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Last updated 27 August 2015

Authors (IfA authors in bold)

IfA Preprint Number, Publications Data, and arXiv number (if applicable)
August 2015
M. McDonald, B. Stalder et al. Star-Forming Brightest Cluster Galaxies at 0.25 < z < 1.25: A Transitioning Fuel Supply
IfA-15-145  ApJ   arXiv:1508.06283
M. McDonald et al. (B. Stalder) Deep Chandra, HST-COS, and Megacam Observations of the Phoenix Cluster: Extreme Star Formation and AGN Feedback on Hundred Kiloparsec Scales
IfA-15-144  ApJ   arXiv:1508.05941
B. T. Montet, B. P. Bowler, E. L. Shkolnik, K. M. Deck, J. Wang, E. P. Horch, M. C. Liu et al.

Dynamical Masses of Young M Dwarfs. I. Masses and Orbital Parameters of GJ 3305 AB, the Wide Binary Companion to the Imaged Exoplanet Host 51 Eriz
IfA-15-143  ApJ Letters   arXiv:1508.05945

R. B. Tully Galaxy Group Scaling Relations
IfA-15-142  IAU Focus Meeting 18 invited talk  arXiv:1508.05934
D. Scolnic et al. (K. C. Chambers, K. W. Hodapp, M. E. Huber, N. Kaiser, R. P. Kudritzki, E. A. Magnier) Supercal: Cross-Calibration of Multiple Photometric Systems to Improve Cosmological Measurements with Type Ia Supernovae
IfA-15-141  ApJ  arXiv:1508.05361
J. Carron, I. Szapudi What does the N-point function hierarchy of the cosmological matter density field really measure ?
IfA-15-140  arXiv:1508.04838
E. Kankare et al. (K. C. Chambers, H. Flewelling, M. Huber, E. Magnier) On the triple peaks of SNHunt248 in NGC 5806
IfA-15-139  A&A Letters  arXiv:1508.04730
S.-K. Lee, M. Im, J.-W. Kim, J. Lotz, C. McPartland, M. Peth, A. Koekemoer Evolution of Star-formation Properties of High-redshift Cluster Galaxies since z = 2
IfA-138  ApJ  arXiv:1508.01294
P.-F. Wu, R.-P. Kudritzki, R. B. Tully, J. D. Neill The influence of galaxy surface brightness on the mass-metallicity relation
IfA-15-137  arXiv:1508.00015
J. A. Kammer et al. (B. J. Fulton, A. W. Howard) Spitzer Secondary Eclipse Observations of Five Cool Gas Giant Planets and Empirical Trends in Cool Planet Emission Spectra
IfA-15-136   ApJ  arXiv:1508.00902
July 2015
E. A. Petigura, J. E. Schlieder, I. J. M. Crossfield, A. W. Howard, K. M. Deck, D. R. Ciardi, E. Sinukoff, K. N. Allers, W. M. J. Best, M. C. Liu et al. Two Transiting Earth-size Planets Near Resonance Orbiting a Nearby Cool Star
IfA-15-135  ApJ  arXiv:1507.08256
L. J. Kewley, H. J. Zahid, M. J. Geller, M. A. Dopita, H. S. Hwang, D. Fabricant A rise in the ionizing photons in star-forming galaxies over the past 5 billion years
IfA-15-134  ApJ Letters  arXiv:1507.07932
L. C. Roberts Jr. R. Oppenheimer, J. R. Crepp, C. Baranec et al. Know the Star, Know the Planet. V. Characterization of the Stellar Companion to the Exoplanet Host HD 177830
IfA-15-133  arXiv:1507.07913
B. P. M. Laevens et al. (K. C. Chambers, E. A. Magnier, J. L. Tonry, R. J. Wainscoat, C. Waters) Sagittarius II, Draco II and Laevens 3: three new Milky Way satellites discovered in the Pan-STARRS 1 3pi Survey
IfA-15-132  ApJ  arXiv:1507.07564
S. de Barros et al. (G. Hasinger) An extreme [OIII] emitter at z = 3.2: a low metallicity Lyman continuum source
IfA-15-131  A&A   arXiv:1507.06648
A. S. Hirschauer, J. J. Salzer, F. Bresolin, I. Saviane, I. Yegorova Metal Abundances of KISS Galaxies. V. Nebular Abundances of Fifteen Intermediate Luminosity Star-Forming Galaxies
IfA-15-130  AJ  arXiv:1507.06256
H. Ikeda et al. (D. B. Sanders) Quasar-LBG two-point angular cross-correlation function at z ~ 4 in the COSMOS field
IfA-15-129  ApJ   arXiv:1507.05292
C. Lardo, B. Davies, R.-P. Kudritzki, J. Z. Gazak, C. J. Evans, L. R. Patrick, M. Bergemann, B. Plez Red Supergiants as cosmic abundance probes: the first direct metallicity determination of NGC 4038 in the Antennae
IfA-15-128  ApJ  pdf
H. C. Campbell et al. (K. C. Chambers, N. Kaiser, E. A. Magnier, C. Waters) Total eclipse of the heart: The AM CVn Gaia14aae / ASSASN-14cn
IfA-15-127  MNRAS, 452, 1060-1067 (2015) arXiv:1507.04663
