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IfA Publications in 2014

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Harald Ebeling, Cheng-Jiun Ma, and Elizabeth Barrett
Spectroscopic Redshifts of Galaxies within the Frontier Fields
ApJS, 211, 21 (2014)

Regina A. Jorgenson and Arthur M. Wolfe
Spatially Resolved Emission of a High-redshift DLA Galaxy with the Keck/OSIRIS IFU
ApJ, 785, 16 (2014)

Miloslav Druckmüller, Shadia Rifai Habbal, and Huw Morgan
Discovery of a New Class of Coronal Structures in White Light Eclipse Images
ApJ, 785, 14 (2014)

C.-H. Lee et al. (W. Burgett, K. C. Chambers, H. Flewelling, N. Kaiser, R.-P. Kudritzki, E. A. Magnier)
Properties of M31. IV. Candidate Luminous Blue Variables from PAndromeda
ApJ, 785, 11 (2014)

Henry H. Hsieh, Larry Denneau, Alan Fitzsimmons, Olivier R. Hainaut, Masateru Ishiguro, Robert Jedicke, Heather M. Kaluna, Jacqueline V. Keane, Jan Kleyna, Pedro Lacerda, Eric M. MacLennan, Karen J. Meech, Nick A. Moskovitz, Timm Riesen, Eva Schunova, Colin Snodgrass, Chadwick A. Trujillo, Laurie Urban, Peter Vereš, Richard J. Wainscoat, and Bin Yang
Search for the Return of Activity in Active Asteroid 176P/LINEAR
The Astronomical Journal, 147, 89 (2014)

N. R. Deacon D. W. Hoard, E. A. Magnier, Y. S. Jadhav, M. Huber, K. C. Chambers, H. Flewelling, K. W. Hodapp, N. Kaiser, R. P. Kudritzki, N. Metcalfe, and C. Waters
Pre-outburst observations of Nova Del 2013 from Pan-STARRS 1
A&A 563, A129 (2014)

E. Morganson, W. S. Burgett, K. C. Chambers, P. J. Green, N. Kaiser, E. A. Magnier, P. J. Marshall, J. S. Morgan, P. A. Price, H.-W. Rix, E. F. Schlafly, J. L. Tonry, and F. Walter
Measuring Quasar Variability with Pan-STARRS1 and SDSS
ApJ, 784, 92 (2014)

Bin Yang, Jacqueline Keane, Karen Meech, Tobias Owen, and Richard Wainscoat
Multi-wavelength Observations of Comet C/2011 L4 (Pan-STARRS)
ApJ, 784, L23 (2014)

Miloslav Druckmüller, Shadia Rifai Habbal, Peter Aniol, Adalbert Ding, and Huw Morgan
Imaging Comet ISON C/2012 S1 in the Inner Corona at Perihelion
ApJ, 784, L22 (2014)

O. R. Hainaut, H. Boehnhardt, C. Snodgrass, K. J. Meech, J. Deller, M. Gillon, E. Jehin, E. Kuehrt, S. C. Lowry, J. Manfroid, M. Micheli, S. Mottola, C. Opitom, J.-B. Vincent, and R. Wainscoat
Continued activity in P/2013 P5 PANSTARRS:Unexpected comet, rotational break-up, or rubbing binary asteroid?
A&A 563, A75 (2014)

Michael A. Dopita, Jeffrey Rich, Frédéric P. A. Vogt, Lisa J. Kewley, I-Ting Ho, Hassan M. Basurah, Alaa Ali, Morsi A. Amer
Spaxel analysis: probing the physics of star formation in ultraluminous infrared galaxies
Astrophysics and Space Science, April 2014, Volume 350, Issue 2, pp 741-754

Rita K. Mann, James Di Francesco, Doug Johnstone, Sean M. Andrews, Jonathan P. Williams, John Bally, Luca Ricci, A. Meredith Hughes, and Brenda C. Matthews
ALMA Observations of the Orion Proplyds
ApJ, 784, 82 (2014)

