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Last updated 4 April 2014

Authors (IfA authors in bold)

IfA Preprint Number, Publications Data, and arXiv number (if applicable)
March 2014
N. Schorghofer, O. Aharonson. The lunar thermal ice pump.
IfA-14-066  ApJ   pdf
L. A. M. Tasca et al. (D. Sanders) The zCOSMOS Redshift Survey: evolution of the light in bulges and discs since z ~ 0.8
IfA-14-065  A&A  arXiv:1403.7203
E. L. Nielsen, M. C. Liu, Z. Wahhaj, B. A. Biller, T. L. Hayward, J. R. Males, L. M. Close, K. M. Morzinski, A. J. Skemer, M. J. Kuchner, M. Chun, C. Ftaclas, D. W. Toomey The Gemini NICI Planet-Finding Campaign: The Orbit of the Young Exoplanet beta Pictoris b
IfA-14-064  ApJ  arXiv:1403.7195
C.-H. Lee et al. (W. Burgett, K. C. Chambers, H. Flewelling, N. Kaiser, R.-P. Kudritzki, E. A. Magnier) Properties of M31. IV: Candidate Luminous Blue Variables from PAndromeda
IfA-14-063  ApJ  arXiv:1403.6859
A. Shporer et al. (A. W. Howard) Atmospheric Characterization of the Hot Jupiter Kepler-13Ab
IfA-14-062  ApJ   arXiv:1403.6831
R. P. Kudritzki, M. A. Urbaneja, F. Bresolin, M. W. Hosek Jr., N. Przybilla Stellar Metallicity of the Extended Disk and Distance of the Spiral Galaxy NGC 3621
IfA-14-061  ApJ   pdf
B. P. M. Laevens et al. (W. S. Burgett, K. C. Chambers, L. Denneau, N. Kaiser, R.-P. Kudritzki, E. A. Magnier, J. S. Morgan, W. E. Sweeney, J. L. Tonry, R. J. Wainscoat, C. Waters) A new distant Milky Way globular cluster in the Pan-STARRS1 3π survey
IfA-14-060   ApJ Letters   arXiv:1403.6593
K. Genovali et al. (R.-P. Kudritzki) On the fine structure of the Cepheid metallicity gradient in the Galactic thin disk
IfA-14-059  A&A  arXiv:1403.6128
M. Micheli, D. J. Tholen Radiation pressure detection and density estimate for 2011 MD
IfA-14-058  ApJ Letters  arXiv:1403.6033
A. W. Mann, N. R. Deacon, E. Gaidos, M. Ansdell, J. M. Brewer, M. C. Liu, E. A. Magnier, K. M. Aller
Prospecting in Ultracool Dwarfs: Measuring the Metallicities of Mid- and Late-M Dwarfs
IfA-14-057  AJ  arXiv:1403.5560
Heather A. Knutson et al. (A. W. Howard) Hubble Space Telescope Near-IR Transmission Spectroscopy of the Super-Earth HD 97658b
IfA-14-056  ApJ  arXiv:1403.4602
B. C. Lemaux et al. (R. R. Gal) VIMOS Ultra-Deep Survey (VUDS): Witnessing the Assembly of a Massive Cluster at z ~ 3.3
IfA-14-055  A&A   arXiv:1403.4230
E. F. Schlafly et al. (W. S. Burgett, K. C. Chambers, K. W. Hodapp, N. Kaiser, E. A. Magnier, J. L. Tonry) A Large Catalog of Accurate Distances to Molecular Clouds from PS1 Photometry
IfA-14-054  arXiv:1403.3393
Y. Hashimoto, J. P. Henry, H. Boehringer Multiwavelength investigations of co-evolution of bright custer galaxies
IfA-14-053  MNRAS  arXiv:1403.3168
M. Bergemann, R.-P. Kudritzki, B. Davies Spectroscopic analysis of cool giants and supergiants
IfA-14-052  Determination of Atmospheric Parameters of B, A, F and G Type Stars," ed. E. Niemczura, B. Smalley, W. Pych   arXiv:1403.3087
K. B. Kwitter, R. H. Méndez et al. The Present and Future of Planetary Nebula Research. A White Paper by the IAU Planetary Nebula Working Group
IfA-14-051  RMxAA  arXiv:1403.2246
N. Langer, R. P. Kudritzki The spectroscopic Hertzsprung-Russell diagram
IfA-14-050  A&A  arXiv:1403.2212
R. K. Mann et al. (J. P. Williams) ALMA Observations of the Orion Proplyds
IfA-14-049  ApJ, 784, 82 (2014)  arXiv:1403.2026
B. Reipurth et al. Multiplicity in Early Stellar Evolution
IfA-14-048  Protostars and Planets VI  arXiv:1403.1907
B. Croll et al. (A. W. Howard) Multiwavelength Observations of the Candidate Disintegrating sub-Mercury KIC 12557548b
IfA-14-047  ApJ  arXiv:1403.1879
R. Prinja, M. Urbaneja Rummaging inside the Eskimo's parka: Variable asymmetric PN fast wind and a binary nucleus?
IfA-14-046  MNRAS   arXiv:1403.1480
J. R. Males et al. (M. C. Liu, E. L. Nielsen, M. Chun, C. Ftaclas) Magellan Adaptive Optics first-light observations of the exoplanet β Pic b. I. Direct imaging in the far-red optical with MagAO+VisAO and in the near-IR with NICI