Y. Taniguchi et al. (D. B. Sanders) Discovery of Massive, Mostly Star-formation Quenched Galaxies with Extremely Large Lyman-alpha Equivalent Widths at z ~ 3
IfA-15-126  ApJ, 809, L7 (2015arXiv:1507.04439
R. Gobat et al. (Y. Li, G. Hasinger) Satellite content and quenching of star formation in galaxy groups at z~1.8
IfA-15-125  A&A  arXiv:1507.03953
S. J. Wiktorowicz, L. A. Nofi, D. Jontof-Hutter, P. Kopparla, G. P. Laughlin, N. Hermis, Y. L. Yung, M. R. Swain A Ground-Based Albedo Upper Limit for HD 189733b from Polarimetry
IfA-15-124  ApJ  arXiv:1507.03588
D. Proust, I. Yegorova, I. Saviane, V. D. Ivanov, F. Bresolin, J. J. Salzer, H. V. Capelato The structure and dynamics of the AC114 galaxy cluster revisited
IfA-15-123  MNRAS, 452, 3304-3318 (2015)  arXiv:1507.03273
E. A. Rich et al. (K. W. Hodapp) Near-IR Polarized Scattered Light Imagery of the DoAr 28 Transitional Disk
IfA-15-122  AJ  arXiv:1507.03014
C. Baranec, D. Atkinson, R. Riddle, D. Hall, S. Jacobson, N. M. Law, M. Chun High-speed imaging and wavefront sensing with an infrared avalanche photodiode array
IfA-15-121  ApJ, 809, 70 (2015)  arXiv:1507.02680
B. Trakhtenbrot, C. M. Urry, F. Civano, D. J. Rosario, M. Elvis, K. Schawinski, H. Suh, A. Bongiorno, B. D. Simmons An Over-Massive Black Hole in a Typical Star-Forming Galaxy, 2 Billion Years After the Big Bang
IfA-15-120  Science, 349, 168 (2015)  arXiv:1507.02290
D. Farnocchia, S. R. Chesley, M. Micheli, A. Delamere, R. S. Heyd, D. J. Tholen, J. D. Giorgini, W. M. Owen, L. K. Tamppari High precision comet trajectory estimates: the Mars flyby of C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring)
IfA-15-119  arXiv:1507.01980
G. Á. Bakos et al. (A. W. Howard, B. J. Fulton) HATS-7b: A Hot Super Neptune Transiting a Quiet K Dwarf Star
IfA-15-118  ApJ  arXiv:1507.01024
G. M. Green (H. Flewelling, K. Hodapp, N. Kaiser, R. P. Kudritzki, E. Magnier, J. Tonry, R. Wainscoat) A Three-Dimensional Map of Milky-Way Dust
IfA-15-117  ApJ  arXiv:1507.01005
June 2015
A. Repp, H. Ebeling, J. Richard A Systematic Search for Lensed High-Redshift Galaxies in HST Images of MACS Clusters
IfA-15-116  MNRAS  arXiv:1506.08249
T. Do, W. Kerzendorf, N. Winsor, M. Støstad, M. R. Morris, J. R. Lu, A. M. Ghez Discovery of low-metallicity stars in the central parsec of the Milky Way
IfA-15-115   ApJ, 809, 143 (2015)  arXiv:1506.07891
N. J. McConnell, J. R. Lu, A. W. Mann Radial Trends in IMF-Sensitive Absorption Features in Two Early-Type Galaxies: Evidence for Abundance-Driven Gradients
IfA-15-114  ApJ  arXiv:1506.07880
A. Saro et al. (B. Stalder) Constraints on the Richness-Mass Relation and the Optical-SZE Positional Offset Distribution for SZE-Selected Clusters
IfA-15-113  MNRAS  arXiv:1506.07814
W. Kley, N. Haghighipour Evolution of circumbinary planets around eccentric binaries: The case of Kepler-34
IfA-15-112 A&A 581, A20 (2015)  arXiv:1506.07026
P.-F. Wu, R.-P. Kudritzki, R. B. Tully, J. D. Neill The Influence of Surface Brightness on the Mass-Metallicity Relation
IfA-15-111  ApJ  pdf
L. Riguccin et al. (D. Sanders) The composite nature of Dust-Obscured Galaxies (DOGs) at z~2-3 in the COSMOS field: I. A Far-Infrared View
IfA-15-110  MNRAS, 452, 470-485 (2015)   arXiv:1506.05475
J. Bally et al. (J. P. Williams) ALMA Observations of the Largest Proto-Planetary Disk in the Orion Nebula, 114-426: A CO Silhouette
IfA-15-109  ApJ, 808, 69 (2015)  arXiv:1506.03391
M. G. Aartsen et al. (W. S. Burgett, K. C. Chambers, N. Kaiser, C. Waters, H. Flewelling, J. L. Tonry) Detection of a Type IIn Supernova in Optical Follow-up Observations of IceCube Neutrino Events
IfA-15-108  ApJ  arXiv:1506.03115
K. E. Lockhart, L. J. Kewley, J. R. Lu, et al. (D. B. Sanders) HST/WFC3 Observations of an Off-Nuclear Superbubble in Arp 220
IfA-15-107  ApJ  arXiv:1506.03073
C. M. Casey, A. Cooray, P. Capak, H. Fu, K. Kovac, S. Lilly, D. B. Sanders, N. Z. Scoville, E. Treister A massive, distant proto-cluster at z=2.47 caught in a phase of rapid formation?