Anne M. Medling, Vivian U, Javiera Guedes, Claire E. Max, Lucio Mayer, Lee Armus, Bradford Holden, Rok Roškar, and David Sanders
Stellar and Gaseous Nuclear Disks Observed in Nearby (U)LIRGs
ApJ, 784, 70 (2014)

Brendan P. Bowler, Michael C. Liu, Adam L. Kraus, and Andrew W. Mann
Spectroscopic Confirmation of Young Planetary-mass Companions on Wide Orbits
ApJ, 784, 65 (2014)

P. F. Wang et al. (W. S. Burgett, K. C. Chambers, H. Flewelling, J. N. Heasley, K. W. Hodapp, M. E. Huber, R. Jedicke, N. Kaiser, R.-P. Kudritzki, G. A. Luppino, E. A. Magnier, J. S. Morgan, P. M. Onaka, P. A. Price, W. Sweeney, J. L. Tonry, R. J. Wainscoat, C. Waters)
Characterization of the Praesepe Star Cluster by Photometry and Proper Motions with 2MASS, PPMXL, and Pan-STARRS
ApJ, 784, 57 (2014)

A. J. Barger, L. L. Cowie, C.-C. Chen, F. N. Owen, W.-H. Wang, C. M. Casey, N. Lee, D. B. Sanders, and J. P. Williams
Is There a Maximum Star Formation Rate in High-redshift Galaxies?
ApJ, 784, 9 (2014)

Anja von der Linden, et al. (Harald Ebeling, David Donovan)
Weighing the Giants – I. Weak-lensing masses for 51 massive galaxy clusters: project overview, data analysis methods and cluster images
MNRAS (March 21, 2014) 439 (1): 2-27

Patrick L. Kelly et al. (Harald Ebeling, David Donovan)
Weighing the Giants – II. Improved calibration of photometry from stellar colours and accurate photometric redshifts
MNRAS (March 21, 2014) 439 (1): 28-47

Douglas E. Applegate et al. (Harald Ebeling)
Weighing the Giants – III. Methods and measurements of accurate galaxy cluster weak-lensing masses
MNRAS (March 21, 2014) 439 (1): 48-72

Daniel Huber et al. (Andrew W. Mann)
Revised Stellar Properties of Kepler Targets for the Quarter 1-16 Transit Detection Run
ApJS, 211, 2 (2014)

S. Yelda, A. M. Ghez, J. R. Lu, T. Do, L. Meyer, M. R. Morris, K. Matthews
Properties of the Remnant Clockwise Disk of Young Stars in the Galactic Center
ApJ, 783, 131 (2014)

Nick Kaiser
Astronomical redshifts and the expansion of space
MNRAS (March 01, 2014) 438 (3): 2456-2465

M. Bonnefoy et al. (M. Kuzuhara, K. Hodapp)
Characterization of the gaseous companion kappa Andromedae b. New Keck and LBTI high-contrast observations
Astronomy & Astrophysics, 562, A111 (2014)

Michael M. Dunham, Héctor G. Arce, Diego Mardones, Jeong-Eun Lee, Brenda C. Matthews, Amelia M. Stutz, and Jonathan P. Williams
Molecular Outflows Driven by Low-mass Protostars. I. Correcting for Underestimates When Measuring Outflow Masses and Dynamical Properties
ApJ, 783, 29 (2014)

Michelle L. M. Collins et al. (Caitlin M. Casey)
The Masses of Local Group Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies: The Death of the Universal Mass Profile
ApJ, 783, 7 (2014)

Daniel Huber et al. (Andrew W. Mann)
Revised Stellar Properties of Kepler Targets for the Quarter 1-16 Transit Detection Run
ApJS, 211, 2 (2014)