IfA-14-045  ApJ  arXiv:1403.0560
A. L. Kraus, E. L. Shkolnik, K. N. Allers, M. C. Liu A Stellar Census of the Tucana-Horologium Moving Group
IfA-14-044  AJ  arXiv:1403.0050
February 2014
H. W. Lin et al. (W. S. Burgett, K. C. Chambers, H. Flewelling, M. E. Huber, R. Jedicke, N. Kaiser, E. A. Magnier) Pan-STARRS 1 observations of the unusual active Centaur P/2011 S1(Gibbs)
IfA-14-043  AJ   arXiv:1402.6403
M. W. Hosek Jr., R.-P. Kudritzki, F. Bresolin et al. Quantitative Spectroscopy of Blue Supergiants in Metal-Poor Dwarf Galaxy NGC 3109
IfA-14-042  ApJ  arXiv:1402.6358
B. E. Nelson, E. B. Ford, J. T. Wright, D. A. Fischer, K. von Braun, A. W. Howard, M. J. Payne, S. Dindar The 55 Cancri Planetary System: Fully Self-Consistent N-body Constraints and a Dynamical Analysis
IfA-14-041  MNRAS  arXiv:1402.6343
Dennis Zaritsky, Helene Courtois, et al. The Baryonic Tully-Fisher Relationship for S4G Galaxies and the "Condensed" Baryon Fraction of Galaxies
IfA-14-040  AJ  arXiv:1402.6315
A. Mesa-Delgado, C. Esteban, J. García-Rojas, J. Reyes-Pérez, C. Morisset, F. Bresolin The Trace of the CNO Cycle in the Ring Nebula NGC6888
IfA-14-039  ApJ  arXiv:1402.6181
N. R. Deacon, D. W. Hoard, E. A. Magnier, Y. S. Jadhav, M. Huber, K. C. Chambers, H. Flewelling, K. W. Hodapp, N. Kaiser, R. P. Kudritzki, N. Metcalfe, C. Waters Pre-outburst observations of Nova Del 2013 from Pan-STARRS 1
IfA-14-038  A&A  arXiv:1402.5968
B. Yang, J. Keane, K. Meech, T. Owen, R. Wainscoat Multi-Wavelength Observations of Comet C/2011 L4 (Pan-Starrs)
IfA-14-037  ApJ, 784, L23 (2014)   arXiv:1402.5414
M. Druckmüller, S. R. Habbal, P. Aniol, A. Ding, H. Morgan Imaging comet ISON C/2012 S1 in the inner corona at perihelion
IfA-14-036  ApJ, 784, L22 (2014)  pdf
H. Ebeling, C.-J. Ma, E. Barrett Spectroscopic redshifts of galaxies within the Frontier Fields
IfA-14-035  ApJS, 211, 21 (2014)  arXiv:1402.3769
A. von der Linden et al. (D. Donovan, H. Ebeling) Robust Weak-lensing Mass Calibration of Planck Galaxy Clusters
IfA-14-034   MNRAS Letters  arXiv:1402.2670
P. Vereš, D. Farnocchia, R. Jedicke, F. Spoto The effect of parallax and cadence on asteroid impact probabilities and warning times
IfA-14-033  arXiv:1402.2466
Y. Ueda, M. Akiyama, G. Hasinger, T. Miyaji, M. G. Watson Toward the Standard Population Synthesis Model of the X-Ray Background: Evolution of X-Ray Luminosity and Absorption Functions of Active Galactic Nuclei Including Compton-Thick Populations
IfA-14-032  ApJ  arXiv:1402.1836
C. Thalmann, G.D. Mulders, K. Hodapp et al. The architecture of the LkCa 15 transitional disk revealed by high-contrast imaging
IfA-14-031  A&A  arXiv:1402.1766
M. McCrum et al. (J. L. Tonry, M. E. Huber, F. Bresolin, W. S. Burgett, K. C. Chambers, H. Flewelling, R. Jedicke, N. Kaiser, E. A. Magnier, J. S. Morgan, P. A. Price, W. Sweeney, R. J. Wainscoat, C. Waters) Selecting superluminous supernovae in faint galaxies from the first year of the Pan-STARRS1 Medium Deep Survey
IfA-14-030  MNRAS  arXiv:1402.1631
T. Tsukagoshi et al. (K. W. Hodapp) High-Resolution Submillimeter and Near-Infrared Studies of the Transition Disk around Sz 91
IfA-14-029  arXiv:1402.1538
C. M. Casey, D. Narayanan, A. Cooray Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies at High Redshift
IfA-14-028  Physics Reports   arXiv:1402.1456
L. Testi et al. (J. Williams) Dust Evolution in Protoplanetary Disks
IfA-14-027  Protostars and Planets VI  arXiv:1402.1354
B. Reipurth et al. Multiplicity in Early Stellar Evolution
IfA-14-026  Protostars and Planets VI  pdf
R. L. Davies, J. A. Rich, L. J. Kewley, M. A. Dopita Starburst-AGN mixing: I. NGC 7130
IfA-14-025  MNRAS  arXiv:1402.0493
J. Z. Gazak, B. Davies, R. Kudritzki, M. Bergemann, B. Plez Quantitative Spectroscopic J-Band Study of Red Supergiants in Perseus Ob-1
IfA-14-024  ApJ  pdf
January 2014