IfA-15-106  ApJ, 808, L33 (2015)  arXiv:1506.01715
J. C. Yee et al. (A. Howard) Two Stars Two Ways: Confirming a Microlensing Binary Lens Solution with a Spectroscopic Measurement of the Orbit
IfA-15-105  ApJ  arXiv:1506.01441
D. Bayliss et al. (A. W. Howard, B. J. Fulton) HATS-8b: A Low-Density Transiting Super-Neptune
IfA-15-104  AJ, 150 49 (2015)  arXiv:1506.01334
J. Veljanoski et al. (W. S. Burgett, K. C. Chambers, H. Flewelling, R. Kudritzki, C. Waters) The Globular Cluster System of NGC 6822
IfA-15-103  MNRAS, 452, 320-332 (2015)  arXiv:1506.00951
P. Vereš, R. Jedicke, A. Fitzsimmons, L. Denneau, M. Granvik, B. Bolin, S. Chastel, R. J. Wainscoat, W. S. Burgett, K. C. Chambers, H. Flewelling, N. Kaiser, E. A. Magnier, J. S. Morgan, P. A. Price, J. L. Tonry, C. Waters Absolute magnitudes and slope parameters for 250,000 asteroids observed by Pan-STARRS PS1 - preliminary results
IfA-15-102  arXiv:1506.00762
A. Repp, I. Szapudi, J. Carron, M. Wolk The Impact of Non-Gaussianity upon Cosmological Forecasts
IfA-15-101  MNRAS  arXiv:1506.00083
May 2015
N. I. Libeskind, E. Tempel, Y. Hoffman, R. B. Tully, H. Courtois Filaments from the galaxy distribution and from the velocity field in the local universe
IfA-15-100  MNRAS, 452, 1052-1059 (2015)   arXiv:1505.07454
D. A. Fischer, A. W. Howard et al. Exoplanet Detection Techniques
IfA-15-099  Protostars and Planets VI  arXiv:1505.06869
B. J. Fulton et al. (A. W. Howard, C. Baranec) KELT-8b: A highly inflated transiting hot Jupiter and a new technique for extracting high-precision radial velocities from noisy spectra
IfA-15-098  ApJ  arXiv:1505.06738
F. B. Bianco, M. Modjaz, S. M. Oh, D. Fierroz, Y. Liu, L. Kewley, O. Graur Monte Carlo Method for Calculating Oxygen Abundances and Their Uncertainties from Strong-Line Flux Measurements
IfA-15-097  Astronomy & Computing  arXiv:1505.06213
T. A. Schad, M. J. Penn, H. Lin, A. Tritschler He I vector magnetic field maps of a sunspot and its superpenumbral fine-structure
IfA-15-096   Solar Physics, 290, 1607-1626 (2015)  arXiv:1505.05567
G. Ogrean et al. (H. Ebeling) Frontier Fields Clusters: Chandra and JVLA View of the Pre-Merging Cluster MACS J0416.1-2403
IfA-15-095  ApJ  arXiv:1505.05560
V. R. Eke, K. E. Bower, S. Diserens, M. Ryder, P. E. L. Yeomans, L. F. A. Teodoro, R. C. Elphic, W. C. Feldman, B. Hermalyn, C. M. Lavelle, D. J. Lawrence The effect of craters on the lunar neutron flux
IfA-15-094  JGR  arXiv:1505.05403
A. O. Petric, Luis C. Ho, N. J. M. Flagey, N. Z. Scoville Herschel Survey of the Palomar-Green QSOs at Low Redshift
IfA-15-093  ApJS  arXiv:1505.05273
J. D. Silverman et al. (D. Sanders) A higher efficiency of converting gas to stars push galaxies at z ~ 1.6 well above the star-forming main sequence
IfA-15-092  ApJ Letters  arXiv:1505.04977
M. Momose et al. (K. W. Hodapp) Detailed structure of the outer disk around HD 169142 with polarized light in H-band
IfA-15-091  PASJ  arXiv:1505.04937
W. Weidmann, R. Mendez, R. Gamen Improved spectral descriptions of planetary nebulae central stars
IfA-15-090  A&A 579, A86 (2015)  arXiv:1505.04213
R. Terlevich, E. Terlevich, J. Melnick, R. Chávez, M. Plionis, F. Bresolin, S. Basilakos On the road to precision cosmology with high redshift HII galaxies
IfA-15-089  MNRAS, 451, 3001-3010 (2015)   arXiv:1505.04376
D. M. Harrington, S. V. Berdyugina, O. Kuzmychov, J. R. Kuhn Correcting systematic polarization effects in Keck LRISp spectropolarimetry to <0.05%
