Description of Operations

Maunakea Observatories Support Services oversees:

Hale Pohaku

Food & Lodging, Maintenance and Administration

MKSS operates and maintains the mid-level facilities at Halepohaku, provides administrative services for the weather center and communications network and maintains the summit access road above Halepohaku.  Food and lodging at Halepohaku are available for those whose work, research or technical support are related to activities on Maunakea. The MKSS administrative office is located in Hilo and coordinates reservations, receiving, fiscal and human resources. Reservations at

Mauna Kea Visitor Information Station

Visitor Information Station

The Maunakea Visitor Information Station provides health and safety information and education to the public at the 9,200 ft. level on the Maunakea Access Road.  There are free nightly stargazing and special programs in Hawaiian Culture, Astronomy and the Natural Resources of Maunakea.

Mauna Kea Rangers

Maunakea Rangers

MKSS works in conjunction with the Office of Maunakea Management to oversee the Maunakea Ranger program. Maunakea Rangers are responsible for monitoring activities and protecting the cultural, natural and scientific resources within the University of Hawaii managed lands. Rangers are First Responders for emergency services and conduct liaison activities with cultural practitioners, film crews, commercial operators, other agencies and the general public.