I. Saviane, I. Yegorova, D. Proust, F. Bresolin et al.

The mass-metallicity relation of galaxies up to redshift 0.35
IfA-14-023  Talk presented at Paris Conference "Metal Production and Distribution in a Hierarchical Universe"  arXiv:1401.8284
L.-Y. Hsu, A. Stockton, H.-Y. Shih Compact Quiescent Galaxies at Intermediate Redshifts
IfA-14-022  ApJ  arXiv:1401.7813
B. P. Bowler, M. C. Liu, A. L. Kraus, A. W. Mann Spectroscopic Confirmation of Young Planetary-Mass Companions on Wide Orbits
IfA-14-021  ApJ, 784, 65 (2014)  arXiv:1401.7668
W. Kley, N. Haghighipour Modelling Circumbinary Planets: The case of Kepler-38
IfA-14-020  A&A  arXiv:1401.7648
P. F. Wang et al. (W. S. Burgett, K. C. Chambers, H. Flewelling, J. N. Heasley, K. W. Hodapp, M. E. Huber, R. Jedicke, N. Kaiser, R.-P. Kudritzki, G. A. Luppino, E. A. Magnier, J. S. Morgan, P. M. Onaka, P. A. Price, W. Sweeney, J. L. Tonry, R. J. Wainscoat, C. Waters) Characterization of the Praesepe Star Cluster by Photometry and Proper Motions with 2MASS, PPMXL, and Pan-STARRS
IfA-14-019  ApJ, 784, 57 (2014)  arXiv:1401.7424
S. Yelda, A. M. Ghez, J. R. Lu, T. Do, L. Meyer, M. R. Morris, K. Matthews Properties of the Remnant Clockwise Disk of Young Stars in the Galactic Center
IfA-14-018   ApJ, 783, 131 (2014)   arXiv:1401.7354
A. M. Medling, V. U, J. Guedes, C. E. Max, L. Mayer, L. Armus, B. Holden, R. Roškar, D. Sanders Stellar and Gaseous Nuclear Disks Observed in Nearby (U)LIRGs
IfA-14-017  ApJ, 784, 70 (2014)  arXiv:1401.7338
M. Koss, L. Blecha, R. Mushotzky, C. L. Hung et al. (Y. Li, D. Sanders) SDSS1133: An Unusually Persistent Transient in a Nearby Dwarf Galaxy
IfA-14-016  MNRAS  arXiv:1401.6798
I. G. B. Wold, A. J. Barger, L. L. Cowie z ~ 1 Lya Emitters I. The Luminosity Function
IfA-14-015  ApJ  arXiv:1401.6201
O. R. Hainaut, H. Boehnhardt, C. Snodgrass, K. J. Meech et al. (M. Micheli, R. Wainscoat) Continued activity in P/2013 P5 PANSTARRS - The comet that should not be
IfA-14-014  A&A 563, A75 (2014)   arXiv:1401.5740
P. Vereš, J. Tóth, R. Jedicke, J. Tonry, L. Denneau, R. Wainscoat, L. Kornoš, J. Šilha Automatic Detection of Asteroids and Meteoroids - A Wide Field Survey
IfA-14-013  arXiv:1401.4758
G. W. Marcy, H. Isaacson, A. W. Howard et al. Masses, Radii, and Orbits of Small Kepler Planets: The Transition from Gaseous to Rocky Planets
IfA-14-012  ApJS, 210, 20 (2014)   arXiv:1401.4195
N. Scoville, H. Aussel, K. Sheth, K. S. Scott, D. Sanders, R. Ivison, A. Pope, P. Capak, P. Vanden Bout, S. Manohar, J. Kartaltepe, S. Lilly The Evolution of ISM Mass Probed by Dust Emission -- ALMA Observations at z = 0.3 to 2
IfA-14-011  ApJ   arXiv:1401.2987
J. S. Kartaltepe et al. (C. McPartland) CANDELS Visual Classifications: Scheme, Data Release, and First Result
IfA-14-010  ApJ   arXiv:1401.2455
N. M. Dunham, H. G. Arce, D. Mardones, J.-E. Lee, B. C. Matthews, A. M. Stutz, J. P. Williams Molecular Outflows Driven by Low-Mass Protostars. I. Correcting for Underestimates When Measuring Outflow Masses and Dynamical Properties
IfA-14-009  ApJ  arXiv:1401.2391
S. R. Kane et al. (A. W. Howard) Limits on Stellar Companions to Exoplanet Host Stars With Eccentric Planets
IfA-14-008  ApJ   arXiv:1401.1544
S. Toft et al. (D. Sanders) Submillimeter galaxies as progenitors of compact quiescent galaxies
IfA-14-007  ApJ, 782, 68 (2014)  arXiv:1401.1510
G. M. Green et al. (W. Burgett, K. C. Chambers, H. Flewelling, R.-P. Kudritzki, E. Magnier, J. Tonry, R. Wainscoat, C. Waters) Measuring Distances and Reddenings for a Billion Stars: Towards A 3D Dust Map from Pan-STARRS 1
IfA-14-006  arXiv:1401.1508
S. M. Sweet, M. J. Drinkwater, G. Meurer, K. Bekki, M. A. Dopita, V. Kilborn, D. C. Nicholls Choirs HI Galaxy Groups: The metallicity of dwarf galaxies