IfA-15-088  PASP, 127, 757-775 (2015)  arXiv:1505.03916
J. de Leon et al. (K. W. Hodapp) Near-IR High-Resolution Imaging Polarimetry of the SU Aur Disk: Clues for Tidal Tails?
IfA-15-087  ApJ, 806, L10 (2015)  arXiv:1505.03610
J. S. Kartaltepe, D. B. Sanders, J. D. Silverman, D. Kashino, J. Chu, H. Zahid, G. Hasinger et al. Rest-frame Optical Emission Lines in Far-Infrared Selected Galaxies at z < 1.7 from the FMOS-COSMOS Survey
IfA-15-086  ApJ, 806, L35 (2015)  arXiv:1505.03527
I. Wong et al. (B. J. Fulton, A. W. Howard) 3.6 and 4.5 μm Phase Curves of the Highly-Irradiated Eccentric Hot Jupiter WASP-14b
IfA-15-085  ApJ  arXiv:1505.03158
M. Messineo, J. S. Clark, D. F. Figer, R.-P. Kudritzki et al. Massive Stars in the W33 Giant Molecular Complex
IfA-15-084  ApJ, 805, 110 (2015)  arXiv:1505.02606
E. V. Garcia, T. J. Dupuy, K. N. Allers, M. C. Liu, N. R. Deacon On the Binary Frequency of the Lowest Mass Members of the Pleiades with Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field Camera 3
IfA-15-083   2015 ApJ 804 65   arXiv:1505.02361
N. Scoville et al. (D. Sanders, N. Lee) ISM Masses and Star Formation at z = 1 to 6 ALMA Observations of Dust Continuum in 180 Galaxies in COSMOS
IfA-15-082   ApJ Letters  arXiv:1505.02159
B. P. Bowler, E. L. Shkolnik, M. C. Liu et al. (A. W. Howard, K. M. Aller, W. M. J. Best, M. C. Kotson, C. Baranec) Planets Around Low-Mass Stars (PALMS). V. Age-Dating Low-Mass Companions to Members and Interlopers of Young Moving Groups
IfA-15-081  ApJ, 806, 62 (2015)  arXiv:1505.01494
W. Skidmore et al. (J. R. Lu) Thirty Meter Telescope Detailed Science Case: 2015
IfA-15-080  arXiv:1505.01195
M. Nicholl et al. (K. Chambers, H. A. Flewelling, M. E. Huber, J. L. Tonry) LSQ14bdq: A Type Ic super-luminous supernova with a double-peaked light curve
IfA-15-079    ApJ, 807, L18 (2015)   arXiv:1505.01078
E. Morganson et al. (K. Chambers, H. Flewelling, K. W. Hodapp, N. Kaiser, R. P. Kudritzki, J. S. Morgan, J. T. Tonry, C. Z. Waters) The Time Domain Spectroscopic Survey: Variable Object Selection and Anticipated Results
IfA-15-078  ApJ, 806, 244 (2015arXiv:1505.00760
G. Meynet, R.-P. Kudritzki, C. Georgy The flux-weighted gravity-luminosity relationship of blue supergiant stars as a constraint for stellar evolution
IfA-15-077  A&A 581, A36 (2015)  arXiv:1505.00603
M. Ansdell, J. P. Williams, L. A. Cieza A SCUBA-2 850-μm survey of circumstellar disks in the λ Orionis cluster
IfA-15-076  ApJ, 806, 221 (2015)  arXiv:1505.00262
T. S. Rice, B. Reipurth, S. J. Wolk, L. Paulo Vaz, N. J. G. Cross Near-Infrared Variability in the Orion Nebula Cluster
IfA-15-075  AJ   pdf  arXiv:1505.01495
April 2015
F. Pozo Nuñez, M. Haas, R. Chini, M. Ramolla, K.-W. Hodapp Circumstellar Disks revealed by H/K Flux Variation Gradients
IfA-15-074  A&A 578, A98 (2015) arXiv:1504.07562
S. Hinkley, B. P. Bowler, A. Vigan, K. M. Aller, M. C. Liu et al. Early Results from VLT-SPHERE: Long-Slit Spectroscopy of 2MASS 0122-2439B, a Young Companion Near the Deuterium Burning Limit
IfA-15-073  2015 ApJ 805 L10   arXiv:1504.07240
M. N. Støstad, T. Do, N. Murray, J. R. Lu, S. Yelda, A. M. Ghez Mapping the Outer Edge of the Young Stellar Cluster in the Galactic Center
IfA-15-072  ApJ  arXiv:1504.07239
B. J. Fulton, L. M. Weiss, E. Sinukoff, H. Isaacson, A. W. Howard, G. W. Marcy, G. W. Henry, B. P. Holden, R. I. Kibrick Three Super-Earths Orbiting HD 7924
IfA-15-071  ApJ, 805 175 (2015)  arXiv:1504.06629
L. Cieza, J. Williams, E. Kourkchi, S. Andrews, S. Casassus, S. Graves, M. Schreiber A SCUBA-2 850 micron Survey of Protoplanetary Discs in the IC 348 Cluster
IfA-15-070  MNRAS  arXiv:1504.06040
C. Caceres et al. (J. P. Williams) On the nature of the tertiary companion to FW Tau: ALMA CO observations and SED modeling