S. Toft et al. (D. Sanders)
Submillimeter Galaxies as Progenitors of Compact Quiescent Galaxies
ApJ, 782, 68 (2014)

Chris J. Bennett, Courtney P. Ennis, and Ralf I. Kaiser
Experimental Studies on the Formation of D2O and D2O2 by Implantation of Energetic D+ Ions into Oxygen Ices
ApJ, 782, 63 (2014)

Bojan Novaković, Henry H. Hsieh, Alberto Cellino, Marco Micheli, Marco Pedani
Discovery of a young asteroid cluster associated with P/2012 F5 (Gibbs)
Icarus, Volume 231, 1 March 2014, Pages 300–309

Geoffrey W. Marcy, Howard Isaacson, Andrew W. Howard et al.
Masses, Radii, and Orbits of Small Kepler Planets: The Transition from Gaseous to Rocky Planets
ApJS, 210, 20 (2014)

Jae-Woo Kim et al. (William S. Burgett, Kenneth C. Chambers, Nick Kaiser)
Clustering of extremely red objects in Elais-N1 from the UKIDSS DXS with optical photometry from Pan-STARRS 1 and Subaru
MNRAS (February 11, 2014) Vol. 438 825-840

Lihwai Lin et al. (William Burgett, K. C. Chambers, L. Denneau, H. Flewelling, K. W. Hodapp, M. E. Huber, N. Kaiser, R.-P. Kudritzki, E. A. Magnier, J. L. Tonry, R. J. Wainscoat, C. Waters)
The Pan-STARRS1 Medium-Deep Survey: The Role of Galaxy Group Environment in the Star Formation Rate versus Stellar Mass Relation and Quiescent Fraction out to z ~ 0.8
ApJ, 782, 33 (2014)

A. Izidoro, N. Haghighipour, O. C. Winter, and M. Tsuchida
Terrestrial Planet Formation in a Protoplanetary Disk with a Local Mass Depletion: A Successful Scenario for the Formation of Mars
ApJ, 782, 31 (2014)

Tobias W. A. Müller, and Nader Haghighipour
Calculating the Habitable Zones of Multiple Star Systems with a New Interactive Web Site
ApJ, 782, 26 (2014)

Igor. D. Karachentsev, R. Brent Tully, Po-Feng Wu, Edward J. Shaya, and Andrew E. Dolphin
Infall of Nearby Galaxies into the Virgo Cluster as Traced with Hubble Space Telescope
ApJ, 782, 4 (2014)

H. Ebeling, L. N. Stephenson, and A. C. Edge
Jellyfish: Evidence of Extreme Ram-pressure Stripping in Massive Galaxy Clusters
ApJ, 781, L40 (2014)

Richard F. Mushotzky, T. Taro Shimizu, Marcio Meléndez, and Michael Koss
Do Most Active Galactic Nuclei Live in High Star Formation Nuclear Cusps?

ApJ, 781, L34 (2014)

Joseph G. O'Rourke et al. (Andrew W. Howard)
Warm Spitzer and Palomar Near-IR Secondary Eclipse Photometry of Two Hot Jupiters: WASP-48b and HAT-P-23b
ApJ, 781, 109 (2014)

G. Lanzuisi, G. Ponti, M. Salvato, G. Hasinger et al. (D. Sanders)
Active Galactic Nucleus X-Ray Variability in the XMM-COSMOS Survey
ApJ, 781, 105 (2014)

J. A. Kammer, H. A. Knutson, A. W. Howard et al.
A Spitzer Search for Transits of Radial Velocity Detected Super-Earths
ApJ, 781, 103 (2014)

Brant M. Jones, Ralf I. Kaiser, and Giovanni Strazzulla
Uv-Vis, Infrared, and Mass Spectroscopy of Electron Irradiated Frozen Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Mixtures with Water
ApJ, 781, 85 (2014)

Karen A. Collins et al. (Andrew W. Howard, Benjamin J. Fulton)
KELT-6b: A P ~ 7.9 Day Hot Saturn Transiting a Metal-poor Star with a Long-period Companion
The Astronomical Journal, 147, 39 (2014)