IfA-14-005   ApJ   arXiv:1401.0955
A. J. Barger, L. L. Cowie, C.-C. Chen, F. N. Owen, W.-H. Wang, C. M. Casey, N. Lee, D. B. Sanders, J. P. Williams Is There a Maximum Star Formation Rate in High-Redshift Galaxies?
IfA-14-004  ApJ, 784, 9 (2014)  arXiv:1401.0745
T. Mueller, N. Haghighipour Calculating the Habitable Zone of Multiple Star Systems
(   ApJ   arXiv:1401.0601
N. Langer, R. P. Kudritzki The spectroscopic Hertzsprung-Russell diagram
IfA-14-002  A&A   pdf
A. Kovács, I. Szapudi WISE-2MASS all-sky infrared galaxy catalog for large scale structure
IfA-14-001  MNRAS  arXiv:1401.0156
December 2013
R, F. Mushotzky, T. T. Shimizu, M. Melendez, M. Koss Do Most Active Galactic Nuclei Live in High Star Formation Nuclear Cusps?
IfA-13-247  ApJ Letters  arXiv:1312.7766
B. Novaković, H. H. Hsieh, A. Cellino, M. Micheli, M. Pedani Discovery of a young asteroid cluster associated with P/2012 F5 (Gibbs)
IfA-13-246  Icarus, 231, 300–309   arXiv:1401.2966v1
I. D. Karachentsev, R. B. Tully, P.-F. Wu, E. J. Shaya, A. E. Dolphin Infall of nearby galaxies into the Virgo cluster as traced with HST
IfA-13-245  ApJ, 782, 4 (2014)   arXiv:1312.6769
H. Ebeling, L. N. Stephenson, A. C. Edge Jellyfish: Evidence of extreme ram-pressure stripping in massive galaxy clusters
IfA-13-244  ApJ Letters   arXiv:1312.6135
M. L. Brown et al. (C.-L. Hung) Probing the accelerating Universe with radio weak lensing in the JVLA Sky Survey
IfA-13-243  VLA Sky Survey White Paper  arXiv:1312.5618
Nicholas M. Law, Tim Morton, Christoph Baranec et al. Robotic Laser-Adaptive-Optics Imaging of 715 Kepler Exoplanet Candidates using Robo-AO
IfA-13-242  ApJ   arXiv:1312.4958
L. Lin et al. (W. Burgett, K. C. Chambers, L. Denneau, H. Flewelling, K. W. Hodapp, M. E. Huber, N. Kaiser, R.-P. Kudritzki, E. A. Magnier, J. L. Tonry, R. J. Wainscoat, C. Waters) The Pan-STARRS1 Medium-Deep Survey: The role of galaxy group environment in the star formation rate versus stellar mass relation and quiescent fraction out to z ~ 0.8
IfA-13-241  ApJ, 782, 33 (2014)  arXiv:1312.4736
M. A. Dopita, J. Rich, Frédéric P. A. Vogt, L. J. Kewley, I-T. Ho, Hassan M. Basurah, Alaa Ali, Morsi A. Amer Spaxel Analysis: Probing the Physics of Star Formation in Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies
IfA-13-240    Astrophys. Space Sci., 350, 741-754 (April 2014)   arXiv:1312.4633
A. Izidoro, N. Haghighipour, O. C. Winter, M. Tsuchida Terrestrial Planet Formation in a protoplanetary disk with a local mass depletion: A successful scenario for the formation of Mars
IfA-13-239  ApJ, 782, 31 (2014)  arXiv:1312.3959
H. A. Knutson, B. J. Fulton, B. T. Montet, M. Kao, H. Ngo, A. W. Howard et al. Friends of Hot Jupiters I: A Radial Velocity Search for Massive, Long-Period Companions in Hot Jupiter Systems
IfA-13-238  ApJ   arXiv:1312.2954
G. Lanzuisi, G. Ponti, M. Salvato, G. Hasinger et al. (D. Sanders) AGN X-ray variability in the XMM-COSMOS survey
IfA-13-237  ApJ   arXiv:1312.2264
L. Meyer, A. M. Ghez, G. Witzel, T. Do, K. Phifer, B. N. Sitarski, M. R. Morris, A. Boehle, S. Yelda, J. R. Lu, E. Becklin The Keplerian orbit of G2
IfA-13-236  Proc. IAU Symp. 303, "The Galactic Center: Feeding and Feedback in a Normal Galactic Nucleus"   arXiv:1312.1715
N. Kaiser Astronomical Redshifts and the Expansion of Space
IfA-13-235  MNRAS   arXiv:1312.1190
D. Huber et al. (A. W. Mann) Revised Stellar Properties of Kepler Targets for the Quarter 1-16 Transit Detection Run
IfA-13-234  ApJS, 211, 2 (2014)  arXiv:1312.0662
J. P. Williams, W. M. J. Best A Parametric Modeling Approach to Measuring the Gas Masses of Circumstellar Disks
IfA-13-233  ApJ  arXiv:1312.0151
November 2013
A. Stockton, H.-Y. Shih, K. Larson, A. W. Mann A Search for Moderate-Redshift Survivors from the Population of Luminous Compact Passive Galaxies at High Redshift