IfA-15-069  ApJ, 806, L22 (2015)  arXiv:1504.05644
A. Hardy, C. Caceres, M. R. Schreiber, L. Cieza, R. D. Alexander, H. Canovas, J. P. Williams, Z. Wahhaj Probing the Final Stages of Protoplanetary Disk Evolution with ALMA
IfA-15-068  A&A  arXiv:1504.05562
B. A. Biller, M. C. Liu et al. (M. Chun, C. Ftaclas) The Gemini NICI Planet-Finding Campaign: Asymmetries in the HD 141569 disc
IfA-15-067  MNRAS, 450, 4446-4457 (2015)  arXiv:1504.05224
R. Sanchis-Ojeda et al. (A. W. Howard) The K2-ESPRINT Project I: Discovery of the Disintegrating Rocky Planet with a Cometary Head and Tail EPIC 201637175b
IfA-15-066  ApJ  arXiv:1504.04379
B. Davies, R.-P. Kudritzki, Z. Gazak, B. Plez, M. Bergemann, C. Evans, L. Patrick Red Supergiants as Cosmic Abundance Probes: The Magellanic Clouds
IfA-15-065  ApJ  arXiv:1504.03694
S. R. Kane et al. (A. W. Howard) A Comprehensive Characterization of the 70 Virginis Planetary System
IfA-15-064  ApJ, 806, 60 (2015)  arXiv:1504.04066
F. P. A. Vogt, M. A. Dopita, S. Borthakur, L. Verdes-Montenegro, T. M. Heckman, M. S. Yun, K. C. Chambers Galaxy Interactions in Compact Groups II: abundance and kinematic anomalies in HCG 91c
IfA -15-063  MNRAS, 450, 2593-2614  arXiv:1504.03337
J. K. Jorgensen, R. Visser, J. P. Williams, E. A. Bergin Molecule sublimation as a tracer of protostellar accretion: Evidence for accretion bursts from high angular resolution C18O images
IfA-15-062  A&A  arXiv:1504.02974
J. E. Greene, R. Janish, C.-P. Ma, N. J. McConnell, J. P. Blakeslee, J. Thomas, J. D. Murphy The MASSIVE Survey II: Stellar Population Trends Out to Large Radius in Massive Early Type Galaxies
IfA-15-061  ApJ  arXiv:1504.02483
J. Cabrera et al. (J. D. Armstrong) Transiting exoplanets from the CoRoT space mission XXVIII. CoRoT-28b, a planet orbiting an evolved star, and CoRoT-29b, a planet showing an asymmetric transit
IfA-15-060  A&A  arXiv:1504.01532
M. Wolk, I. Szapudi, J. Bel, C. Carbone, J. Carron Improving constraints on the neutrino mass using sufficient statistics
IfA-15-069  MNRAS  arXiv:1504.00069
March 2015
N. Kaiser, J. A. Peacock On the Bias of the Distance-Redshift Relation from Gravitational Lensing
IfA-15-069  MNRAS  arXiv:1503.08506
O. Kuzmychov, S. Berdyugina, D. Harrington Magnetic field on the brown dwarf LSR J1835+3259
IfA-15-068  18th Cambridge Wkshop on Cool Stars  arXiv:1503.06964
D. Harrington, J. R. Kuhn, R. Nevin Calibrating and Stabilizing Spectropolarimeters with Charge Shuffling and Daytime Sky Measurements
IfA-15-067  A&A 578, A126 (2015)  arxiv:1503.06744
T. J. Dupuy, M. C. Liu, S. K. Leggett, M. J. Ireland, K. Chiu, D. A. Golimowski The Mass-Luminosity Relation in the L/T Transition: Individual Dynamical Masses for the New J-Band Flux Reversal Binary SDSSJ105213.51+442255.7AB
IfA-15-066  2015 ApJ 805 56  arXiv:1503.06212
I. D. Karachentsev, R. B. Tully, L. N. Makarova, D. I. Makarov, L. Rizzi Peculiar velocities of galaxies in the Leo Spur
IfA-15-065  ApJ, 805, 144 (2015)  arXiv:1503.06027
N. I Libeskind, Y. Hoffman, R. B. Tully, H. M. Courtois, D. Pomarede, S. Gottloeber, M. Steinmetz
Planes of satellite galaxies and the cosmic web
IfA-15-064  MNRAS  arXiv:1503.05915
R. B. Tully, N. I. Libeskind, I. D. Karachentsev, V. E. Karachentseva, L. Rizzi, E. J. Shaya Two Planes of Satellites in the Centaurus A Group
IfA-15-063   ApJ, 802, L25 (2015)  arXiv:1503.05599
B. P. M. Laevens et al. (K. C. Chambers, H. Flewelling, K. A. Hodapp, N. Kaiser, R.-P. Kudritzki, E. A. Magnier, J. S. Morgan, J. L. Tonry, R. J. Wainscoat, C. Waters) A New Faint Milky Way Satellite Discovered in the Pan-STARRS1 3 pi Survey
IfA-15-062   ApJ, 802, L18 (2015)  arXiv:1503.05554
Y. Hoffman, H. M. Courtois, R. B. Tully Cosmic Bulk Flow and the Local Motion from Cosmicflows-2
IfA-15-061   MNRAS, 449, 4494-4505 (2015)  arXiv:1503.05422
