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Open House 2007

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Open House 2007 Activities

Children's activities

(In courtyard unless otherwise indicated)

  • Starlab Planetarium (Floor 1, Building B):
    Learn about the constellations inside our portable planetarium.
  • Rocket making (Behind Building C):
    Learn some physics by launching soda-bottle rockets as high as you can, using a bike pump.
  • Mars Drop:
    Simulate a NASA spacecraft landing on Mars using a raw egg, some packaging and some ingenuity.
  • Make a sundial:
    Tell the time with a cleverly folded sheet of paper.
  • Make a constellation:
    Decorate a picture of one of your favorite constellations, then take it home and compare it with the real sky tonight.
  • Solar system search:
    Learn about the size of the solar system, then use your knowledge to find the planets that are hidden around our courtyard.
  • Face painting:
    Would you like a planet on your forehead, or a nebula on your nose?
  • Ironwood Observatory:
    Test your knowledge of the skies in a game of AstroJeopardy.
  • Bishop Museum:
    What do Mars, marshmallows and M&Ms have in common?

Family activities


Building B

Building C


  • Family Telescope and Software Clinics:
    What to buy and how to use it
  • Ask an Astronomer:
    We try to answer your simplest and your toughest questions
  • Hawaii State Science Fair Projects:
    What Hawaii's youngest generation of astronomers is up to




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