IfA-13-232  ApJ, 780, 134 (2014)  arXiv:1311.5979
B. C. Lemaux et al. (R. R. Gal) Hidden Starbursts and Active Galactic Nuclei at 0 < z < 4 from the Herschel-VVDS-CFHTLS-D1 Field: Inferences on Coevolution and Feedback
IfA-13-231  A&A  arXiv:1311.5228
R. A. Jorgenson, A. M. Wolfe Spatially Resolved Emission of a High Redshift DLA Galaxy with the Keck/OSIRIS IFU
IfA-13-230   ApJ  arXiv:1311.0045
L. M. Feaga et al. (B. Yang) Uncorrelated Volatile Behavior During the 2011 Apparition of Comet C/2009 P1 Garradd
IfA-13-229  AJ, 147, 24 (2014)  arXiv:1311.4802
J.-W. Kim et al. (W. S. Burgett, K. C. Chambers, N. Kaiser) Clustering of Extremely Red Objects in Elais-N1 from the UKIDSS DXS with optical photometry from Pan-STARRS1 and Subaru
IfA-13-228  MNRAS, 438, 825-840 (2014)  arXiv:1311.4624
P. Tremblin et al. (J. Williams) Pillars and globules at the edges of H II regions: Confronting Herschel observations and numerical simulations
IfA-13-227  A&A 560, A19 (2013)  arXiv:1311.3664
C.-C. Chen, L. L. Cowie, A. J. Barger, W.-H. Wang, J. P. Williams SMA observations on faint Submillimeter Galaxies with S_{850} < 2 mJy: Ultra Dusty Low-Luminosity Galaxies at High Redshift
IfA-13-226  ApJ  arXiv:1311.2943
D. Graczyk et al. (R.-P. Kudritzki, F. Bresolin) The Araucaria Project. The distance to the Small Magellanic Cloud from late-type eclipsing binaries
IfA-13-225  ApJ, 780, 59 (2014)  arXiv:1311.2340
J. G. Sorce, H. M. Courtois, S. Gottloeber, Y. Hoffman, R. B. Tully Simulations of the Local Universe Constrained by Observational Peculiar Velocities
IfA-13-224  MNRAS, 437, 3586-3595 (2014)   arXiv:1311.2253
J. P. Henry, K. Aoki, A. Finoguenov, S. Fotopoulou, G. Hasinger, M. Salvato, H. Suh, M. Tanaka A Large Scale Structure at Redshift 1.71 in the Lockman Hole
IfA-13-223  ApJ, 780, 58 (2014)  arXiv:1311.2201
S. K. Leggett, M. C. Liu, T. J. Dupuy, C. V. Morley, M. S. Marley, D. Saumon Resolved Spectroscopy of the T8.5 and Y0-0.5 Binary WISEPC J121756.91+162640.2AB
IfA-13-222  ApJ, 780, 62 (2014)  arXiv:1311.2108
T. Do, G. D. Martinez, S. Yelda, A. M. Ghez, J. Bullock, M. Kaplinghat, J. R. Lu, A. G. H. Peter, K. Phifer 3D stellar kinematics at the Galactic center: measuring the nuclear star cluster spatial density profile, black hole mass, and distance
IfA-13-221  ApJ Letters  arXiv:1311.0886
K. Helgason, N. Cappelluti, G. Hasinger, A. Kashlinsky, M. Ricotti The Contribution of z<6 Sources to the Spatial Coherence in the Unresolved Cosmic near-Infrared and X-ray Backgrounds
IfA-13-220  ApJ   arXiv:1311.1254
R. P. Muñoz et al. (J. L. Tonry, R. B. Tully) The Next Generation Virgo Cluster Survey - Infrared (NGVS-IR): I. A new Near-UV/Optical/Near-IR Globular Cluster selection tool
IfA-13-219  ApJS, 210, 4 (2014)   arXiv:1311.0873
P.-F. Wu, R. R. Gal, B. C. Lemaux, D. D. Kocevski, L. M. Lubin, N. Rumbaugh, G. K. Squires Post-starburst Galaxies in the Cl1604 Supercluster at z ∼ 0.9
IfA-13-218  arXiv:1311.0586
E. A. Petigura, A. W. Howard, and G. W. Marcy
Prevalence of Earth-size planets orbiting Sun-like stars
IfA-13-217  PNAS 2013 110 (48) 19175-19176      arXiv:1311.6806
M. W. Hosek Jr., R.-P. Kudritzki, F. Bresolin et al. Quantitative Spectroscopy of Blue Supergiants in Metal-Poor Dwarf Galaxy NGC 3109
IfA-13-216  ApJ  pdf
J. R. Crepp, J. A. Johnson, A. W. Howard, G. W. Marcy, J. Brewer, D. A. Fischer, J. T. Wright, H. Isaacson The TRENDS High-Contrast Imaging Survey. V. Discovery of an Old and Cold Benchmark T-dwarf Orbiting the Nearby G-star HD 19467
IfA-13-215   ApJ, 781, 29 (2014)  arXiv:1311.0280
R. Lunnan et al. (M. E. Huber, J. L. Tonry, W. S. Burgett, K. C. Chambers, H. Flewelling, K. W. Hodapp, N. Kaiser, E. A. Magnier, R. J. Wainscoat)