C.-L. Hung, J. A. Rich, T. Yuan, K. L. Larson, C. M. Casey, H. A. Smith, D. B. Sanders, L. J. Kewley, C. C. Hayward Kinematic classifications of local interacting galaxies: implications for the merger/disk classifications at high-z
IfA-15-060   ApJ, 803, 62 (2015)  arXiv:1503.05191
J. J. Tobin et al. (H.-F. Chiang) A Sub-arcsecond Survey Toward Class 0 Protostars in Perseus: Searching for Signatures of Protostellar Disks
IfA-15-060  ApJ  arXiv:1503.05189
M. Wolk, J. Carron, I. Szapudi On the total cosmological information in galaxy clustering: an analytical approach
IfA-15-059  MNRAS  arXiv:1503.04890
H. Canovas, M. R. Schreiber, C. Cáceres, F. Ménard, C. Pinte, G. S. Mathews, L. Cieza, S. Casassus, A. Hales, J. P. Williams, P. Román, A. Hardy Gas inside the 97 au cavity around the transition disk Sz 91
IfA-15-058  ApJ  arXiv:1503.04821
R. Jedicke, M. Granvik, M. Micheli, E. Ryan, T. Spahr, D. K. Yeomans Surveys, Astrometric Follow-up & Population Statistics
IfA-15-057  Asteroids IV  arXiv:1503.04272
H.-F. Chiang, B. Reipurth, J. Walawender, M. S. Connelley, P. Pessev, T. R. Geballe, W. M. J. Best, M. Paegert The Brightening of Re50N: Accretion Event or Dust Clearing?
IfA-15-056 2015 ApJ 805 56  arXiv:1503.04241  High-resolution pdf
E. Bañados et al. (K.C. Chambers, W. S. Burgett, H. Flewelling, N. Kaiser, J.S.Morgan, J. L. Tonry, R. J. Wainscoat) Constraining the radio-loud fraction of quasars at z > 5.5
IfA-15-055  ApJ, 804, 118 (2015)  arXiv:1503.04214

J. D. Hartman et al. (A. W. Howard, B. J. Fulton)

HAT-P-50b, HAT-P-51b, HAT-P-52b, and HAT-P-53b: Three Transiting Hot Jupiters and a Transiting Hot Saturn From the HATNet Survey
IfA-15-054  AJ  arXiv:1503.04149
C. Kiely, G. Greenberg, C. J. Kiely A New Look at Lunar Regolith Particles with Light, Scanning Electron and X-ray Ultramicroscopy
IfA-14-053  Presented at Lunar & Planet. Sci. Conf.  pdf
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February 2015
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F. P. Nuñez et al. (K. W. Hodapp) The broad-line region and dust torus size of the Seyfert 1 galaxy PGC50427
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IfA-15-023  ApJ, 805, 182 (2015)  pdf  arXiv:1505.00871

R.-P. Kudritzki, I-T. Ho, A. Schrub, A. Burkert, H. J. Zahid, F. Bresolin, G. I. Dima

The chemical evolution of local star forming galaxies: Radial profiles of ISM metallicity, gas mass, and stellar mass and constraints on galactic accretion and winds
IfA-15-022   MNRAS  pdf
January 2015
A. M. Medling, V. U, J. A. Rich, L. J. Kewley, L. Armus, A. A. Dopita, C. E. Max, D. Sanders, R. Sutherland Shocked Gas in IRAS F17207-0014: ISM Collisions and Outflows
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A. Bieryla et al. (B. J. Fulton) KELT-7b: A hot Jupiter transiting a bright V=8.54 rapidly rotating F-star
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H. H. Hsieh et al. (L. Denneau, N. Haghighipour, J. Kleyna, K. J. Meech, E. Schunova, R. J. Wainscoat) Sublimation-Driven Activity in Main-Belt Comet 313P/Gibbs
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M. J. F. Rosenberg et al. (D. B. Sanders) The Herschel Comprehensive (U)LIRG Emission Survey (HerCULES): CO Ladders, fine structure lines, and neutral gas cooling
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M A. Dopita, I-T. Ho, L. L. Dressell, R. Sutherland, L. Kewley et al. Probing the Physics of Narrow Line Regions in Active Galaxies III: Accretion and Cocoon Shocks in the LINER NGC1052
IfA-15-011  ApJ  arXiv:1501.02507
M A. Dopita, P. Shastri, R. Davies, L. Kewley et al. Probing the Physics of Narrow Line Regions in Active Galaxies II: The Siding Spring Southern Seyfert Spectroscopic Snapshot Survey (S7)
