.

    Factors leading to the big change are:

    a. Fund balance at the end of 2012 was $14,746; the balance at the end of this year is projected to be ($9,057).

    The negative fund balance for this year is mainly due to the increase in electrical bills by $10k that was reported at the last meeting. A second reason for the negative fund balance is the utility charges of $3,471 while only $1,271 was budgeted. Unexpected work was performed by MKSS staff to repair the air handler in the SCR in August, and electrical work was performed by MKSS staff and a licensed electrician for the support of the new 10Gb connections at HP and on the Summit.

    b. A small increase in salary and fringes as a result of Union negotiated pay raise.

    c. Electricity and utility budgets are being raised to match the usage of last year.

    Note: The dehumidifiers on the Summit are currently turned off. Stewart Hunter worked with HawTel to verify that their equipment in the SCR is operating normal.

  7. Weather Display Station at HP
  8. Due to the budget shortfall this year and the big increase in cost per share next year, Pui Hin suggested a delay of hardware acquisition until next fiscal year. With the electricity and utility budgets raised to match this year's unusual spending, there should be enough savings to purchase the hardware we need. In the meantime, the working group could start planning the implementation details that were discussed in the last meeting.

  9. Next meeting
  10. September 12th, Thursday, 10:00am at the JAC Hilo Facility.

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