Hydrogen-Poor Superluminous Supernovae and Long-Duration Gamma-Ray Bursts Have Similar Host Galaxies
IfA-13-214  ApJ   arXiv:1311.0026

A. W. Mann, E. Gaidos, M. Ansdell Spectro-Thermometry of M dwarfs and their candidate planets: too hot, too cool, or just right?
IfA-13-213  ApJ, 779, 188 (2013)   arXiv:1311.0003
October 2013

J. Z. Gazak, B. Davies, N. Bastian, R. Kudritzki, M. Bergemann, B. Plez, C. Evans, L. Patrick, Fabio Bresolin, Eva Schinnerer

A New Method for Measuring Metallicities of Young Super Star Clusters
IfA-13-212  ApJ Letters   pdf

A. W. Howard, R. Sanchis-Ojeda, G. W. Marcy, J. A. Johnson, J. N. Winn, H. Isaacson, D. A. Fischer, B. J. Fulton, E. Sinukoff, J. J. Fortney

A Rocky Composition for an Earth-sized Exoplanet
IfA-13-211  Nature   arXiv:1310.7988
J. A. Kammer, H. A. Knutson, A. W. Howard et al. A Spitzer Search for Transits of Radial Velocity Detected Super-Earth
IfA-13-210  ApJ  arXiv:1310.7952
S. V. Vorontsov, S. M. Jefferies Modelling Solar Oscillation Power Spectra: II. Parametric Model of Spectral Lines Observed in Doppler Velocity Measurements
IfA-13-209  ApJ, 778, 75 (2013)   arXiv:1310.7924
V. Buat et al. (G. Morrison) Ultraviolet to infrared emission of z>1 galaxies: Can we derive reliable star formation rates and stellar masses?
IfA-13-208  A&A 561, A39 (2014)  arXiv:1310.7712
E. Gaidos et al. (J. D. Armstrong, B. J. Fulton, A. W. Mann) Trawling for transits in a sea of noise: A Search for Exoplanets by Analysis of WASP Optical Lightcurves and Follow-up (SEAWOLF)
IfA-13-207  MNRAS, 437, 3133-3143 (2014)  arXiv:1310.7586
C. D. Dowell et al. (C. M. Casey, G. E. Morrison) HerMES: Candidate High-Redshift Galaxies Discovered with Herschel/SPIRE
IfA-13-206   ApJ, 780, 75 (2014)   arXiv:1310.7583
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A Direct Stellar Metallicity Determination in the Disk of the Maser Galaxy NGC 4258
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IfA-13-186  Nature Physics  (available from the online version only)
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IfA-13-183  ApJ   arXiv:1310.0011
September 2013
W.-F. Fong et al. (K. J. Meech, S. Sonnett) Short GRB 130603B: Discovery of a jet break in the optical and radio afterglows, and a mysterious late-time X-ray excess
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O. Kuzmychov, S. Berdyugina Paschen-Back effect in the CrH molecule and its application for magnetic field measurements on stars, brown dwarfs, and hot exoplanets
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IfA-13-174  Proc. AMOS 2013 Technical Conf.   arXiv:1309.4432
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IfA-13-173  Proc. AMOS 2013 Technical Conf.   arXiv:1309.4431
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IfA-13-169  ApJ, 776, L20 (2013)   arXiv:1309.2688
Y. H. Takahashi et al. (K. W. Hodapp) A Discovery of a Candidate Companion to a Transiting System KOI-94: A Direct Imaging Study for a Possibility of a False Positive
IfA-13-168  ApJ  arXiv:1309.2559