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I. de Pater, L. A. Sromovsky, P. M. Fry, H. B. Hammel, C. Baranec, K. Sayanagi Record-breaking Storm Activity on Uranus in 2014
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IfA-15-007 ApJ   arXiv:1501.01305
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N. Lee, D. B. Sanders, C. M. Casey et al. (C.-L. Hung, H. J. Zahid, Y. Li) A Turnover in the Galaxy Main Sequence of Star Formation at Stellar Mass ~ 1010 Solar Masses for Redshifts z < 1.3
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IfA-15-001   ApJ, 800, 138 (2015)  arxiv:1501.00013
December 2014
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IfA-14-244  arXiv:1412.4872
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IfA-14-243   MNRAS, 453, 450-455 (2015)   arXiv:1412.5511
R. Kolbl, G. W. Marcy, H. Isaacson, A. W. Howard

Detection of Stars within ∼0.8 arcseconds of Kepler Objects of Interest
IfA-14-242  AJ, 149, 18 2015  arXiv:1412.5259

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IfA-14-238   ApJ, 800, 120 (2015)  arXiv:1412.3209
J. R. Martínez-Galarza et al. (C.-L. Hung)

Variations of the ISM Conditions Across the Main Sequence of Star-Forming Galaxies: Observations and Simulations
IfA-14-237  ApJ  arXiv:1412.2760

J. E. Gizis, K. N. Allers, M. C. Liu, H. C. Harris, J. K. Faherty, A. J. Burgasser, J. D. Kirkpatrick WISEP J004701.06+680352.1: An intermediate surface gravity, dusty brown dwarf in the AB Dor Moving Group
IfA-14-236   ApJ, 799, 203 (2015)   arXiv:1412.1856
A.J. Barger, L.L. Cowie, F.N. Owen, C.-C. Chen, G. Hasinger, L.-Y. Hsu, Y. Li The Host Galaxies of X-ray Quasars Are Not Strong Star Formers
IfA-14-236  ApJ  arXiv:1412.1148
M. L. Graham, S. Valenti, B. J. Fulton et al. Time-Varying Potassium in High-Resolution Spectra of the Type Ia Supernova 2014J
IfA-14-235  ApJ, 801, 136 (2015)  arXiv:1412.0653
A. Farhang et al. (E. Kourkchi) Probing the Local Bubble with Diffuse Interstellar Bands. II. The DIB properties in the Northern hemisphere
IfA-14-234    ApJ, 800, 6 (2015)4  arXiv:1412.0044
November 2014
A. C. Raga, B. Reipurth, A. Castellanos-Ramírez, H.-F. Chiang, J. Bally Collisionally excited filaments in HST Hα and Hβ images of HH~1/2
IfA-14-233  ApJ Letters  arXiv:1411.7972
P. Riviere-Marichalar, A. Bayo, I. Kamp, S. Vicente, J. P. Williams et al. Herschel-PACS observations of [OI] and H2O in Cha II
IfA-14-232   A&A 575, A19 (2015)   arXiv:1411.7823
D. Deming, H. Knutson, J. Kammer, B. J. Fulton et al. Spitzer Secondary Eclipses of the Dense, Modestly-irradiated, Giant Exoplanet HAT-P-20b Using Pixel-Level Decorrelation
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M. J. Giguere, D. A. Fischer, M. J. Payne, J. M. Brewer, J. A. Johnson, A. W. Howard, H. T. Isaacson Newly-Discovered Planets Orbiting HD 5319, HD 11506, HD 75784 and HD 10442 from the N2K Consortium
IfA-14-226   ApJ, 799, 89 (2015)  arXiv:1411.5374
A. M. Boesgaard, M. G. Lum, C. P. Deliyannis The Old, Super-Metal-Rich Open Cluster, NGC 6791: Elemental Abundances in Turn-off Stars from Keck/HIRES Spectra
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F. Atrio-Barandela, A. Kashlinsky, H. Ebeling, D. J. Fixsen, D. Kocevski Probing the Dark Flow signal in WMAP 9 yr and PLANCK cosmic microwave background maps
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B. T. Montet et al. (C. Baranec, A. W. Howard) Characterizing the Cool KOIs. VII. Refined Physics Properties of the Eclipsing Brown Dwarf LHS 6343 C
IfA-14-223  ApJ, 800, 134 (2015)  arXiv:1411.4047
B. P. Bowler, M. C. Liu, E. L. Shkolnik, M. Tamura Planets Around Low-Mass Stars (PALMS). IV. The Outer Architecture of M Dwarf Planetary Systems
IfA-14-222  ApJS  arXiv:1411.3722
C. Ziegler, N. M. Law, C. Baranec, R. L. Riddle, J. T. Fuchs Multiplicity of the Galactic Senior Citizens: A high-resolution search for cool subdwarf companions