Justin R. Crepp, John Asher Johnson, Andrew W. Howard, Geoffrey W. Marcy, John Brewer, Debra A. Fischer, Jason T. Wright, and Howard Isaacson
The TRENDS High-contrast Imaging Survey. V. Discovery of an Old and Cold Benchmark T-dwarf Orbiting the Nearby G-star HD 19467
ApJ, 781, 29 (2014)

Adam L. Kraus, Michael J. Ireland, Lucas A. Cieza, Sasha Hinkley, Trent J. Dupuy, Brendan P. Bowler, and Michael C. Liu
Three Wide Planetary-mass Companions to FW Tau, ROXs 12, and ROXs 42B
ApJ, 781, 20 (2014)

Ryan J. Cooke, Max Pettini, Regina A. Jorgenson, Michael T. Murphy, and Charles C. Steidel
Precision Measures of the Primordial Abundance of Deuterium
ApJ, 781, 31 (2014)

Fabienne A. Bastien, Keivan G. Stassun, Joshua Pepper, Jason T. Wright, Suzanne Aigrain, Gibor Basri, John A. Johnson, Andrew W. Howard, and Lucianne M. Walkowicz
Radial Velocity Variations of Photometrically Quiet, Chromospherically Inactive Kepler Stars: A Link between RV Jitter and Photometric Flicker
The Astronomical Journal, 147, 29 (2014)

E. Gaidos, D. R. Anderson, S. Lépine, K. D. Colón, G. Maravelias, N. Narita, E. Chang, J. Beyer, A. Fukui, J. D. Armstrong, A. Zezas, B. J. Fulton, A. W. Mann, R. G. West, and F. Faedi
Trawling for transits in a sea of noise: a search for exoplanets by analysis of WASP optical light curves and follow-up (SEAWOLF)
MNRAS (February 01, 2014) 437 (4): 3133-3143

Jenny G. Sorce, Hélène M. Courtois, Stefan Gottlöber, Yehuda Hoffman, and R. Brent Tully
Simulations of the Local Universe constrained by observational peculiar velocities
MNRAS (February 01, 2014) 437 (4): 3586-3595

Lori M. Feaga, Michael F. A'Hearn, Tony L. Farnham, Dennis Bodewits, Jessica M. Sunshine, Alan M. Gersch, Silvia Protopapa, Bin Yang, Michal Drahus, and David G. Schleicher
Uncorrelated Volatile Behavior during the 2011 Apparition of Comet C/2009 P1 Garradd
The Astronomical Journal, 147, 24 (2014)

Lucas Paganini, Michael A. DiSanti, Michael J. Mumma, Geronimo L. Villanueva, Boncho P. Bonev, Jacqueline V. Keane, Erika L. Gibb, Hermann Boehnhardt, and Karen J. Meech
The Unexpectedly Bright Comet C/2012 F6 (Lemmon) Unveiled at Near-infrared Wavelengths
The Astronomical Journal, 147, 15 (2014)

S. Mineo, M. Gilfanov, B. D. Lehmer, G. E. Morrison, and R. Sunyaev
X-ray emission from star-forming galaxies – III. Calibration of the LX-SFR relation up to redshift z ≈ 1.3
MNRAS (January 11, 2014) Vol. 437 1698-1707

Alan Stockton, Hsin-Yi Shih, Kirsten Larson, and Andrew W. Mann
A Search for Moderate-redshift Survivors from the Population of Luminous Compact Passive Galaxies at High Redshift
ApJ, 780, 134 (2014)

W. Fong, E. Berger, B. D. Metzger, R. Margutti, R. Chornock, G. Migliori, R. J. Foley, B. A. Zauderer, R. Lunnan, T. Laskar, S. J. Desch, K. J. Meech, S. Sonnett, C. Dickey, A. Hedlund, and P. Harding
Short GRB 130603B: Discovery of a Jet Break in the Optical and Radio Afterglows, and a Mysterious Late-time X-Ray Excess
ApJ, 780, 118 (2014)