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Encoding the infrared excess (IRX) in the NUVrK color diagram for star-forming galaxies
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August 2013
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IfA-13-159  ApJ, 777, 35 (2013)  arXiv:1308.6576
E. Sinukoff, B. Fulton, L. Scuderi, E. Gaidos Below One Earth Mass: The Detection, Formation, and Properties of Subterrestrial Worlds
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M. Oshagh, G. Boué, P. Figueira, N. C. Santos, N. Haghighipour Probing the effect of gravitational microlensing on the measurements of the Rossiter-McLaughlin effect
IfA-13-155  A&A 558, A65 (2013arXiv:1308.5711
J. Radigan, R. Jayawardhana, D. Lafrenière, T. J. Dupuy, M. C. Liu, A. Scholz Discovery of a Visual T-Dwarf Triple System and Binarity at the L/T Transition
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L. Ni, I. I. Roussev, J. Lin, U. Ziegler Impact of temperature-dependent resistivity and thermal conduction on plasmoid Instabilities in current sheets in the solar corona
IfA-13-149  arXiv:1308.2476
T. Kupfer et al. (B. J. Fulton) Finding compact hot subdwarf binaries in the Galactic disc
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K. A. Collins et al. (A. W. Howard, B. J. Fulton) KELT-6b: A P~7.9 d Hot Saturn Transiting a Metal-Poor Star with a Long-Period Companion
IfA-13-147  AJ, 147, 39 (2014)   arXiv:1308.2296
E. Szegedi-Elek, M. Kun, B. Reipurth, A. Pal, L. G. Balázs, M. Willman A New Hα Emission-Line Survey in the Orion Nebula Cluster
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IfA-13-144  Astron. Nachr.  arXiv:1308.0837
C. Z. Waters, J. K. Hollek ROBOSPECT: Automated Equivalent Width Measurement
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B. Reipurth, J. Bally, C. Aspin, M. S. Connelley, T. R. Geballe, S. Kraus, I. Appenzeller, A. Burgasser HH 222: A Giant Herbig-Haro Flow from the Quadruple System V380 Ori
IfA-13-142  AJ, 146, 118 (2013)   pdf
July 2013
R. Sanchis-Ojeda, J. N. Winn, G. W. Marcy, A. W. Howard et al. Kepler-63b: A Giant Planet in a Polar Orbit around a Young Sun-like Star
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C. Snodgrass, C. Tubiana, D. M. Bramich, K. Meech, H. Boehnhardt, L. Barrera Beginning of activity in 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and predictions for 2014/5
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E. B. Bechter et al. (A. W. Howard) WASP-12b and HAT-P-8b are Members of Triple Star Systems
IfA-13-133  ApJ   arXiv:1307.6857
N. Haghighipour, S. Capen, T. C. Hinse Detection of Earth-mass and Super-Earth Trojan Planets Using Transit Timing Variation Method
IfA-13-132  Celestial Mechanics & Dynamical Astronomy   arXiv:1307.6806
Y. R. Fernandez et al (K. J. Meech) Thermal Properties, Sizes, and Size Distribution of Jupiter-Family Cometary Nuclei
IfA-13-131  Icarus, 226, 1138–1170 (2013)   arXiv:1307.6191
M. A. Dopita, R. S. Sutherland, D. C. Nicholls, L. J. Kewley, F. P. A. Vogt