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IfA-14-220  ApJ  pdf
M. Bergemann, R.-P. Kudritzki, Z. Gazak et al. Red Supergiant Stars as Cosmic Abundance Probes. III. NLTE Effects in
J-band Magnesium Lines
IfA-14-219  ApJ  pdf
A. W. S. Man et al. (N. Lee, Y. Li, D. B. Sanders) Confirming the Quiescent Galaxy Population Out to z = 3: A Stacking Analysis of Mid-, Far-Infrared and Radio Data
Ifa-14-218   ApJ Letters  arXiv:1411.2870
F. Shankar et al. (R. R. Gal) On the intermediate-redshift central stellar mass-halo mass relation, and implications for the evolution of the most massive galaxies since z ~ 1
IfA-14-217   ApJ, 797, L27 (2014)  arXiv:1411.2597
J. Hashimoto et al. (K. Hodapp) The Structure of Pre-transitional Protoplanetary Disks. II. Azimuthal Asymmetries, Different Radial Distributions of Large and Small Dust Grains in PDS~70
IfA-14-216  ApJ, 799, 43 (2015)  arxiv:1411.2587
Y. Liu, G J. Herczeg, M. Gong, K. N. Allers, J. M. Brown, A. L. Kraus, M. C. Liu, E. L. Shkolnik, E. F. van Dishoeck Herschel/PACS view of disks around low-mass stars and brown dwarfs in the TW Hya association
IfA-14-215  A&A  arXiv:1411.1858
I. D. Karachentsev, L. N. Makarova, D. I. Makarov, R. B. Tully, L. Rizzi A new isolated dSph galaxy near the Local Group
IfA-14-214 MNRAS, 447, L85-L89 (2015)  arXiv:1411.1674
R. B. Tully Galaxy Groups
IfA-14-213  AJ  arXiv:1411.1511
C. K. Xu et al. (J. Chu, D. B. Sanders) ALMA Observations of Warm Dense Gas in NGC 1614 --- Breaking of Star Formation Law in the Central kpc
IfA-14-212  ApJ  arXiv:1411.1111
C.-H. Lee et al. (R.-P. Kudritzki, W. Burgett, K. Chambers, K. Hodapp, N. Kaiser, C. Waters) Properties of M31. V: 298 Eclipsing Binaries from PAndromeda
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IfA-14-210  ApJ, 804, 90 (2015 arXiv:1411.1060
L. Barcos-Muñoz et al. (D. B. Sanders) High-Resolution Radio Continuum Measurements of the Nuclear Disks of Arp 220
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H. Fu, A. D. Myers, S. G. Djorgovski, L. Yan, J. M. Wrobel, A. Stockton Radio-Selected Binary Active Galactic Nuclei from the Very Large Array Stripe 82 Survey
IfA-14-208   ApJ, 799, 72 (2015)  arXiv:1411.0685
R. L. Riddle et al. (C.Baranec) A survey of the high order multiplicity of nearby solar-type binary stars with Robo-AO
IfA-14-207  ApJ, 799, 4 (2015)  arXiv:1411.0682
K. B. Follette et a. (K. Hodapp) SEEDS Adaptive Optics Imaging of the Asymmetric Transition Disk Oph IRS 48 in Scattered Light
IfA-14-206   ApJ, 798, 132 (2015)  arXiv:1411.0671
T. L. Hayward, B. A. Biller, M. C. Liu, E. L. Nielsen, Z. Wahhaj, M. Chun, C. Ftaclas, M. Hartung, D. W. Toomey Astrometric Calibration of the Gemini NICI Planet-Finding Campaign
IfA-14-205  PASP, 126, 1112-1125 (2014)  arXiv:1411.0641
October 2014
M. Y. Mao, F. Owen, R. Duffin, B. Keel, M. Lacy, E. Momjian, G. Morrison et al. J1649+26: A Grand-Design Spiral with a Large Double-Lobed Radio Source
IfA-14-204  MNRAS  arXiv:1410.8520
G. A. Blanc, L. Kewley, F. P.A. Vogt, M. A. Dopita IZI: Inferring the Gas Phase Metallicity (Z) and Ionization Parameter (q) of Ionized Nebulae using Bayesian Statistics
IfA-14-203  ApJ, 798, 99 (2015)  arXiv:1410.8146
J. R. Schmitt, E. Agol, K. M. Deck, L. A. Rogers, J. Z. Gazak et al. Planet Hunters VII. Discovery of a New Low-Mass, Low-Density Planet (PH3 c) Orbiting Kepler-289 with Mass Measurements of Two Additional Planets (PH3 b and d)
IfA-14-202   ApJ   arXiv:1410.8114
R. McElroy, S. M. Croom, M. Pracy, R. Sharp, I-T. Ho, A. M. Medling IFU observations of luminous type II AGN - I. Evidence for ubiquitous winds
IfA-14-201 MNRAS, 446, 2186-2204 (2015)  arXiv:1410.6552
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