A. Różańska, M. Nikołajuk, B. Czerny, A. Dobrzycki, K. Hryniewicz, J. Bechtold, H. Ebeling
Absorption features in the quasar HS 1603 + 3820 II. Distance to the absorber obtained from photoionisation modelling
New Astronomy, Volume 28, April 2014, Pages 70–78

Michael A. DiSanti, Geronimo L. Villanueva, Lucas Paganini, Boncho P. Bonev, Jacqueline V. Keane, Karen J. Meech, Michael J. Mumma
Pre- and post-perihelion observations of C/2009 P1 (Garradd): Evidence for an oxygen-rich heritage?
Icarus, Volume 228, 15 January 2014, Pages 167–180

V. Buat, S. Heinis, M. Boquien, D. Burgarella, V. Charmandaris, S. Boissier, A. Boselli, D. Le Borgne, and G. Morrison
Ultraviolet to infrared emission of z > 1 galaxies: Can we derive reliable star formation rates and stellar masses?
A&A 561, A39 (2014)

M. McCrum et al. (M. E. Huber, J. L. Tonry, F. Bresolin, R.-P. Kudritzki, W. S. Burgett, K. C. Chambers, H. Flewelling, K. W. Hodapp, N. Kaiser, E. A. Magnier, W. Sweeney, R. J. Wainscoat)
The superluminous supernova PS1-11ap: bridging the gap between low and high redshift
MNRAS (January 01, 2014) 437 (1): 656-674

Daniel J. Farrow, Shaun Cole, N. Metcalfe, P. W. Draper, Peder Norberg, Sébastien Foucaud, W. S. Burgett, K. C. Chambers, N. Kaiser, R. P. Kudritzki, E. A. Magnier, P. A. Price, J. L. Tonry, and C. Waters
Pan-STARRS1: Galaxy clustering in the Small Area Survey 2
MNRAS (January 01, 2014) 437 (1): 748-770

R. Chini, K. Fuhrmann, A. Barr, F. Pozo, C. Westhues, and K. Hodapp
New visual companions of solar-type stars within 25 pc
MNRAS (January 01, 2014) 437 (1): 879-886

Roberto P. Muñoz et al. (John L. Tonry, R. Brent Tully)
The Next Generation Virgo Cluster Survey-Infrared (NGVS-IR). I. A New Near-Ultraviolet, Optical, and Near-Infrared Globular Cluster Selection Tool
ApJS, 210, 4 (2014)

R. Chornock et al. (M. E. Huber, J. L. Tonry, W. S. Burgett, K. C. Chambers, H. Flewelling, K. W. Hodapp, N. Kaiser, E. A. Magnier, R. Wainscoat)
The Ultraviolet-bright, Slowly Declining Transient PS1-11af as a Partial Tidal Disruption Event
ApJ, 780, 44 (2014)

J. Patrick Henry, Kentaro Aoki, Alexis Finoguenov, Sotiria Fotopoulou, Günther Hasinger, Mara salvato, Hyewon Suh, and Masayuki Tanaka
A Large-scale Structure at Redshift 1.71 in the Lockman Hole
ApJ, 780, 58 (2014)

Dariusz Graczyk et al. (Rolf-Peter Kudritzki, Fabio Bresolin)
The Araucaria Project. The Distance to the Small Magellanic Cloud from Late-type Eclipsing Binaries
ApJ, 780, 59 (2014)

S. K. Leggett, Michael C. Liu, Trent J. Dupuy, Caroline V. Morley, M. S. Marley, and D. Saumon
Resolved Spectroscopy of the T8.5 and Y0-0.5 Binary WISEPC J121756.91+162640.2AB
ApJ, 780, 62 (2014)

C. Darren Dowell et al. (C. M. Casey, G. E. Morrison)
HerMES: Candidate High-redshift Galaxies Discovered with Herschel/SPIRE
ApJ, 780, 75 (2014)