New Strong Line Abundance Diagnostics for \HII Regions: Effects of κ-Distributed Electron Energies and New Atomic Data
IfA-13-130  ApJSS   arXiv:1307.5950

H. J. Zahid, P. Torrey, M. Vogelsberger, L. Hernquist, L. Kewley, R. Dave Empirical Constraints for the Magnitude and Composition of Galactic Winds
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IfA-13-128  ApJ  arXiv:1307.5849
E. Berger et al. (W. S. Burgett, K. C. Chambers, H. Flewelling, M. E. Huber, E. A. Magnier, J. L. Tonry)

A Search for Fast Optical Transients in the Pan-STARRS1 Medium-Deep Survey: M Dwarf Flares, Asteroids, Limits on Extragalactic Rates, and Implications for LSST
IfA-13-127   ApJ   arXiv:1307.5324

P. J. E. Peebles, R. Brent Tully A Primeval Magellanic Stream and Others
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E. J. Shaya, R. B. Tully The Formation of the Local Group Planes of Galaxies
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IfA-13-123   ApJ, 774, 80 (2013)  arXiv:1307.3560
M. Kuzuhara et al. (K. W. Hodapp)

Direct Imaging of a Cold Jovian Exoplanet in Orbit around the Sun-like Star GJ 504

IfA-13-122   ApJ, 774, 11 (2013)  arXiv:1307.2886
T. Diaz-Santos et al. (D. B. Sanders) Explaining the [CII]158µm Deficit in Luminous Infrared Galaxies: First Results from a Herschel/PACS Study of the GOALS Sample
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Stellar and circumstellar properties of visual binaries in the Orion Nebula Cluster
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B. P. Bowler, M. C. Liu, E. L. Shkolnik, T. J. Dupuy Planets Around Low-Mass Stars (PALMS). III. A Young Dusty L Dwarf Companion at the Deuterium-Burning Limit
IfA-13-119  ApJ, 774, 55 (2013)  arXiv:1307.2237
M. Palate, G. Koenigsberger, G. Rauw, D. Harrington, E. Moreno Spectral modelling of the Alpha Virginis (Spica) binary system
IfA-13-118  A&A 556, A49 (2013)  arXiv:1307.1970
A. Kovács, J. Carron, I. Szapudi On the Coherence of WMAP and Planck Temperature Maps
IfA-13-117  MNRAS, 436, 1422-1429  arXiv:1307.1111
J. Walawender, B. Reipurth, J. Bally Optical and Near-Infrared Shocks in the L988 Cloud Complex
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L. J. Kewley et al. (T. Yuan) The Cosmic BPT Diagram: Confronting Theory with Observations
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C. Fallscheer et al. (J. P. Williams) Herschel Reveals Massive Cold Clumps in NGC 7538
IfA-13-111  ApJ, 773, 102 (2013)   arXiv:1307.0022
June 2013
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